Walter Akolo of An interview on how to start a blog in Kenya, get traffic and make money from it

Today, we have the founder of, Walter Akolo, sharing his experiences, observations, tips and strategies that you can use to start your own blog in Kenya and grow it into something popular, bringing in many readers (customers) attracted to the free and premium content you create. He tells you what to do to grow your blog (lessons he … Read more

Start any business in Kenya with 5000 shillings – 13 business ideas for you

Due to the hard economic times in Kenya, many people who want to start their own businesses never do so because of lack of enough capital. So, some never launch their businesses, perhaps losing hope altogether in a business idea they once held so dear to their hearts, or maybe because they think waiting a … Read more

18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya

If you have already read this post listing business ideas, below is another list (of 18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya) you can go through to be inspired, to prepare, and finally just do what you know should be done: turn your idea into a real business. 1. Keep livestock and sell them later You … Read more

Kenya paybill numbers, apps, companies, tips, tools, product reviews, software & other recommendations

In this blog post, you will find links to articles, guides, ebooks, courses, reviews and tutorials targeted at Kenyans. Some of the companies / tools / products / services will surely make your life as a Kenyan better. So, read, click around and enjoy discovering new things that can help you improve your life (at home … Read more

Here’s something about what you’re going to find on blog going forward

I have been away from my blog for a very long time. It has been months since I added new content to the site. But yesterday something happened. I published a new blog post. Now that I am back, there are a few things I wanted to bring to your attention. If you have been … Read more

Want to be successful? Learn how procrastination disorganises and probably ruins your life

I took a walk around a temple called LIFE, enjoyed the company of different people but no one frightened me so much like the guy PROCRASTINATION. He looked so innocent, quiet in a corner by a very large window, a sword and shield in hand. He looked somehow like a bully, but before I could … Read more

To become a successful person, what do I need to do better?

When I was sixteen, I could sit and think about what the word success really meant. In later years I still went on doing this. I’d sit for hours under a tree thinking. Then I came across Jaime’s blog – and read a post she titled 25 Quotes When You Are having a Craptastic Day. … Read more

Online shopping in Kenya – Niabusiness Shop

Yes, you can shop online in Kenya. There are several stores owned by Kenyans and non-Kenyans that allow you to do this. I am writing this article for three reasons There are people interested in starting their own online stores in Kenya but are afraid to start because they are not sure whether Kenyans have embraced this concept … Read more

Benefits of becoming an early riser – what are the benefits to waking up early in the morning?

Why would a person want to become an early riser? What benefits would you get waking up early every morning? A lot of benefits apparently. Much has been said about going to bed early and rising early. But truth be told, there are so many people who would love to adopt this habit… but no … Read more