Your freelance writer from Kenya: How to hire me to create content for you

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of

I do write articles for the blog section of this site – and also write for pay – offering freelance writing services to individuals, businesses and organizations that’d like someone they can hire to write content on their chosen topic.

In this article, I am going to quickly show you how you can get started with my freelance writing service.

Five steps to hire me (and get your content)

1. Check my rates and blog posts published on this site

Before you hire me, spend some time reading articles I have published on this blog to get a feel of how I put words together. You can check articles by topic or read some of my most recent and popular posts.

To do so, check the site’s sidebar. There, you’ll find the site’s categories, recent posts and most popular articles.

NOTE: Check my samples page for examples of content I’ve created.

Once you’ve checked a few posts – and like what you see, head here to check my freelance writing rates (in Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars) to make your order based on the word count you have in mind.

The reason why I have this as the first step in ordering content from me is to ensure these two things happen:

If you like the content you read on, thank you. Let me write for you too.

2. Contact me to let me know what topic (s) you want me to write on

Once you’ve made your mind to work with me, contact me – to tell me what you want.Your freelance writer from Kenya: How to hire me to create content for you

Don’t pay the money first. Tell me what you want.

For some pointers, you can include the following in the email you send me:

  • topic – obviously, a specific category, for which the content you want me to create falls in
  • specific headline – if you have a headline (title) in mind, tell me about it. This actually makes both our jobs easier. Of course during our discussions, the title can be tweaked however you want
  • word count – this will help me know how deep you want me to go with the writing – and also help you determine how much you pay for the completed work
  • key things to include in the piece – when creating content for you, you can tell me to, while doing the writing, include specific examples, stories, product mentions or quotes
  • deadline – also mention, in your email, the time limit (from writing to submission of the finished piece) you have in mind
  • other things you consider important during this process – as mentioned in this article, you are the one contracting me – so, telling me everything you consider important to getting more out of freelance writing service Kenya is a good thing. It limits the back and forth and makes it easier for both you and me to avoid miscommunication

3. When I receive your email in step two, you can proceed and make payment

Once we understand each other, it is time to take the writing process to another level.

Here you can make payment for the content you want created by going to this page. You can pay via M-PESA, PayPal, VISA card, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc.

NOTE: if you want to make payment using, say, Western Union, do let me know in the email you send in step 2 above. I can then make the necessary arrangements for you to transfer the total amount of your order to me without any delays.

After going to the payment page, you’ll be prompted to choose the amount of words you want written. So, choose the word count you have in mind then click Add to cart to proceed.

Click Checkout.

Enter your name, email then click Purchase to proceed to the checkout page where you can make payment via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

You’ll be immediately notified if the transaction is successful (and a receipt sent to you via email).

Otherwise, you’ll get a ‘failed transaction’ notice prompting you to try again (happens sometimes when one unknowingly enters incorrect details while checking out).

4. Upon receipt of payment I’ll get to work (and beat the deadline)

Once the transaction is successful and I receive the funds (total amount shown in your receipt) in my account, I’ll get to writing adhering to all the instructions I receive from you.

I’ll be writing the best content for you – spending more time to make it great – just as you want it.

5. Before the deadline knocks, I’ll submit the completed work to you

When I’m done writing (and going through the work to polish it), I’ll submit it back to you. Reasonable demands for revision are accepted at this time.

However, when you are pleased with the work and see no need for revision, then this will be deemed a successful project for both you and me.

At this point you can publish the content or use it how you want.

You can also decide to pay for more of my different freelance writing services – to get the most out of the projects you are undertaking.

You can also hire me to turn an article into a slide, PDF guide, quote pictures or hire me to publish it on your own blog (website), social network site accounts like Facebook (pages), Google+ (pages), Linkedin etc.

Most important of all is:

  • you get what you want written (you pay me to get it for you) and we are both happy
  • we are open to working together again in future projects you may have (you can order as much content as you want)
  • the value of the written content you pay for accrues over time – and actually pays back for itself
  • you get what you want – and your readers and customers are happy

Ready to work with me? Click here to continue.

Freelance academic writers in Kenya for hire

Welcome to This series of articles on my freelance writing service gives you the details you need to determine if I am a good fit for your writing project.Freelance academic writers in Kenya for hire

They help you determine if you should hire me to be your writer, in this case, an academic writer right out of Kenya.

My name is Philos Mudis – and below are a few things you should know before you hire me to help you with your academic writing.

NOTE: doesn’t offer academic writing service where outsourcing is prohibited & deemed unethical by your supervisors or institution or research centre. If what you want written falls under this category, Niabusiness recommends you do the work yourself.

Is Kenya a good place to outsource your academic writing?

Yes, it is – and for many reasons.

Huge populations of the Kenyan people are well educated.

Many have achieved higher levels of education with PhDs, Masters degrees, undergraduate degrees and diplomas from various universities, colleges, institutes of higher learning and polytechnics.

There are many people in Kenya, besides students still pursuing Masters and PhDs, that are skilled and competent in their respective fields – and can write excellent papers for other students, researchers, authors, lecturers, tutors, professors and other academicians.

