Safaricom products and services that can benefit you the Kenyan entrepreneur

Whether you are an entrepreneur working online, offline or both, Safaricom, the largest telco in Kenya, has numerous products and services that can help you get more done fast and efficiently.

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that Safaricom has given a boost to entrepreneurship in and outside Kenya.

Let’s look at what they have to offer.

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1. Voice calls and text messages

Even though Safaricom doesn’t have cheaper calling rates as compared to some mobile phone service providers in Kenya, it’s still privileged to connect millions of Kenyan families and businesses.

An entrepreneur can easily afford the calling rates, be it in postpaid or prepaid. More people also go for Safaricom because they know that the majority of Kenyans use the company’s services.

Its network is also available in most parts of the countries. Cheap phones enable more people to jump into Safaricom’s pool. Cheaper services like Masaa ya SMS and VoiceSMS also keep entrepreneurs and their clients connected.

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If you haven’t yet started using the two SMS services, maybe this is the right time to give them a try.

How can you use these services?

  • It is sometimes easier to send your client a short text message then follow up with a more detailed e-mail later.
  • Do most of your clients have a Safaricom number? They are more likely to call you on that number than a number from a different mobile operator. So give them some options.
  • Experience the advantage of cheap international calling rates if you have clients who live in other parts of the world. You can also use Skype to communicate with your clients.

2. Accepting and making payments via M-PESA

There are people who don’t like Safaricom at all but M-PESA still gives them a reason to be a part of the large family.

Kenyans use M-PESA to make payments, receive money, send money and to save with M-Shwari.

How can you use this service as an entrepreneur?

  • To pay your affiliates – if you have an affiliate program.
  • To upload money to a VISA prepaid debit card such as the one offered by I & M Bank. Or the KCB Pepea MasterCard, a debit card you can get from any KCB branch.
  • To accept money sent to your PayPal account. If you have clients who are only able to pay you via PayPal for your services or products, you can use services like the one offered by, FreelancePesa (and other PayPal to M-PESA services in Kenya) to get your PayPal funds sent to your M-PESA account for a small fee.
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3. Safaricom internet and modems

Want internet? Safaricom, Airtel Kenya, Yu Kenya and Orange / Telkom Kenya have something for you.

All the operators offer internet services for owners of phones, laptops, netbooks, tablets and personal computers.

Lately, there has been competition on reliability, speed, and price of internet bundles among the four mobile phone service providers.

As an entrepreneur, it is wise to do your homework before you pay for internet services. There are people who love Orange Kenya (now rebranded as Telkom Kenya), Yu, Airtel, while there are people who love the experience that comes with Safaricom’s internet services.

What can you get here?

  • Get Safaricom internet to reduce the amount of money you spend on communicating with fellow entrepreneurs, prospects, customers, suppliers etc.Safaricom products and services that can benefit you the Kenyan entrepreneur
  • Learn more about your industry and other industries, read news, do research, learn more about your target market using search engines, surveys and what your customers and prospects say (or don’t say) about what you do as an entrepreneur. You can then improve your products and services, service delivery and the relationship between you and the people you work with (customers, suppliers, employees etc).
  • Safaricom has different modems, so get to your nearest Safaricom shop or a Safaricom products distributor to get your own.
  • Choose from the numerous internet bundles offered by Safaricom. Dial *100# to check them out. You can also visit Safaricom’s website for updated information.

4. Want genuine handsets, laptops, netbooks, modems and other computer peripheral devices?

Visit your nearest Safaricom shop to get electronics that may improve your business. If you think that your business is in need of a new laptop or if you think that a new smartphone will improve your efficiency, the company offers a variety of devices in their shops.

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Be a smart entrepreneur. Your business doesn’t need junk, so don’t trade your money for junk.

If you want a particular laptop, make sure you know what it will help you achieve.

If you want to make money online, you may only need a netbook,  and a modem from them for the time being. You can buy the cool gadgets you crave for later when your online venture needs them.

5. On

You can get the following services: cloud computing, audio, and video conferencing, dedicated and virtual server services, application hosting services, data storage services, domain hosting, Safaricom fixed data, managed IP-VPN, managed Wi-Fi connectivity, managed wide area network among other services.

Go to their website or call +254 (0) 722 004 099 for more information and find ways to reduce the money you spend to keep your business’ heart beating.

NOTE: Remember when you are stuck, you can go to Safaricom Help for quick answers. All you have to to do is key in your question and wait for answers.

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