Welcome to Niabusiness.com. My name is Philos Mudis.

  1. Niabusiness is a business (offering different products, services, ebooks and online courses to its readers)
  2. Niabusiness.com is a magazine (with lots of content on different topics published on the blog section)
  3. Niabusiness is an online newspaper (publishing news commentaries on various niches and industries once in awhile) and
  4. Niabusiness.com is also a community where individuals from different parts of the world come to learn, share knowledge and edify each other (via the comments section at the bottom of articles published on the site, or through downloading and going through free and paid ebooks, online courses and product recommendations mentioned in various resource pages published on the site).

This is the one place where you just get to talk freely about yourself, family, work, friends, goals, interests, struggles, needs, finances, business, relationships… and all those things that you are thankful for.

That’s a lot to cover, don’t you think? That’s why I created this page. To save you time finding the things you can use to improve your life and the lives of the people you care about.

Take your time going through the about page to learn more about the sections (and topics) that speak to you as a person – clicking on the links that lead to articles, ebooks, services and products you can use to achieve your short term and long term goals.

The links below will take you to some of the sections Niabusiness.com visitors often go to first, followed by a summary of the different sections under the site. Ready? Click on a link below.

What do you want now?  I want to…

  1. Get tips to help me become a better person | 2. I want to learn to watch little to no TV | 3. I want to become an early riser | 4. I want to stop procrastinating, and start getting more out of my time | 5. I want my relationship to be strong & filled with more love | 6. I want to become a better parent | 7. I want to become a better teen | 8. I want to be a better child | 9. I want to register a domain name and host a blog, website with Niabusiness | 10. I want to outsource tasks and use my time to do other things | 11. I want to hire Niabusiness.com and pay for a freelance service I need |

Why the quick links to each section of Niabusiness.com? I have divided the site into different sections, each dedicated to a different topic, product or service. Within each section are more articles and other resources all related to the particular topic. That way, you:

  • get to find related content fast, and two, you
  • get the chance to delve deeper into a topic of interest – going through more tips, strategies, ideas and suggestions you can put into use immediately.

That’s why knowing what you are looking for is a good start. It makes it easier for you to quickly navigate to the sections that perfectly align with your needs.

Look for a section above (or below) click it and take what you will from the resources here at Niabusiness.com.

A quick note to you

Use what you find here on Niabusiness to improve yourself as an individual.

Sometimes, we rush to help and save the world forgetting that continuous improvement (of our lives) can put us in an even better position to achieve the one goal we all can’t run from; one that often comes in the form of a question:

Does my contribution matter? Is what I am doing worthy? Can one person make the world a better place? Can a person people consider bad be good again? What legacy do I want to leave behind? How do I build others while building myself? How do I share the little that I have? How do I stop the bad things I know I should not be doing?

How do I stick to only doing the things that really matter even if that means alienating some people? How do I honour my vows, promises and responsibilities to God and other human beings? How do I embrace fidelity more than I’ve ever done in my whole life? How do I use my experiences to make this day better than the day before?

In your everyday life, learn (from adults and children) and do. Take small, consistent, steps towards realizing your goals using what God has already given you – for this is one of the best ways to actually achieve the big goals so dear to you.

Don’t wait for things to be better. Work to make them better starting now. Don’t wait for someone close to you to change and behave in a certain way before you make the commitment to become the best person you can be.

Lead by example – more by deeds than you do with words and never ending arguments. And while at it, find ways to be less judgmental. Realize that we are human beings. Not perfect, but capable of rising from any past mistakes to lead better lives.

If you find something the people closest to you can benefit from on Niabusiness.com, do share it with them.

More about each section below:

Niabusiness.com – Be a Better Person

If you are interested in topics to improve yourself; to become a better person, this is the section that you should visit first.

It contains tips to help you do more and achieve more by using the things you already have at your disposal. You’ll find tips on becoming a better person, developing and stopping certain habits, becoming a successful person and choosing to live a happy life now. Click here to head to the section.

Niabusiness.com – Love Tips and Relationship Advice

Are you in a relationship or thinking of starting one? This is the section where I publish content you can use to the advantage of the two: you and the person, you are attracted to.

Find advice on strengthening your relationship, dating, sorting out differences, supporting the one you care about and enjoying the good things that come with love-filled relationships. Click here to visit the section.

Niabusiness.com – Watch Little or no Television

What’s your TV watching habits telling you about your life? Think it’s a good idea to scale back a little? I thought so too.

In this section of Niabusiness, you will find ideas you can use to do that – watch little to no television and use the newfound time to do other things that matter to you. Click here to head to the section.