For people who pursue higher levels of education in Kenya, the English language is key for the papers they write.

When you want help writing term papers, courseworks, dissertations or theses, Kenya is a good place to outsource your writing needs.

Writers are well versed in different styles (like APA – American Psychological Association and MLA – Modern Language Association).

They know how to do their research (on the internet and offline) and how to cite relevant materials they come across when writing your papers – steering away from plagiarism.

You are sure to get quality papers once the writing contract with your freelance writer of choice ends.

The writers are also accessible – have reliable internet connection – making it easier for you to tell them what you want so that when writing your paper, they do so with your instructions in mind.

Who is this freelance academic writing service for?

It is for anyone who needs help completing their academic papers and submitting them before the deadlines given:

  • by the institution where they study. For students, it is always, through a professor or lecturer of a course unit, major or degree (or diploma) they are undertaking
  • by editors in a given journal (or publishing house) specializing in only print, online journals or both
  • lead researchers in a team of academicians working together on a given topic
  • by oneself – for a personal project one is working on

This service is open to those undertaking diploma or degree courses in schools, colleges, polytechnics, various institutes of learning and universities.

The service is for people who need help writing quality papers within a deadline.

What areas do I target with my academic writing service?

Term papers, dissertations, theses, essays and reports in areas like law, business, arts, education, communication, society, technology, history among others.

To work with me, you can email me to tell me the specifics of your given topic. When you do this and get a response from me you can then proceed to make payment so that I can begin working on your paper.

How much does it cost to use freelance academic writing service when you hire me?

The going rates (per word) are listed in this page.

You will be billed by the number of words you want in the academic paper I am writing for you -nothing more.

How to pay for the writing service?

Once I receive the email (from you) containing the details on what you want me to write on (and the instructions you want me to adhere to – including word count, deadline, style etc), you can proceed to my freelance writing services payment page to place your order.

In summary, to hire me as your academic writer here’s what you need to do

Check my rates here.

If you already have an overall word count for your paper in mind, multiply that with my rate per word to know the total amount the completed work will demand.

If you are fine with the rates (and the total amount for your writing project – in US Dollars or Kenyan Shillings), send me a detailed email containing what you need (the topic or title of your paper, word count, style, due date among other things you want).

When you get a response from me, proceed to make payment. Payments can be made via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

When payment is successful, you’ll receive an email with details of the transaction – and I will receive the funds in my account.

The moment I receive the funds, I’ll get to work and finish writing your paper within the deadline we agree on – adhering to your instructions.

After finishing this part of the process, I’ll send the completed work to you, usually via email.

…And work with you on any other future projects you have, if you are so inclined.

To hire me to write your academic paper, check my rates here.

Hire freelance writer in Kenya to write blog posts and articles (blogger for hire services)

Need a freelance writer from Kenya to write blog posts and articles for you? Welcome to freelance writer in Kenya to write blog posts and articles (blogger for hire services)

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of the site.

I do offer my freelance writing services to businesses, organizations and individuals:

  • who need articles to post on their own blogs
  • who need articles to publish on other blogs and niche websites as guest contributions
  • who need articles to expand on the frequently asked questions they get from the customers, clients and visitors that come to their websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, online forums, social media platforms, office or the physical location where they conduct their business
  • who need articles that they can spin in different ways and use to keep the communication between them and their customers (clients, site visitors) strong – for example via email campaigns
  • who need how-to guides and tutorials (in the form of articles) created for their customers, clients and site visitors

If any of the above describes you, read on to learn how to hire me to create the content you need to achieve any of the goals mentioned above.

Why hire me to write blog posts (articles) for you

Now, when looking for a freelance to write blog posts and articles for you, you want to be sure you like what the completed work will look like.

You want to be sure you’ll like the writing – and give your readers the best content on your chosen topic.

To gauge if a writer is a good fit, you’ll in most cases ask for samples – as part of your due diligence – before any money exchanges hands.

As a writer, when you ask me for samples (which I welcome), you know what I do? Of course, I give you what you need right away. My job, in a way, depends on this.

But here’s a surprise: most people who contract me to write for them, always have access to my writing samples (articles I’ve published on blog).

If you are reading this, you are already going through my samples.

Yes, I use this blog to showcase my work.

I write articles and publish them under various categories – with all my recent posts displayed in blog section here.

1. Hire me if you like any of the articles I have published on blog

If you like any of the posts I’ve written and published on this blog, chances are that I am the freelance writer you are looking for.

If you haven’t checked any of my posts, you can go through my samples page to read some of them.

Don’t hire me, if you don’t like what you find.

If you like my work and are sure your readers, customers or clients can also benefit from the content you hire me to write, then that’s a good thing. Let’s work together.

2. Hire me to write blog posts and articles for your website and use your time to do other things

Like content promotion.

Writing articles and then spending time promoting the same content can be a drag – given how much work you already have.

May be you just have too much on your plate and not enough time to do everything you need to do.

