Why hire freelance writers in Kenya?

When looking for a freelance writer to hire in Kenya, US, Canada, Australia or in any part of the world, there are many things – key characteristics – that you look for in your search for the right person to write content for you. For example:

You want to hire a content writer in Kenya…

1. Who knows a lot about the topic you are interested in

Getting someone who knows about your topic and enjoys reading, researching and writing about it is a good thing.

The person who is genuinely interested in your niche or topic – and has extensive knowledge – always is a good fit.

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Sometimes that means hiring someone who has a college (university) degree, diploma, Masters or a PhD in their field.

But this is always not the case… because there are many people who are knowledgeable (and experienced) and highly excel in their fields without a degree or diploma certificate carrying their name.

This is the case, for example, with people who have gone out of their way to learn about something (and become very good at it) that they never learnt in school.

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People who have read widely on a topic – and even shared their own ideas in the form of articles, guides, ebooks, articles, podcasts, blog posts, case studies or videos.

For example, there are many savvy business people who don’t attribute their success to having a degree.

They attribute it to simply immersing themselves in the business world, doing what needs to be done, analyzing the results of their actions and adjusting accordingly in the interest of their clients.

Interest in a topic (field) then, besides pure knowledge and the duration and magnitude of experience, is one key thing to look for when hiring a freelance writer in Kenya.

The writer should know a lot in the field you want them to write about but not only that.

They should also be able to research a topic and write you the best content possible – one that you will be happy to pay for.

2. Who listens and adheres to your instructions

When you want to avoid all misunderstanding between you and your writer, communication is going to be key.

For the writer to give you what you are hiring them for, they must be keen and listen to your instructions. After all you are paying for what you want.

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This means that it is good when you (both you and your writer) understand each other – and both parties understand their obligations.

You both should be clear about the topic, word count, headline (title), formatting, outline, deadline, pay among other things that at the end of the day makes the transaction between both parties fruitful.

3. Who can write well and give you what you and your readers want

Hiring a writer means, to some level, that you know what to be expected of them when they finally submit the finished work to you.

You know what to be expected in terms of the quality and quantity of the content you pay for.

You know what your readers want, and that is what you pay (the freelancer) to get them.

Different people call it different names: Epic, well-written, great content, quality content, best-seller, ultimate guide among others.

And your writer is to deliver the above on the deadline you both agree on.

What does the above have to do with hiring freelance writers in Kenya?

As a freelancer offering writing services here at Niabusiness.com, I adhere to the key points above when creating content for individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations in Kenya and around the world.

Through my writing service, you are assured of well written content on your topic of choice. Why? Because I adhere to the rules above.

They guide how I interact with you and how I create articles, blog posts, sales pages, ebooks, books, guides, ecommerce website product description pages you order from me.

I could go ahead and tell you how Kenyans are great people who write well and speak, besides our mother-tongue and Kiswahili, English fluently but then that will be venturing further away from what it is you really want: great content for your readers channeled through your website, blog, niche site, ebook, book, downloads, guides, tutorials, slides, social networking sites, email newsletters and autoresponders.

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When you hire freelance writers in Kenya, do so with the knowledge that

  • they are great people from East Africa who write just as well as native English speakers
  • they enjoy writing and doing online research
  • they are knowledgeable and ready to help you with your writing
  • they take online freelancing seriously – meaning they respect themselves, their work, the clients who hire them and the audience they write for (readers you want to reach with the writing you outsource to them)
  • they are people open to suggestions if such suggestions lead to an even higher quality of writing and a more satisfied client
  • they’d like to partner with you in your future projects
  • and like most humans, they, at the end of the day want to bring a meaningful contribution to the world and the people in it

And when I say ‘they’, I’m indirectly implying that I’d like to work with you.

If you are a mind reader, you already knew that from the start right?

So, what do you say?

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