10 top Safaricom USSD codes

Are you looking for a list of the top Safaricom USSD codes you can use on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your SIM card in a modem or router)? Well, in this post, I am going to show you short codes you can use to check your account details … Read more

How to check Safaricom airtime balance (Prepay and Postpaid)

Want to know how to check Safaricom airtime balance on both prepaid and postpaid plans? This post will show you how to do just that. Check Safaricom airtime balance by dialing *144# shortcode if you are using a Prepay line Go to your dialer and enter *144# just like you usually do with other numbers … Read more

Safaricom triple your airtime with Create my bundle Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo option

Safaricom triple your airtime with Create my bundle Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo option is something I learned about today via a text message I received around eleven in the morning. It is a new option Safaricom has introduced in the *444*0# (Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo) menu. What most customers using the telco are accustomed to is usually … Read more

Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers (double airtime / minutes for Safaricom subscribers)

Want to learn more about Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers? To learn how to double your airtime? To learn about USSD codes to use if you want to purchase minutes on your Safaricom line that you can use to call other Safaricom subscribers and subscribers on other networks such as Equitel, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya? … Read more

Stop Autorenew for data bundle (no expiry date) Safaricom

How do you stop autorenew for Safaricom data bundles with no expiry date? What happens when you don’t want your data bundle to be autorenewed daily – after making a purchase via the *100# / *544# > Data Bundle (NO EXPIRY DATE) menu? I will show you two methods you can use. Dial *544# to … Read more

How to stop autorenew for calls & SMS (no expiry date) on Safaricom

I wrote a post about Safaricom calls & SMS airtime with no expiry date – a service introduced in 2019. In the post I showed readers how to buy airtime via the *544*2*Amount# USSD shortcode. One thing you will realize is that once you purchase airtime this way for your line / another phone number, you … Read more

Get the Safaricom 200MB YouTube bundle (KShs 20 / 24 hours validity)

Want to get the Safaricom 200MB YouTube bundle? I am going to show you the various ways to buy it using USSD shortcodes such as *544# and *100#. The bundle is a daily bundle, costs Kenya Shillings 20 and as the name goes made specifically to be used on one website – YouTube. On your … Read more

Buying Tunukiwa internet bundles with Bonga Points

Do you want to know how to purchase Safaricom Tunukiwa internet bundles with Safaricom Bonga Points instead of M-PESA or airtime? Well, I am going to show you how in this post. A few things you should know first Not all Tunukiwa bundles can be purchased like this. For example, out of all the Tunukiwa … Read more

Buy Safaricom data bundle with no expiry date for other number, your number or check balance

In 2019 Safaricom introduced data bundles with no expiry date to the Kenyan market. Unlike daily bundles, 7 day bundles, 30 day bundles, 90 day bundles, Flex, Platinum, Advantage and International bundles, buyers of the new bundles introduced in 2019 don’t have to worry about not being able to use their data – because of … Read more

How to buy Safaricom calls and SMS with no expiry date & check balance

In previous posts I have written about various Safaricom All in One Bundles and SMS bundles. This was before Safaricom introduced calls and SMS with no expiry date. Before, you could buy an SMS bundle or a Platinum / Advantage / All in One Bundle (which combine both data + SMS + voice) and use … Read more

Safaricom check my usage and balance via *100# menu

One of the best performing articles on Niabusiness for years is an article I wrote about how to check Safaricom airtime balance (for postpaid and prepaid customers). The post, seems to do very well every month. It continues to serve users well – showing them various Safaricom USSD codes to query their account / airtime … Read more

How to activate My Data Manager on Safaricom new menus

I wrote an article awhile ago targeted at Safaricom subscribers who wanted to know how to use their data manager (activate / deactivate / check status / turn on or off for another number) to control how their airtime and data bundle is used. 2019 came and on Safaricom’s 19th birthday some changes were made. … Read more