So, working with me and outsourcing the article writing bit to me can save you more time; time you can use to focus your attention on promoting the content you order – to reach more of the people who you know can benefit from reading it.

Focusing on promotion and not writing also gives you more time to turn the written content in various formats for distribution in various channels – paid and organic: YouTube (videos), SlideShare (slides), Pinterest (picture quotes), SoundCloud & iTunes (audio and video podcasts), Twitter, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora & Linkedin (answers, questions, articles, quotes or lines with a call to action), email autoresponders (stories, campaigns, sales) and on and on.

This means less time wasted staring at blank screens wondering what to write – or putting aside half-finished posts in the drafts folder – gathering dust.

When you take the writing bit out of the publishing equation, you can focus more of your time in making sure more people get to see your blog and posts – without spending the whole day typing (or dictating) on your laptop, desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Taking the content writing bit out of the equation means you click the Publish button sooner (and more often) and then quickly switch your attention to getting as many of the right people to see the content – organically or via paid promotions.

3. Hire me so that you can still have your full or part time job and still be able to update your blog (website) frequently with fresh content and earn from it

Frequency of quality content – in this case articles – is one of the major things that determine the success of a blog.

It is something we know deep down, but it bears repeating all the same.

Look at the big websites, the big blogs – even the ones run by just one man or woman (not a team numbering in the tens, hundreds or thousands) and you’ll quickly notice how they frequently put out new content for their site visitors – even if it is just a once a week monster post instead of shorter articles published on a daily basis.

Frequency matters.

A lot.

But most blogs are stale – inactive – not because their owners can’t publish new articles.

They are just busy. Overwhelmed.

There’s work. There’s family. The me-time. The me and friends time. Family get-togethers.

All good things.

And the blog time? The time dedicated to grow your blog or website? To serve more readers and customers? Well, you know the story. And for many blog owners it is an unpleasant one.

Well, all that dread and infrequency can be a thing of the past when you hire me to write articles for you.

Having a full or part time job shouldn’t be a hindrance in publishing more quality content as often as you wish.

You can now outsource the writing bit to me.

4. Hire me to grow your blog’s popularity by publishing more quality articles per day (week or month) targeting different short and long tail keywords

Having more articles published on your blog leads to, among other things, the following three:

  • increase in organic traffic and higher rankings in the search engine results pages for queries and keywords you are targeting in your particular niche
  • increase in traffic from shares on niche online forums ,social network sites (like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and the many niche social media sites your customers and readers use) and messaging apps (like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Telegram)
  • increase in direct traffic to your site due to increased awareness of who you are and what you do

The more quality posts you have on your site, the more the three metrics above will increase.

With such increases, your conversion rates are also likely to soar to very high levels.

Which means more email sign ups, more sales, more clicks (on whatever it is you want your site visitors to click on), an increased awareness of your expertise (content, product or service) leading more people to consider you a trusted adviser, provider of a solution or outcome.

All these leads to profits in different ways: the satisfaction of helping another human being by reaching them through the content on your site, more backlinks and referrals from people who have been to your site and benefited from it, more sales…

5. Hire me to increase your authority in your space by writing blog posts and articles for you

How? By the variety of posts you publish and the angles you take discussing your chosen topic on your blog, another website, magazine or newspaper column.

When you hire me to write content for you, every piece I write will supplement other articles you have already written (or choose to write and publish in the future).

This leads to more posts (variety) and an increasing authority in your niche – by the sheer amount of resources (posts) you dedicate to deeply cover a topic – answering questions readers (customers) may have – and then leading them one step at a time – to get what they want (your authority increasing with the good leadership you show to more of them).

Authority, here, is just a synonym for proper and well-intentioned guidance. Just giving others what they want. And being there when they need you – humble in your stature and always ready to serve.

6. Hire me to prevent writer / blogger / copywriter burn out

Creating post after post, article after article can easily take a toll on anyone – especially people who would rather focus on other things instead of writing articles.

The long hours writing requires.

The little time, with so many things fighting to make it into your daily to-do lists.

It can all easily lead to burnout.

To prevent it but still have a constant supply of quality articles and blog posts, take advantage of my freelance writing service.

7. Hire me as a blogger and take a holiday (time off your blog) by scheduling articles you order from me

Taking time off your blog – for example to enjoy your holiday without worrying much about spending hours upon hours creating new articles for your site – doesn’t have to be something that leaves a bad taste in your gut (mouth).

You can enjoy the holiday, guilt free, knowing that you have me to create new content that you can schedule to publish at future dates.

If you want to take 14 days off your blog, for example, hire me to write fourteen articles that you can then schedule (one a day) so there’s something fresh for the people who come to your site.

You can then decide to check in your blog’s dashboard once in a while to respond to comments (emails) and engage with your audience on social media without worrying about what to publish come the next day or week.

How to hire me and take advantage of my freelance content writing service (order articles and blog posts)

After checking a few posts I have published on, you can easily make up your mind whether I am the freelancer you want to work with or not.

If you like my work – and ready to work with me – check my rates – then send me an email with details about what you want me to write on.

