How to check Safaricom airtime balance (Prepay and Postpaid)

Want to know how to check your Safaricom airtime balance on both prepaid and postpaid plans? This post will show you how to do just that.

Check Safaricom airtime balance by dialing *144# shortcode if you are using a Prepay line

Go to your dialer and enter *144# just like you usually do with other numbers when you want to make a call. Once you do this press the OK button or just tap the call button.

Immediately, Safaricom will show you your current balance in KSH, your tariff and airtime expiry date.

This is one of the quickest way to check how much money you still have left in your Safaricom line. You can add this short code as a speed dial if you are really fond of checking how much airtime you have left several times a day / several times a week.

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NOTE: for Safaricom Postpaid users, dial *200# to check your balance –

– or use the option mentioned below (checking balance via the SIM toolkit method) to check your account balance.

Check airtime balance of your Safaricom line via SMS

For this option, go to the Messages menu on your phone. Create a new message, one that is just blank. Then send it to the number 144.

It’s free to check your balance this way, just like it is with all the other options mentioned in this blog post.

So, after sending the message, you’ll receive a text from Safaricom that contains details such as: your current airtime balance.

This text will also contain extra details such as how many on-net minutes you have of free airtime (supposed you redeemed talk-time via Bonga points for example), number of items on-net SMS, bonga points balance, bonga SMS balance and your remaining bonga data bundle in case you have any left from the time you redeemed your points.

For Safaricom Postpaid, check airtime balance by sending a text with the word balance to the number 200.

Safaricom will then send you a text with details of your Postpay account balance. Remember, like the 144 message above for Prepaid users, sending one to 200, as a Postpaid user, is also free.

You can also check your Postpay balance online by entering the web adress into your web browser. Login with your mobile phone number (your number without the 0) and password to proceed. If you don’t have one or don’t remember your password, you can request to be sent a new one to you via SMS.

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Check Safaricom airtime balance via *100# shortcode

For this option, go to your phonebook / dialler and key in *100# then press the OK or call button like you do with any number you want to call. For Postpay mobile phone service subscribers, use *200# shortcode.

You will then be presented with a menu – which you can navigate by tapping answer and using the numbers in your dialer (0 – 9) to select the options you want to use.

Select the My Account option – which is option 1 at the time of writing this article.

Next select the option that says My Balance.

And then you’ll be presented with your airtime balance, current bonga balance, airtime expiry date, data bundle balance and expiry date among other relevant details depending on Safaricom services you are currently using (subscribed to).

How to check airtime balance on Safaricom via the Safaricom option in your line’s SIM toolkit menu

For this, go to your phone’s menu. Look for Safaricom and tap it.How to check Safaricom airtime balance (Prepay and Postpaid) - Safaricom postpaid and prepaid tariffs and plans

Now you’ll see the option for both Safaricom+ and M-PESA. Choose Safaricom+.

Next, scroll down a bit and select My Account – by pressing OK or just tapping on it.

Select Balance Enquiry.

You’ll then be presented with the option to check airtime balance for Prepay or Postpay.

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Depending on what you are using select the option that suits you, in this case, Prepay.

When I select Prepay, I’ll see a Sending request notification.

Then I’ll immediately be presented with my airtime balance details. Immediately I can see details such as my current balance in KSH (Kenyan Shillings), airtime expire date (in the day, month, year format) and tariff, for example Uwezo.

Now you know how to check your airtime account balance on both Safaricom prepaid and postpaid lines. Have any questions or suggestions? Post them in the comments section below.

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