2 web hosting companies in Kenya answer 5 questions frequently asked by those who want to start blogs or create websites

If you are looking for the top or best web hosting company in Kenya, you’ll probably have some questions in mind before you settle on one, among the many, buy hosting and register a new domain name for your blog or website.

Niabusiness Hosting tries its best to answer the questions you may have before and after you get a hosting package of your choice.

But we are also privileged to have two web hosting companies here in Kenya, share answers to some questions that you may need some clarifications on.

Below, find the answers to the questions I asked the team behind Kenya Web Hosting and DeepAfrica.

1. What are some of your most sought after products or services?

Kenya Web Hosting: Our 100MB Starter Package is the most frequently chosen package, with monthly payments available.

Deep Africa: We offer a free .com, .net, .info, .biz, .us for. The package comes with unlimited space, bandwidth, email accounts.

2. What are some of the tips you could give to your clients to get the best value from your products and services?

Kenya Web Hosting: Spend some time reading about search engine optimisation and implement an SEO strategy. There are many myths about SEO but progress can be made by the individual with little or no previous knowledge.

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Deep Africa: Being friendly and building relationships with your customer, makes a world of difference when it comes to securing recurring business and getting them to tell their friends about you.

3. Why should one register a website (blog) and host it with you? What is your unique selling proposition?

Kenya Web Hosting: Kenya Web Hosting is not a flash in the pan hosting company. We have been established in Kenya for 6 years and have a good track record with a number of high profile clients. We have mostly relied on word of mouth to grow as we offer excellent customer service and support turnaround.

Deep Africa: Having a diversified offline mix, in that we do advertisement on newspapers, online marketing.

4. What are some of the fears of your potential clients and what can you tell them to dispel such fears?

Kenya Web Hosting: The press makes a big thing about internet security and do not always offer a balanced point of view. Most of the cases of fraud that they report is not ‘hacking’ but ‘phishing’ whereby users GIVE AWAY their details.

I can assure users that, as long as they do not provide their details to unknown parties, and that they double check the origin of emails etc, they will be safe. KenyaWebhosting creates a backup of each client’s website once a week so if anything goes wrong when, for instance creating edits, we can roll back to the previous version.

Deep Africa: They do not want their websites to be down. This interferes with their business and to overcome this we have to make sure that our servers are up 24/7.

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5. Any other thing you might want to bring to the attention of people looking for the best domain registration, web design and web hosting services?

Kenya Web Hosting: We strongly recommend that people do not get fooled by ‘unlimited’ package offers. ‘Unlimited’ packages invariably have a clause that says they are not in fact unlimited under certain conditions. For instance, why not get an ‘unlimited’ package and then simply create a YouTube clone.

The reason is obvious, a successful You Tube clone would soon take huge resources to maintain and the promise of ‘unlimited’ would soon break down. It is a dishonest marketing ploy that Kenya Webhosting refuses to follow.

For webdesign and other freelance coding we recommend KenyaFreelance as an upcoming website that has many freelancers registered already, waiting to make offers to clients.

Deep Africa: deepAfrica is a hosting company that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We offer the best service solution at an affordable price.

All these companies have been operating for some time now. They accept payments via mobile money (Lipa na M-PESA, Airtel Money, Orange Money, Yu Cash), Western Union, PayPal etc.

Domain and web hosting prices differ from host to host, but one can easily start a site with as little as two thousand Kenyan shillings and pay more later for hosting, more disk space or bandwidth. You also get the chance to easily manage your site using cPanel.

Remember also that the amount you pay for hosting may differ from host to host depending on how much support you need to start and build a successful website or blog. For example, here at Niabusiness.com, we may charge more but there are also lots of things you get when you pay that much.

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So, get your site with us or any of the hosting companies operating in Kenya and start working on it. Make sure, first, to know your needs, for you will be in a better position to build a successful blog or website when you find a host that understands you – one that is ready to help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

Make sure, first, to know your needs, for you will be in a better position to build a successful blog or website when you find a host that understands you – one that is ready to help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

Have any questions, personal experiences or views you’d like to share? Share them in the comments section below.

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