Mention a deadline, word count and any other instructions you want me to adhere to when creating your content.

Once we reach an agreement (and you get a response from me), proceed and make payment – via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: American Express, MasterCard, VISA or Discover.

Once I receive the funds in my account, I’ll get to work (writing and making corrections to the piece) and submit the completed article(s) to you before the deadline.

At this point you can publish the completed articles or use them however you wish.

Also remember that reasonable demands for revisions are acceptable.

When you get the completed work, this will be considered a successful project and you can elect to use my freelance writing services as often as you so wish.

I’ll be looking forward to working with you in your other projects.

You can always get in touch – any time.

To hire me to write articles and blog posts, click here to check my rates and make your order.

How the value of content accrues over time (and how to hire me to write for you)

One of the things you consider as a client, from the beginning of your negotiations with me as a freelance writer you would like to hire, is the value you get in return for the money you pay for a piece of content you order from website.

You already know the benefits of getting a freelancer to create content for you.How the value of content accrues over time (and how to hire me to write for you)

There is no doubt in your mind about how much time you can save by getting me to write for you.

You already know the great things a freelance writer can help you do.

But what happens when you pay for a piece of content?

What happens when the finished copy is sent back to you via email?

Does it mean that the money you pay me (for every writing job you contract to me) is only worth the words that make up the MS-Word document, HTML or WordPress XML file I send you as an email attachment?

Well, that is one way of looking at it.

And most people can stop here – and just think, ‘Yea, right. I have paid about US$ 340 for this 2000 word piece.

But not you.


Because you know better! You are aware of the immense potential every piece of content holds – and the steps you can take to unleash that potential.

You look not only at the short term potential of a piece of content but also the long term value that it is able to accrue over time.

So, for you, the money you spend doesn’t just equal the amount of words you order. The greater value, to you, is represented by what comes with the content.

For example the help you lend to complete strangers by publishing a blog post covering one of their pain points – and offering real solutions they can put into use immediately. To them, you are a provider – of a solution or answer that helps them get unstuck.

Or the leads you get from a blog post you order from that you then publish as a guest contribution in one of the popular blogs (or websites) in your niche.

Or the contacts you get by publishing a piece of content that resonates with many people.

Or the attention of influencers you get when the content you publish (on a blog, website, journal, magazine or ebook) peek their interest in one way or another.

Or the money you make from different affiliate programs you are a part of or ad networks you have joined.

Or a job offer (or contract) you get from a person interested in working with you.

In fact one of the best way to understand the many things that come with the combination of good content and enough promotion coupled with patience and testing is to read this article: 30 reasons to start a blog.

The short vs. long term value of content (content marketing)

All these good things rarely happen in the short term.The short vs. long term value of content (content marketing)

It takes awhile and a lot of promotion before you can reap the benefits mentioned in some of the examples above.

That’s why those who focus just on the short term when they create or order content are, most of the time, frustrated by their progress.

They want to build Rome in a day – not realizing that having a plan and constantly promoting their content can yield a lot of return for them (their readers, customers, clients and peers) in a few months.

That’s why it is common for some people to order content and immediately look at the completed document they receive back as just that: content. Just like looking at a mule, horse or donkey – and seeing it just as that: some four legged animal that knows no better.

If you are one not to attempt to build Rome in one day it means you are aware of the good things you can do with a well fed donkey, horse or mule: transport things, ride, even plough – if you are a farmer and still not into mechanized farming for one reason or another.

You see the great things the animal can help you (and others) do.

Some could argue that it’s all a matter of perspective, which, to a degree, is true!

Over time, any content at your disposal, results into more good things for you – if you use it well.

What does that mean?

It means looking at the content you receive from as a foundation. It’s up to you how wide and high you want to go once you have the foundation in place.

The content can inspire a series of posts, a video, a presentation, a podcast, newer stories, fiction and non-fiction works – and all these increase your reach improving your chances of getting in front of the right people – which could be clients, customers, readers, other leaders, investors, students, industry influencers, peers, critics (not trolls), gate-keepers, young professionals, parents, role models…even some of the heroes you had growing up.

With all these connections – and time by your side – great things are bound to happen.

And if you stick at providing more value to others – the frequency of such things will keep increasing.

Your call to action – getting what you want out of every piece of content you hire me to write

Each piece of content you receive from (or create yourself) is like a magnet – that is strongest in the call to action area.

What you put in the call to action area is up to you.

It could be a call to others to share their stories and experiences with you.

It could be a call to others to buy something from you – or another business whose products and services you promote as an affiliate.

It could be a call to others to use your services – like I am doing right now.

It could be a call to others to help you in your cause – whether that is to make your part of town clean or build a school in a remote part of a certain country you have visited or plan to visit in the near future.

It could be a call to others to examine themselves more often and be appreciative of the great things they have in life – that some only wish they had.

It could be a call to others to share (with those closest to them) particular ideas you espouse or a specific message that you believe can benefit people who come across it.

It could be a call to others to allow you to help them achieve their goals – in a better and more efficient way.

