Editing and proofreading service

$ 0.03$ 1,500.00

How many words are in the document you want edited and proofread? Select an option below.


What I edit and proofread at Niabusiness.com

I edit and proofread articles, blog posts, sales pages, novels, reports, guides, books and ebooks (fiction and non-fiction), speeches, children stories, Kindle books, dissertations, term papers, essays, manuals and different types of documents corporations and organisations need polished.

How much do I charge for the editing and proofreading service?

US$0.03 per word. That is if your word count doesn’t fit in the other options listed below, of which you’ll then use the ‘1 word’ option and enter your document’s word count in the quantity field.

Here’s an example

Say, you want me to edit and proofread a 75,562 word novel or thesis, what do you do?

Which option do you select?

The ‘1 word’ option.

After selecting it, enter 75562 in the quantity field (1 word x 75,562). Click Add to Cart then Checkout.

if you have two 2000 word document, select the ‘2000 words’ option, change the quantity from 1 to 2 then click Add to Cart > Checkout to proceed.

Additional information

How many words are in the document you want me to edit and proofread?

50000 words, 2000 words, 1000 words, 500 words, 1 word


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