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In my WordPress series, I have written articles about what it takes to run a WordPress site on shared hosting. Today I present to you an article listing some of Read more
Whatever we do, there is always a reason why we do what we do. In blogging that happens to be the case as well. People start blogs for different reasons. Read more
Want to know everything I do when starting a WordPress blog? In this Niabusiness post I am going to take you through the process I usually go through before starting a Read more
We have all heard it said before by at least one internet marketer that the money is in the list - meaning that all sales sent to an engaged list Read more
Interested in learning how to connect both Mailchimp email marketing service and WPForms WordPress forms plugin? Keep reading to know more about what you need to create forms on WPForms Read more
New Year's resolutions can be good for us both in our personal lives and in business. And a lot of created is created around this topic every year. There are Read more
If you use WordPress for your small business website or blog and rely on contact forms to generate leads, read this blog post to learn how to connect WPForms and Read more
How do you combat web spam if you have contact forms on your WordPress blog or website? Well for years some have just had to contend with the spam coming Read more
There once were two people who eventually had the courage to turn their ideas into real businesses. Two individuals in the same industry. Similar businesses. All working very hard to Read more
One thing you'll notice when you take a closer look at the web is the small number of great blogs started and owned by businesses. This is the case even Read more
In this interview, Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion was kind enough to share answers to sixteen questions on blogging. The reason I’m sharing this with you is this: from Read more
In this interview, Benny Hsu of Get Busy Living Blog shares some answers to over eleven questions that people usually ask themselves about how to start blogs, get traffic to them, make Read more
interested in a WordPress form builder that you can use to easily create multi-page forms your audience will love? Well, read on to learn more about WPForms Multi-page forms feature Read more
If you are looking for a WordPress form builder plugin that you can integrate with Salesforce, you can use WPForms for that. Now the popular form builder comes with an Read more
Are you in search of a freelancer, individual (like a virtual assistant) or company to setup your blog or website, add plugins, themes and configure them right fast the first time? Read more
Running WordPress on shared hosting - what does it take? What are the key things you need to run the self-hosted version of WordPress - as a blog or website? Read more
In this post you will learn why content marketing is not working for you - if at all you have been trying to use content, more strategically, to achieve various Read more
For the purposes of this article, a short blog post is one that is below 1,000 words, hovering around 300 – 800 words most of the times, while a long Read more
Want to make your blog popular? To get found and ranked high in Google Search? To get traffic to your blog? Read on to learn ways to get noticed as Read more
In this interview Rob Cubbon of shares a lot of great tips on how to build a successful blog. He shares tips you can use to choose a topic for your Read more
Hello. Today, we have Matt Smith from He has a lot of great tips for businesses and individuals who want not only to start their own blogs but build Read more
In this interview, we welcome Cindy Buccieri of to share her knowledge and thoughts on how to start a blog, choose a topic for the blog, get more blog traffic, create Read more
Do you wish you, as someone who is into business blogging, had a blog that netted you more loyal customers? It’s a good wish. One that can be granted when you get Read more
Are you in search of a freelancer, company or individual to install WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin for your online store? A person to find and add the necessary extensions to Read more
Do you need, for your blog, a WordPress child theme for the Twenty Thirteen theme that displays post excerpts (with continue reading or read more links added to your blog Read more