It could be a call to others to teach themselves a skill or learn more about a particular topic or subject by just spending a few minutes each day going through various resources you recommend – like stories, ebooks, books, videos, infographics, online training courses, case studies, research papers, polls and interviews you link to from blog posts you publish on your website.

So many things you can do with just one piece of content.

Time, however little or much there may be, is on your side if you embrace doing things that amplify the value of every piece of content. You just have to do them consistently. That is how you increase the value of each piece.

That is how compounding works for you in this area. Time helps you figure out how to make more off the principal (the content you pay for or create yourself).

It’s a bit more work compared to just publishing content, say on a blog, and letting it sit – not even bothering, like many people, to go back to it, edit it and make it even more in-depth and valuable to people who come across it.

It’s a bit more work but it pays big time. In a big way!

More about my content writing service, blogging services, rates and how to hire me as your freelance writer

If you would like to hire me as your content writer – or recommend my freelance services to others, that would be nice.More about my content writing service, blogging services, rates and how to hire me as your freelance writer

Here are two articles that answer a few questions you (or any person you recommend me to) may have.

Go through them – and when ready to order content, email me via the site’s contact form here.

Interested in trying my content writing service? Get in touch:

How much I (as a freelance writer in Kenya) charge per word (or 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 words) when you hire me

Being clear about how much you should pay your freelance writer is one very key point to consider before your relationship with the one you contract goes any further.Pricing: How much I (as a freelance writer in Kenya) charge per word (or 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 words) when you hire me

And it is for this reason that I have created this page to help you quickly determine how much money you pay when you hire me to write content for you.

If you’ve gone through these sample blog posts and the series on my freelance writing service, you already know how much I charge and the reason why. So, no need reading any further (you can get the answers you’re looking for by getting in touch with me via email,, or head to the payment page if you are ready to hire me to write for you).

However, if this is your first time on, keep reading to learn more about my freelancing writing rates.

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of the site.

Besides creating content for blog, I write for businesses, organizations, and individuals that need a freelancer to create content for them.

How much do I charge for the content I write? What is my rate per word in US Dollars & Kenyan Shillings?

My rate per word is at least US Dollars 0.17. Or KSh 17.68 per word – and PayPal & MPESA are the payment methods used by many Niabusiness clients to pay for the content writing services.

The pricing for your project / assignment will depend on the number of words you want me to write, the topic, how much research is needed among other things.

The more the work involved the higher the amount will be.

Note that all the rates below are in Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars.

Arrangements can always be made if you’d like to pay via, say, Western Union (using the currency of the country you currently reside in) or M-PESA (if you want to pay me directly to my Safaricom mobile money wallet in Kenyan Shillings).

Again, here is how much I charge per word of content I write for you as a client

At least 17 US cents. That is the going rate for one word, unless your work meets the exception mentioned below (keep reading to learn more).Freelance writer for hire: how much I charge per word of content I write for you as a client

Kenya Shillings 17.68 or US$ 0.17.

Let’s take a look at some examples to see how much it costs for content of varying lengths.

Say, for example, you want me to write a 2000 word article (which some SEO – search engine optimization – and content marketing experts encourage to be the minimum number of words per post – to rank high on Google Search) to be published on your blog, you’ll pay me at least Kenyan Shillings 35,360 or US$ 340 for the completed work.

This 2000 word article can then later be turned into a downloadable guide (for example a PDF lead magnet, infographic or content upgrade for your email subscribers – or as an addon to people who use your service or buy via your affiliate links).

You can even turn it into a free email course, slide or video using Snagit or Camtasia.

If you want a slightly shorter article, say a one thousand (1000-word) post, the total cost will come to at least KSh 17,680 or 170 dollars.

If you want me to write a 250 word product description for your online store (or classified ad), you’ll be billed at least 42.5 US dollars or KSh 4,420.

For a 500 word landing page or article, you’ll only pay me at least KSh 8,840 or US$ 85.

If you want me to write a short 5,000 word ebook you can sell on Kindle for less that US$ 2.99 a copy (or give away for free) the total cost will come to at least KSh 88,400 or 850 dollars.

For a 3000-word post, the cost will be at least KSh 53,040 or 510 dollars only.

My freelance writing service: is it cheap or expensive? Will this work with the budget you’ve allocated to outsourcing content creation?

A logical question to ponder once you have gone through the examples above, don’t you think?How much I (as a freelance writer in Kenya) charge per word (or 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 words) when you hire me

A sister question to this would be, ‘Can I afford freelance writing service Kenya?’

To which I answer with a simple, ‘Yes.’

If you look at my rates above and think ‘I can work with this’, then good.

Know why? Because it already means you are fine with the rates – and ready to work with It also means that you already have enough funds to hire me to write your content.

You just need to take these two steps:

  • send me an email ( with the following details: the headline (topic) you want me to write on, word count, deadline, sources you want me to look at, if any, and all the instructions you want me to adhere to when creating content for you
  • proceed to the payment page and pay for the content once you receive a response from me. I’ll send you an invoice once we’ve communicated via email

I write quality content, something you want more of. I create content that accrues in value (learn more below), content that pays for itself down the road if promoted well. If this is the case (it is) it means that with your budget, you can afford to hire me to help you with your content creation and content marketing needs. Let’s work together.

