Why blog? 30 reasons to start a blog

Why blog? 30 reasons to start a blog

Whatever we do, there is always a reason why we do what we do. In blogging that happens to be the case as well. People start blogs for different reasons. Spent sometime writing this – would have come up with a list of 10 or 15 reasons, but what I ended up creating is this … Read more

Benny Hsu of Getbusylivingblog.com: An interview on how to start a blog and grow traffic with guest posting

In this interview, Benny Hsu of Get Busy Living Blog shares some answers to over eleven questions that people usually ask themselves about how to start blogs, get traffic to them, make money from them, and be as useful as always with the content they publish for readers who arrive on their websites. To Benny 1. Why … Read more

Matt Smith of Onlineincometeacher.com: An interview on how to start a blog, promote it and make it successful

Hello. Today, we have Matt Smith from OnlineIncomeTeacher.com. He has a lot of great tips for businesses and individuals who want not only to start their own blogs but build successful blogs. Different people measure a blog’s success differently. People focus on leads, unique visitors, pageviews, money, engagement, sales, feedback and many other things. But … Read more

Cindy Buccieri: An interview on how to start a blog and grow it into a success – get the tips

In this interview, we welcome Cindy Buccieri of CindyBuccieri.com to share her knowledge and thoughts on how to start a blog, choose a topic for the blog, get more blog traffic, create quality content and network with other bloggers (and entrepreneurs). She also shares more, for example, how she grew her blog – how much effort she … Read more

Twenty Thirteen WordPress child theme (Legend)

Do you need, for your blog, a WordPress child theme for the Twenty Thirteen theme that displays post excerpts (with continue reading or read more links added to your blog posts)? You are in the right place. If you have always wanted to use the Twenty Thirteen theme but didn’t like how it displays posts … Read more