How to buy Safaricom data bundles

In this article you will learn how to buy Safaricom internet bundles to use on your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet computer, netbook, laptop, desktop, smart TV, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or any other devices you own and use to access the internet.

Right now, on the Safaricom *544# Bundles menu, subscribers can purchase the following bundles:

  1. Data Bundle (with NO EXPIRY DATE)
  2. Calls & SMS (NO EXPIRY DATE)
  3. Normal Data Bundle WITH EXPIRY

Buy Safaricom data bundles using the *544# short code

Dial the *544# USSD short code to use this method.

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Decide to buy a bundle with no expiry date or the normal data bundles with expiry.

To purchase Safaricom data bundle with no expiry date, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 1: Data Bundle (with NO EXPIRY DATE)
  • Reply with 1 (to Buy For My Number) or 2 (to Buy For Other Number) or 3 (to Okoa Data) or 4 (to check Data Balance).
  • So, to buy for your number, reply with 1
  • Enter amount you wish to spend e.g. 50 and press Send
  • ‘Confirm purchase of 175MBs (NO EXPIRY DATE) @ Ksh 50’
  • Pay with 1: Airtime or reply with 2 to pay via M-PESA
  • If you want to spend less (or more), reply with 3: Enter a Different Amount.
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If buying the normal data bundles with expiry:

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 3: Normal Data Bundle WITH EXPIRY

Select the duration of the bundle you want (e.g.  Daily Bundles, 7 Day Bundle, 30 Day Bundles, All in One Bundles, Giga bundles, Platinum bundles, YouTube bundles or a 90 Day Bundle). Also remember that there is an option, in the same menu, which you can use to buy data bundles for other number (s).

Proceed by selecting a bundle you want to purchase. You’ll see the amount of data and pricing for each of the bundles before you purchase them.

You’ll then be prompted to Pay with either your Airtime balance or M-PESA. Select one (depending on where you have the money you want to use for your purchase).

Then confirm your purchase of the data plan by selecting Accept. Otherwise select Decline.

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Buy Safaricom data bundles by dialing *456# short code

To buy data bundles using the 456 Safaricom short code, here’s what to do.

  • Dial *456# and tap Answer
  • Select option 1: Buy
  • Select option 3: Data Bundles

Select the duration for the bundle you want.

Among the choices you have are:

Choose one among the data plans you see.

Choose to pay with Airtime or M-PESA

Tap Accept – to confirm your purchase of the bundle you selected.


You’ll receive a notification of your purchase from Safaricom.

Get Safaricom internet bundles by buying airtime scratch card and using *544*16-digit-PIN# instead of the usual way of loading airtime (*141*PIN#)

You can buy Safaricom data bundles by entering *544*PIN# every time you buy a scratch card (recharge voucher) of any denominations.

The amount of data (in MB) that you get for the different recharge vouchers is shown on the scratch cards.

So, buy airtime. Scratch to reveal the 16 digit PIN, and instead of using the normal way of recharging your Safaricom line (*141*PIN# OK) use *544*PIN#.

The KSh 10 scratch card for example gets you 8 MB of data, while the Kenya Shillings 50 scratch card gets you a 40 MB internet bundle.

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Remember the top up keys.

Any time you want to buy data, after purchasing your airtime voucher from a shop or supermarket just dial *544* followed by scratch card number, followed by # then press or tap OK / green button

Buy Safaricom data bundles via the Safaricom SIM menu on your device

Along with other menus on your device, there is a Safaricom SIM menu (the same menu you use to access M-PESA).

Once your Safaricom line is inserted in your device, switch it on and key in your PIN.

  • Go to the Safaricom SIM menu > Select Safaricom+
  • Select Internet & More
  • Select Data bundles
  • Select Buy data bundle

Then choose Prepay or Postpay (for the purposes of this post, we’ll use Prepay).

Select the duration of the bundle you want to purchase.

Narrow in on the data bundle you want to buy (you’ll see how much each bundle costs and how much data you get before you part with your money).

Proceed by choosing to pay either via Airtime or M-PESA and then selecting Accept and pressing OK to purchase the bundle.

How to pay for Safaricom internet (data bundles)

You can use the airtime balance you already have on your line.

Or use the money in your M-PESA mobile wallet to pay for the amount of data you want to purchase.

You can also buy Safaricom airtime using your VISA card, MasterCard (or other debit and credit cards like American Express) via services like Pesapal and then use the airtime you purchase towards buying a data plan you want.

You can also buy airtime (to be later used to purchase data bundles) from your Equity Bank account (via their Eazzy 247 service), KCB Mobi among other services from banks like Family and Co-Operative.

In summary

Quickly subscribe to any Safaricom data bundle using the short codes *544#, *456# and *100#

Dial any one of these Safaricom shortcodes and follow the prompts to get data allocated to you.

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