How to buy Telkom Kenya WE’KEN offers (weekend data bundles)

Awhile ago, Telkom Kenya introduced two different data bundles to their users countrywide. The bundles can be purchased via the usual *544# USSD code – and go for as little as Kenya Shillings 70. WE’KEN 1.5GB data bundle offer is the one that goes for KSh 70. Then there is another data bundle, WE’KEN 3.5GB, … Read more

Telkom Kenya voice bundles / Niaje minutes to call Telkom and other networks

In this post I’m going to tell you more about different Telkom Kenya voice bundles under the *544# menu. I’m also going to talk briefly about Telkom international bundle (and how to purchase it) and then finish the post by showing you how to check your voice bundle balance. Current options in the Telkom voice … Read more

Telkom Kenya buy bundle for home plan number

While writing the Telkom Kenya series, I think this is the post where I checked the *544# menu and didn’t find anything meaningful to share with you. I mean when you go to the 544 menu there is an option (11) that reads ‘Buy Bundle for a Home Plan Number’. Selecting the option on my … Read more

Telkom Kenya credit transfer, please call me, reverse call, beat yangu, network / airtime outage (Products & Services menu)

What can you do via Telkom Kenya Products and Services menu? A lot of things. You can share your airtime via the credit transfer feature. Or buy a tune using the Beat Yangu option. You can let others call you at no cost to them – using the reverse call feature. You can send a … Read more

How to buy Telkom Kenya SMS bundles (subscribe / unsubscribe)

In this post you will learn how to buy Telkom Kenya SMS bundles. I will show you how to subscribe or unsubscribe from a bundle. I’ll show you how to check your SMS bundle balance. And then also show you why I think Holla @ 10 bundle can be a good alternative for anyone looking … Read more

Telkom Kenya 8GB + 300 minutes + 300 SMS + free night data bundle at Shillings 999

What if you have 1000 Kenyan Shillings in your Telkom Kenya account, a thousand bob you are willing to spend on voice, data and texts – what bundle would you buy? You’d probably spend the money on separate data, text and voice bundles. Or you’d spend it on an all in one monthly bundle. Today … Read more

Telkom Kenya All in One monthly bundles vs Safaricom All in One Bundle vs Airtel Kenya Monthly UnlimiNET

I have written about Telkom Kenya All in One Monthly Bundles in one or two posts before. One of them just focused on the data component of the bundles. Today I am going to go deeper, analyzing the bundles under the ‘all in one menu’, then comparing them with similar bundles by mobile phone service … Read more

Telkom Kenya Talk, Text & More: Niaje + Holla bundles, voice, SMS and international bundles

In this post I am going to show you the various voice, data and text plans Telkom Kenya has under the Talk, Text & More option on the Telkom main menu (*100#). Specifically, I’ll talk about Telkom Kenya Niaje bundles, Holla bundles, daily SMS bundles, international bundles and any network voice bundles. I’ll show you … Read more

Telkom Kenya PEWA Advanced airtime: borrow airtime and data (repay later)

What happens if you are in a position where you can’t buy airtime for your Telkom line but still need to use their text, voice and data services? You use Telkom Kenya PEWA Advanced airtime service to borrow airtime – to repay later. PEWA is Telkom’s answer to: Safaricom‘s popular credit advance service, Okoa Jahazi … Read more