Freelance writing assignments and jobs I won’t accept from clients

I won’t accept freelance writing work from clients and publications that want me to charge less than the rates mentioned in this post – unless on special occasions when I decide to take on projects that seem interesting enough (from a research standpoint) even if the pay is slightly lower than the rates mentioned above.

I think this bears repeating – to avoid any misunderstanding. So, here goes…

I won’t accept work from clients and publications that want me to charge less than the rates mentioned in this post.

Which is USD 0.17. Or KSH 17.68 – the minimum amount I charge per word.

Meaning, you will pay me at least KSH 17.68 / US$ 0.17 per word (or more on some assignments – when we come to an understanding that the kind of work you want me to complete warrants a higher rate than the minimum US$ 0.17 per word rate).

I will not also accept work from clients with no clear instructions on what they want. Because what usually happens is that such clients bombard me with requests for revisions when all they could have done in the first place was to give clear directions on what they want with regards to word count, structure, or sources to pay attention to when writing.

Think freelance content writing service Kenya is expensive?

I don’t want to go on and on about pricing and optimal rates, but here is how I came up with the rates in the first place (I am going to be brief).

There are different things freelance writers consider to arrive at their rates.

One of them is looking at content from a value perspective – what you get from a piece of content (article, ebook, pdf guide, book, tutorial, short story etc.) once it is published and adequately promoted to the right people.

When I decided to offer writing as a service, the person I had in mind – the ones I work with – was that person who didn’t only look at the initial amount of money they paid me for a certain number of words they wanted me to write for them.

This person – even though they may look at the initial amount they pay for content and how small or big a dent results from such payments – frees their mind to think about what they are getting for their money in not only the short term, but also over the long haul.

They look at the value they derive from the content (they pay me to write) the moment they receive it. But they don’t stop there. They cast their sights weeks, months or even years from the date they receive the completed work from me.

So, for example, they pay me KSh 35,360 / 340 dollars for a 2000 word evergreen article that may attract less than a thousand hits from search engines in the first week (or month).

Over time that piece of content will result into more things (long term value): higher rankings for more short and long tail keywords, more backlinks, more mentions, more staff/company time saved by answering a frequently asked questions through the content I write instead of answering the same questions over and over via email, livechat or over the phone, increased conversions, increased engagement with readers or customers, goodwill, new and valuable leads (contacts), deals arising from the post, more email sign ups (for example by turning blog posts into content upgrades) and sales.

They are content paying me the rates above knowing that the value of the content they receive will accrue over time.

With this knowledge in mind, they worry not about the initial amount they pay. Why? Because they know that when they use the content well and optimize their sales funnel (or ads or affiliate promotions) the content will eventually pay for itself and leave them with more profits to do with as they please.

Once you look at content this way and use it well, you’ll quickly command the power that comes with it and the costs; you won’t worry about them since you know how to use the content (I write for you) for your own benefit and the benefit of your clients, customers and readers.

In a position like this, you end up making profits – not losses. Meaning, investing in the content then becomes a good investment!

The debate then moves from hiring a cheap vs. expensive freelance writer (cheap and expensive being relative terms) to investing in only one piece of content vs. investing in more.

Besides the argument I’ve made, the per word rates above makes the following possible:

  • more time for me to write quality content for you because that is what you deserve. Not something rushed.
  • a great working relationship between you and me (a give-and-take transaction that provides more value to you and me despite busy schedules).
  • something great for your readers and customers. You value your time and money and how you spend both. For something great, like content that you know will result in more good things, I won’t be wrong if I say you don’t mind spending money to get it for your audience.

To hire me, get in touch with me and tell me what you want me to write on (including details like title/topic, word count, and any other instructions I must adhere to during the writing process).

Looking forward to your first assignment. [Learn more]

Freelance content writing service in Kenya by (Writer and blogger for hire)

Welcome to In this page you will find details on how to hire a freelance content writer in Kenya – and take advantage of all the benefits that come with using Niabusiness freelance content writing service in Kenya.

If you have been searching on the internet for websites and marketplaces to hire Kenyan freelance writers, you are at the right place.Content writing service in Kenya - writer and blogger for hire

I am a writer and blogger for hire, and I am ready to work with you to meet your content writing and marketing needs.

I’ve created this page to guide you on how to hire me and get the best of the writing services I have for clients that need content for their self-hosted WordPress blogs, Quora blogs and accounts, Medium blogs, review sites, LinkedIn Publishing, Web 2.0 sites like Facebook and, offline publications, websites, online shops and stores, ebooks, authority blogs and websites, online forums, mails, content upgrades and lead magnets, online newspapers, magazines, free online courses and email autoresponder series, niche affiliate sites, guest posts, email campaigns, online media companies, digital marketing and content writing agencies, done-for-you pre-made Amazon affiliate sites & Google AdSense niche websites, pillar content and in-depth content to be submitted to high domain authority sites for traffic, exposure, email subscribers, customers and white hat links.

