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If Kenyans are hard working, what are they doing right (or wrong) for themselves and the country?

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How to buy Safaricom data bundles

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Online shopping in Kenya – Niabusiness Shop

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) leakage in 2015 – papers on the internet – easy cheating?

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2015 is going on. And students in secondary schools in different parts of Kenya are sitting for their papers, doing their best to, hopefully, get top scores come 2016 when the KCSE results are announced. That is if their results don’t get cancelled by KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council) … Read more

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Kenyan mobile phone service providers: Why they differ greatly in subscriber numbers

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What Is the government of Kenya doing to prevent Sharperville-style massacres in modern day Kenya?

Sharpeville massacre took place in South Africa. Many protesters were killed by police when they were protesting. Police killing of several black South Africans Police opened fire and killed several black South Africans who were fleeing partly because they (the police) feared for their lives and partly because of other reasons known to them. This … Read more

Kenya digital migration: TV stations’ analogue signals switched off

As per the events in recent days where the analogue signals of four TV stations (NTV Kenya, KTN, Citizen TV and QTV) were switched off, it is no question that the Kenyan government wishes the migration from analogue to digital would have been completed and going on as it planned. But it is not. Things … Read more

Can Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results determine your success in life

After a minimum of four years in high school, Kenyan students have to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams – that is for students who study under the 8-4-4 system. The KCSE results, in most cases determines who gets and who doesn’t get to university, college, polytechnic etc, how fast they get there … Read more

10 questions students should ask themselves after checking their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results

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