Niabusiness.com – Online Shop

Niabusiness.com Shop – It is the place where you will find, and be able to buy, anything I sell on the website.

Head there to buy ebooks, domain name and web hosting for your blog or website, online courses and more. Click here to visit the online store.

Niabusiness.com – Leadership Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader

Here is where leaders meet – those new to leadership and those who have held, or still hold, different leadership roles.

There are new things leaders have to learn every day. Continuous learning is part of the promise they make to their followers, often indirectly.

This section gives you content to help you learn more about yourself, the people you lead and other leaders – to equip you with power enough to influence people in ways that build them up, helping them to follow, by participating and taking charge of improving themselves. Click here to visit the section.

Niabusiness.com – Parenting Tips and Advice to Help You Become a Better Parent

This section is for every parent who wants to improve their home and make the bonds in their homes (parent-parent, parent-child) stronger.

As much as the focus is on how you can become a better parent, individuals who are not parents can also, by reading content in this section, learn how they can support mums and dads.

You will learn new things you can start doing as a parent, those things you can give up, how to make decisions (those that affect you, your whole family or a particular child) that help the young ones grow into responsible adultsClick here to head to the section.

Niabusiness.com – Tips and Advice for Teens and Young Adults

This is the Niabusiness.com section for teenagers.  A place where they get to share and learn – a lot of things – things they can use to improve their lives… to become teens who enjoy their years now, while dedicating a certain amount of their time each day towards realizing their dreams.

Are you a teenager? Welcome to the section. Click here to visit it now.

Niabusiness.com – Tips for Children

As much as children love to play, they love to learn, too. They learn through play, through observation and so much more. Children have this immense power that sometimes is underplayed, but you know the story all too well.

This section is for children. It is a place they can learn, share their thoughts, ask questions and do more. As a parent you can introduce your children (individuals who have not attained the age of 18) to this section of the site – and read it with them. Click here to visit the section.

Niabusiness.com – Web Hosting and Domain Registration Service

Niabusiness.com provides domain name registration and web hosting for individuals, organizations and businesses that want to have their own blogs or websites.

I setup this section to give visitors more information about Niabusiness.com hosting service. In it, you’ll find content published on how to start a blog, starting a website, choosing a domain name, choosing the right web hosting company among other things. Click here to visit the section to learn more about this service.

Niabusiness.com – Getting More Out of Your Time

This section provides you with ideas you can use to deal with procrastination – the thief of time, as some call it.

Learn how to free your mind of worry by using your time well, doing even boring things that ultimately lead to the fruits you are after. Click here to head to the section.

Niabusiness.com – Become an Early Riser

Would you like to wake up early in the morning and get something done? This section of Niabusiness will give you tips, ideas and suggestions you can use to win a few extra hours everyday simply by doing what some people dread: rising early.

Secondly – you will learn what to do with those extra hours – so that your mornings yield results that push you, a morning at a time, in the direction of your dreams (see the benefits of being an early riser). Click here to visit the section of the site.

Niabusiness.com – Get More Blog, Website Traffic (Leads & Customers)

Do you have a website or blog and want more targeted traffic to it? Want to get noticed as a new blogger just starting out? Find tips and strategies you can use to get more out of the traffic you are already receiving.

Also learn more about the different things you can start doing now to get more people to visit your site – paying attention to what you say, doing what you want them to do, telling others about how amazing your blog (and work) is, buying from you, subscribing to your site via email and becoming regular readers of your posts, podcasts, videos, slides etc. Click here to head to the site.

Niabusiness.com – Get More Email Sign Ups (Subscribers)

Ever heard someone say that the money is in the list? What was your reaction? In this Niabusiness section, find the tips and strategies you can use to start and grow your email list with readers and customers who see the usefulness of what you publish and sell: those who know a good thing when they see one and are ready to learn by doing.

If you already know all the benefits that come with owning an email list filled with engaged subscribers, head to the section here to learn more ways to grow and keep your subscribers happy – for you’ll be happy when they are.

Niabusiness.com – How to Start a Blog

Thinking of starting your own blog – or have one already? Find tips to start and grow your new or blog in this Niabusiness.com section.

From the basics all the way up, you will find content that help you stick to the essentials: starting and improving your blog by spending your time working hard mainly on the things that matter most.

Like setting up your blog right, providing useful content, being consistent, connecting with other bloggers and marketing your site, one step at a time. Click here to head to the section.

Niabusiness.com – Tips For Students In or Outside High School

Here, high school students and their parents can find posts that can be helpful to in deciding what to do before and after national exams. Learn how to prepare for college or university.

While in this section, also find posts that show you more ways to enjoy your years in high school. Click here to visit the section of the site.

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