Read on to learn how I can help you. Learn what has in store for you as a client. And be sure to check the various links added in this page to learn more about my writing services – and how they benefit you in the short-term and the long-term.

Also, if you have any questions, you will find all the answers below. Some of the answers to frequently asked questions are already available in in-depth posts like the ones linked to below: Click the links to read them.

For answers on the types of content you can order from, there are two articles available with answers addressing the questions you may have.

The first article addresses the needs of those who want to hire academic writers.

The second article addresses the needs of individuals, organizations and businesses that want to hire a content writer to create blog posts and articles for their websites, blogs, email lists, magazines or newspapers.

What type of content can be written for you via freelance writing service Kenya?

At writing services Kenya you can get articles and blog posts written for you to the quality you desire at very good rates.

You can also order content that can be used as free online course material (for example in the form of automated email sequences sent to the inbox of your subscribers using your preferred email autoresponder software/marketing service provider).

You can also pay to get an ebook written for you. To do this, you’ll choose a topic, word count, make payment and get the content created for you.

Once this is done, you can use the e-book as a free lead magnet (to entice your blog visitors to subscribe to your email list) or publish to the Kindle store (or online stores of any other ebook retailers) as a free book or one that costs a few dollars (shillings) per copy.

You can also get content for your e-commerce website: sales pages, product descriptions, service description, case studies, tutorials, how to guides, presentations (slides) and also content for your promotions, discounts and giveaways written for you.

If you are an editor or owner of a magazine or a newspaper (traditional, online only, national or local paper) and you like the content published on this website (including the samples), you can also hire to create content for your publication.

You can get written content that is fiction or non-fiction depending on the issues you want to communicate to your audience through your publication.

You can also get your speech, reports (if you have already gathered the data or information to be used) or transcripts (for your seminars, podcasts, videos, voice recordings) turned into well formatted text as well.

How to get started with Niabusiness freelance content writing service in Kenya as a client (how to hire me)

If you have made up your mind to order content from Niabusiness (meaning you are fine with the freelancing rates here), I can get to work – start researching and writing content on the topics and keywords of your choice. All you have to do is send me an email via the site’s contact form.

In it mention what type of content you want written (for example newspaper article, Kindle book, product description or blog post), topic for the piece to be written, word count, deadline and any other important detail you want taken into consideration during the writing phase of your project.

If you have examples of other pieces of content already published out there that you want me to pay attention to when creating content for you, send me the links to them. Add the URLs to the content pieces in the email you send me.

Once I receive your email (request to create content for you), I’ll get back in touch with you to further clarify things that you may want me to pay more attention to when working on your project/assignment (if there is need to).

You’ll then proceed to make payment. In Kenya, you can easily do this by sending the total amount via mobile payments services like Safaricom M-PESA or Airtel Money (I’ll communicate to you, via email, the details on how to finalize payment).

Note that you can also make payment using you card (VISA, MasterCard – like KCB Pepea debit card which you can top up using the funds in your M-PESA account, Discover, American Express etc.) or simply make payment via PayPal – or from any payment gateway that allows you transfer of funds to a PayPal account.

To make payments using your card or PayPal, go to this page on online shop to make payment (or get a quote).

Note that I can also send you an invoice to your PayPal email address – if this is the arrangement you prefer. You’ll get a notification and proceed to clear the invoice to release funds to my account. We’ll have to agree on this before I start creating content for you.

Select your word count (the exact number of words you mention in the email you send me via the site’s contact form).

Click (or tap) Add to Cart then proceed to checkout.

Enter your card details (or login to your PayPal account) to complete the transaction.

Once I receive the funds, I’ll get to work and send you back the completed work within the agreed time-frame.

Who is the content writing service for? [Benefits of hiring Kenya to write for you]

Niabusiness content writing service Kenya is for persons – individuals, businesses, SMEs, companies and organizations –  based in or outside Kenya who are interested in the services of a writer to give them content they can use to:

  • Educate their audience on a particular issue
  • Market and promote various ideas, products and services to their audiences (or a segment of a niche/market or industry they are a part of)
  • Promote their business, work, brand, personality to the people who may benefit from such (like customers, clients, employees, employers or people who make buying decisions in households and companies in different countries – like parents, CEOs, founders, board members)
  • Achieve the same (or even better) results they could get from paying for the services of a marketing company in Kenya, a digital agency in Kenya, content writing agency, virtual assistant service, inbound marketing company, search engine optimization and internet marketing companies charging hundreds of thousands of Kenyan Shillings or even millions for help with marketing / advertising – customer acquisition
  • To help prospects and their customers get as much useful information about what they do (provide) before they make any buying decision – including tips on how to get the most out of the services or products they pay for
  • Beef up their websites and blogs. The new content they pay for and publish on their sites can turn into a series of insightful posts that answer the questions prospects and customers may have – in essence turning their website (or blog) into a sort of a customer care agent available 24/7 to anyone with internet access – hence limiting the back and forth that often characterizes the initial relationship between an individual and a company that has not put in more effort into educating the public (consumers) about their products, services, benefits to paying for and using them, consumers’ rights and obligations etc.

