All Niabusiness affiliate programs, sign up pages and FAQs

In this page you will learn more about affiliate programs – about the commission percentages, sign up pages and the various products and services you can start promoting immediately once you join a Niabusiness affiliate program of your choice and get your unique affiliate link.

Current affiliate programs to join

Niabusiness Shop US – you can sign up here to start promoting products and services sold on Niabusiness’s online store with the US dollars as the main store currency.

This program is great for Niabusiness readers from different countries who’d love to promote the products and services sold in this store to their own readers or followers on social media. Sign up here.

Niabusiness Shop KE – you can join this referral program to promote products and services sold on this online shop targeting readers, buyers and customers from Kenya. Sign up here.

How much in commissions do you get as an affiliate for each sale you refer to Niabusiness

Depending on which Niabusiness affiliate program you join, you’ll see different commission rates. Here is what to expect:

  • For Niabusiness Shop US, you’ll get a 25% commission off each and every qualified sale you refer to the store.
  • For Niabusiness Shop KE, you will also earn a commission of 25% for each sale you refer to the store.

The links to sign up to the affiliate programs

Given the fact that Niabusiness runs various affiliate programs, there are different sign up pages for each one.

So, once you have narrowed down on a Niabusiness product or service you want to promote, just sign up for the relevant program, to get your unique affiliate link and start using it to refer sales to store.

To sign up, you will be asked for details such as your name, address, email, postal address, and payment information – for example your PayPal email or phone number – you know the standard details asked by affiliate programs and networks all over the world.

Choose the program you want to join, enter your details and click sign up, then confirm your email to complete the process and start promoting Niabusiness products and services of your choice.

Articles to help you learn more and earn more money from Niabusiness affiliate programs

To learn more about affiliate programs, particularly the ones offered on, there are a few articles on the site that you will find are interesting reads. Here are some of them.

Niabusiness affiliate program: This is an intro article which shows you where and how to use your affiliate link to promote Niabusiness products and services to make money online from each sale you refer to the site. Check it out.

In the article, you’ll also learn about different free sites you can use your affiliate link on to promote products and services to an audience that is the right fit for whichever product you choose to promote as a marketer.

The article will show you tips you can use to get good at affiliate marketing, leading to increased earnings from your own website, blog, social media accounts and other free platforms on the web you use for your content marketing needs such as blog platforms like Medium, WordPress or Blogger, Q&A sites like Quora or video sites like YouTube. Find more in the article here.

Do you need to cloak your affiliate links?

This is a personal choice. Some do it to try to hide affiliate links in their content from search engines. Others just use their affiliate links, plain as they are, in their content without worrying about search engines as long as they produce quality content that is useful for their audience and fulfills the needs of whoever consumes the content.

But most affiliate links are often long and ugly and that is why affiliate marketers choose to cloak them, so that they have one URL that redirects to their affiliate link when clicked. This way they can have one short memorable URL that they use in their content whenever they mention the product or service they are promoting as an affiliate.

So, if their blog’s domain is and they get a unique affiliate link such as once they sign up, they can create a pretty link such that redirects to the unique affiliate link they are using to promote a product such as the ebook & online course combo How to Start a Successful Blog sold on Shop US.

It is also good to do things this way. Why? In the case that a merchant (such as Niabusiness) changes the software, plugin or system they use to manage their affiliate program, you the publisher (affiliate) can just still keep using your pretty link (such once you change where it redirects to (from your old unique affiliate link to the new one issued by the merchant’s new system, plugin or affiliate management software).

Read this article to learn how to create pretty links that redirects to other URLs (such as affiliate links) using a WordPress plugin such as Pretty Links.

Or read this one to learn how to add a folder in your domain’s, website’s or blog’s root folder (public_html in most cPanel dashboards) to manage your affiliate link redirection needs manually using clean and shorter links without using any plugin.

How to add an affiliate disclosure to your blog, website, social networks, videos and other content pieces you use to promote Niabusiness products and services

It is required that when promoting a product or service as an affiliate you mention the monetary benefits you get each time your referral link is clicked and a sale takes place.

So, somewhere in your copy, before leading your readers to, mention the following: this is an affiliate link. I earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click and buy through the link…and then thank them for considering buying the product or service you recommend via your affiliate link.

It’s all in the name of honesty and transparency.

Of course as an affiliate, it is also best to have a terms of service, privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer pages published on your blog or website.

How Niabusiness affiliates get paid their earnings

At the moment, two ways:

  • Via PayPal: For affiliates of Niabusiness Shop US online store, payments will be made to their PayPal email addresses. So make sure you add that. Also make sure that the email you enter is correct.
  • Via Safaricom M-PESA: For affiliates of Niabusiness Shop KE online store, payments will be made by the mobile money wallet service provided by Safaricom. Make sure you enter the correct phone number so Niabusiness knows which MPESA account to send you your earnings once the funds are equal or higher to the set withdrawal thresholds.

Whenever you reach your payment threshold, you will just login to your affiliate dashboard (where you manage your details as a affiliate once you sign up and get your unique link) to request your accrued commissions to be sent to you.

Affiliate program terms and conditions in a nutshell

As you join Niabusiness as an affiliate partner, let’s reiterate the point on disclosure and transparency. When promoting products and services to others, please mention that the link they are going to click is an affiliate link.

In other words, let’s all (you the publisher, Niabusiness the merchant and the customers you refer through your affiliate link) treat each other in a transparent, respectful and honest way.

Like good neighbours, let’s work together taking actions that benefit each party – referred customers, publisher and merchant.

Promote Niabusiness products and services only to the people who can benefit from said products and services. And being respectful and applying the standards of reasonableness, don’t, bombard or annoy others with your promotions and links just for the sake of wanting to make more money online.

Study your audience. If they are fine with the value you are offering and don’t have a problem with frequent sales promotion, fine – so be it. As long as you don’t treat them as just a number but see them as a human being with own goals, accomplishments, problems and desires – who needs to be respected and treated well by people they are familiar with – and even strangers.

As a publisher using Niabusiness, among other affiliate programs, to monetize your content, prioritize helping your audience achieve their own goals.  Yes, do your sales promotions, but do it respectfully, treating people who come across your content as a good friend would.

Should I pay for a Niabusiness product or service before I sign up to promote it as an affiliate

This is not a must, but it is encouraged. Users like reading reviews from people who have used the products or services they are promoting. It lends more credibility to the reviews.

Anyways, promoting a good product or service, even if you haven’t used it, is often as great a thing to do as long as you make sure the people who end up buying via your affiliate link gets more out of the item they pay for. If it fits with their needs and wants and are happy with their purchase then you have done a good job.

Have any questions, feedback or suggestions?

Get in touch. Use the contact form here to send Niabusiness your email. Before clicking the Send button, make sure that you are as detailed as possible in your email.

Again, links to all Niabusiness affiliate sign up pages

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