Checked your 2015 KCSE results and realized you passed very well? Congratulations!

You know the realization that comes with putting in the hard work before and during an exam, in this case, 2015 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and finding out that you passed very well – when the results come out?

That’s what you are experiencing right now (if you put in the hard work and are pleased with the results that KNEC sent you).

If you haven’t got your results yet here’s how to do so.

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 How to check 2015 KCSE results via SMS

To quickly check your KCSE results at a cost of Kenya Shillings 25, send a text message with your index number to the short code 22252.

It shouldn’t take long before you get a reply – one text with your results – for each subject and overall grade.

Also remember that there may be some delays depending on the number of people (students, parents, siblings, guardians and relatives) sending such texts at the same time.

So, exercise some patience.

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Now, it is time to celebrate your good KCSE results

Now that the anxiety that comes with waiting for your results are over, it’s celebration time.

You are past the waiting period and are now grinning ear to ear.

The doubt that comes with whether your results would be cancelled given how much exam malpractice was witnessed in KCSE examinations last year; you are past that as well.

The nagging fear that sometimes made you wonder if you failed, that too is a thing of the past.

It is now time for celebration.

It is time to be thankful to God for bringing you this far.

I mean, you are now just waiting to go to college or university – provided repeating form four isn’t an option you are considering.

And however much you have heard the word congratulations today, allow me to say it again.


Your parents, guardians, siblings, sponsors, teachers and school are pleased with you for the effort you put in your work (studies, character and examinations).

Even though questions will arise about who passed very well employing honest versus dishonest methods, I’m inclined to believe you did your best – and made the right decisions last year during your examinations.

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The results you have received now makes it easy for you and your parents (guardians) to put your heads together to think of the next chapter of your education.

May be not today (but tomorrow) – for you can take the whole of this day and just celebrate and bathe in the wonder that is lots of congratulatory messages from friends, former schoolmates and family who wished you success before, during and after the exams.

Now is just a good time to celebrate and remind yourself of the good things you did – and make a vow to keep doing those things no matter which direction life may throw you.

It is time to look deeply in your heart and appreciate the thousands sacrifices made by those around you (in the name of love) to ensure you get results worthy to get you a place in a university or college to further your studies and achieve the various goals you have as a person working hard to create a better life for yourself and those around you.

I congratulate you because of the following reasons

I congratulate you because you have gone through the hard times – that is high school – faithfully and emerged from this side with great results – opening doors to greater things: a chance to learn new things that can benefit your family, community and Kenya in general.

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I congratulate you for your courage to keep going even when the going was tough – and actually finishing the race. Well.

Many students dropped out of secondary school last year (not because of lack of fees or pocket money or some of the most important resources centre to a student’s success) because the going got tough – and instead of just keeping it together and face the obstacles opted to drop out.

Hopefully, such students will stay focused and commit to finishing high school this year. And then we will celebrate them together next year when their results come out!

I congratulate you because your KCSE results are already teaching you some very important life lessons to you. Like:

I believe your journey up to this point is a great one.

So, keep sharing bits (or all of it) to inspire others to a life of greatness.

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