Ready to hire to write content for you? Tell me about your content outsourcing needs via the email address below

Proceed by sending me an email with the details of things you want (type of content e.g. blog post, magazine article or sales page, word count, deadline etc.) using this contact form. Be as detailed as possible. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you expect.

If you are interested in Niabusiness writing services, and have any question, use the same contact form to get in touch. Or send an email to

Contact Niabusiness to get a quote here

Why hire freelance writers in Kenya?

When looking for a freelance writer to hire in Kenya, US, Canada, Australia or in any part of the world, there are many things – key characteristics – that you look for in your search for the right person to write content for you. For example:

You want to hire a content writer in Kenya…

1. Who knows a lot about the topic you are interested in

Getting someone who knows about your topic and enjoys reading, researching and writing about it is a good thing.Why hire freelance writers

The person who is genuinely interested in your niche or topic – and has extensive knowledge – always is a good fit.

Sometimes that means hiring someone who has a college (university) degree, diploma, Masters or a PhD in their field.

But this is always not the case… because there are many people who are knowledgeable (and experienced) and highly excel in their fields without a degree or diploma certificate carrying their name.

This is the case, for example, with people who have gone out of their way to learn about something (and become very good at it) that they never learnt in school.

People who have read widely on a topic – and even shared their own ideas in the form of articles, guides, ebooks, articles, podcasts, blog posts, case studies or videos.

For example, there are many savvy business people who don’t attribute their success to having a degree.

They attribute it to simply immersing themselves in the business world, doing what needs to be done, analyzing the results of their actions and adjusting accordingly in the interest of their clients.

Interest in a topic (field) then, besides pure knowledge and the duration and magnitude of experience, is one key thing to look for when hiring a freelance writer in Kenya.

The writer should know a lot in the field you want them to write about but not only that.

They should also be able to research a topic and write you the best content possible – one that you will be happy to pay for.

2. Who listens and adheres to your instructions

When you want to avoid all misunderstanding between you and your writer, communication is going to be key.

For the writer to give you what you are hiring them for, they must be keen and listen to your instructions. After all you are paying for what you want.

This means that it is good when you (both you and your writer) understand each other – and both parties understand their obligations.

You both should be clear about the topic, word count, headline (title), formatting, outline, deadline, pay among other things that at the end of the day makes the transaction between both parties fruitful.

3. Who can write well and give you what you and your readers want

Hiring a writer means, to some level, that you know what to be expected of them when they finally submit the finished work to you.

You know what to be expected in terms of the quality and quantity of the content you pay for.

You know what your readers want, and that is what you pay (the freelancer) to get them.

Different people call it different names: Epic, well-written, great content, quality content, best-seller, ultimate guide among others.

And your writer is to deliver the above on the deadline you both agree on.

What does the above have to do with hiring freelance writers in Kenya?

As a freelancer offering writing services here at, I adhere to the key points above when creating content for individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations in Kenya and around the world.

Through my writing service, you are assured of well written content on your topic of choice. Why? Because I adhere to the rules above.

They guide how I interact with you and how I create articles, blog posts, sales pages, ebooks, books, guides, ecommerce website product description pages you order from me.

I could go ahead and tell you how Kenyans are great people who write well and speak, besides our mother-tongue and Kiswahili, English fluently but then that will be venturing further away from what it is you really want: great content for your readers channeled through your website, blog, niche site, ebook, book, downloads, guides, tutorials, slides, social networking sites, email newsletters and autoresponders.

When you hire freelance writers in Kenya, do so with the knowledge that

  • they are great people from East Africa who write just as well as native English speakers
  • they enjoy writing and doing online research
  • they are knowledgeable and ready to help you with your writing
  • they take online freelancing seriously – meaning they respect themselves, their work, the clients who hire them and the audience they write for (readers you want to reach with the writing you outsource to them)
  • they are people open to suggestions if such suggestions lead to an even higher quality of writing and a more satisfied client
  • they’d like to partner with you in your future projects
  • and like most humans, they, at the end of the day want to bring a meaningful contribution to the world and the people in it

And when I say ‘they’, I’m indirectly implying that I’d like to work with you.

If you are a mind reader, you already knew that from the start right?

So, what do you say?

Go through more posts published on to learn more about the results and benefits you get when you hire me to create content for you to use on your own properties or third party platforms.

Sample blog posts to check before you hire me to create content for you

Check my writing samples here. In the link you will find a list of articles I have written on a variety of topics.

While looking at the recent blog posts I have published on, also take some time to check some of my most popular posts.

They are listed on the sidebar to the right.

Outsource content creation to me: Hire me as your freelance writer

To hire me, check my rates here and place you order.

Or just go through the blog post then get in touch with me for a quote.

Rates vary depending on the type of project or assignment you want to outsource to me.

Email me here: Tell me about your project.