Safaricom 70MB daily YouTube bundle (watch Patanisho show)

Have you heard about the Safaricom 70MB daily YouTube bundle you can use to watch Patanisho show? Well I am going to tell you more about it in this post.

See, a few days ago I received a text message from Safaricom about a new data bundle they had introduced. A bundle totally different from the others I have covered in this article, this one and this.

Like their 200MB YouTube bundle, this was another YouTube bundle – but only tailored to one channel on YouTube – the Patanisho Show by Radio Jambo – hosted by Giddy and Ghost. The bundle size? 70MB.

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Here are the SMS I received.

Enjoy Patanisho on YouTube for FREE. Click to watch Patanisho show. The 70MB YouTube bundle will renew daily for 10 bob from 05/03/2020 00:00AM. Dial *544*35# to opt-out.’

GET FREE 70MB YouTube Daily for 2 days and crack your ribs with the patanisho show! Dial *544*30# and click’

Patanisho Show on Radio Jambo

If you are not familiar with the Patanisho Show, it is a program hosted every morning (Monday to Friday) on Radio Jambo – one of the popular local radio stations in Kenya.

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It is popular – and a big hit with almost all age groups.

Usually the presenters help family members reconcile.

How does it work?

A person calls Radio Jambo seeking to be reconciled with someone else. Radio Jambo calls the two people live on air and helps them resolve their issues – and once that is done, they invite listeners to call in and share their views / advice.

You will find husbands and wives wanting to get back with their significant others. Or parents and their children seeking the help of Radio Jambo to help them work their differences. Sometimes it is between in-laws and their sons-in-law / daughters-in-law.

When you click the shortened links in the texts above, Safaricom will take you straight to Radio Jambo’s YouTube channel – where you can watch past episodes of the Patanisho Show.

Some are really hilarious. And there is a lot to learn by the way. And in case you are hooked, make sure to tune to Radio Jambo every morning (usually around 8:30 am) for the latest Patanisho shows. If you live outside Kenya, you can stream the radio live on the internet – just go to Google and search for Radio Jambo / Radio Africa Group.

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Tune in for all the drama and lessons you can stand – be it on marriage, domestic disputes, separation, unfaithfulness, perseverance, money, love and more.

The Patanisho YouTube bundle: Important things to note

  • The first 70MB, was given to me for free. To subscribe / opt-in for the YouTube bundle, dial *544*30#. When you dial *544*30# you will see the following: ‘Congrats! You have received FREE 70MB YouTube Daily for the next two days. The bundle will renew daily for 10 bob from 05-03-2020. Dial *544*35# to unsubscribe.’
  • Once the bundle is depleted and you don’t unsubscribe, you will be charged Kenya Shillings 10 daily.
  • To unsubscribe from the Safaricom Patanisho YouTube bundle, dial *544*35#. You will see the following ‘Unsubscribe from: 1: Patanisho YouTube Bundle‘. Simply reply with 1 to unsubscribe. You will then see this: ‘You have successfully unsubscribed from Patanisho YouTube Bundle.’
  • Turn Data Saver on when on YouTube (watch videos in low resolution) to watch for longer.
  • The 70MB probably won’t be enough. So, you will have to opt to some of the big bundles like the normal Safaricom bundles with expiry listed in this article.
  • To check your data bundle balance, dial *544# -> Check Balance. Learn more about checking your data bundle balance in this article.
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