Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers (double airtime / minutes for Safaricom subscribers)

Want to learn more about Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers? To learn how to double your airtime? To learn about USSD codes to use if you want to purchase minutes on your Safaricom line that you can use to call other Safaricom subscribers and subscribers on other networks such as Equitel, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya? To learn about enabling autorenewal – or to unsubscribe from an offer you have purchased once before? Read on.

First, the offers you get on your line may differ from what another Safaricom subscriber gets. The offers are personalized for each user. So, if I mention an offer in this post that is not shown on your Tunukiwa DaboDabo menu, that is because the offers the mobile service provider has made available to me are different from yours. Expect some minor differences.

Here is a list of the current offers I have on my Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo menu:

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  1. Calls & SMS (NO EXPIRY DATE)
  2. Sh 10 (20 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
  3. Sh 70 (140 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
  4. Sh 100 (200 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
  5. Sh 120 (240 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)

How to buy Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers

To buy the Kenya Shillings 10 for KSh 20 airtime offer for example, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *444#
  • Select option 0: Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo (or just dial *444*0#)
  • Select option 2: Sh 10 (20 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
    You will see this: ‘Buy Sh 10 (20 Bob airtime for 24 hrs) using’
  • Reply with 1. Airtime to buy the offer using your airtime balance
  • Or reply with 2. M-PESA to buy the offer via M-PESA
  • Or reply with 3. Bonga (33 pts) to use your Bonga Points for the purchase
    Wait for an SMS confirming the purchase
    Enjoy making calls / sending SMS with the airtime across all networks in Kenya
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  • Dial *456# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your SIM in a modem or router)
  • Select option 1: Buy
  • Select option 10: Get Deals
  • Select option 1: Tunukiwa
  • Select option 0: Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo
  • Select option 2: Sh 10 (20 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
  • Choose how to pay. Reply with 1 to pay with airtime, or 2 to pay via M-PESA, or 3 to pay with Bonga Points (33 points)
    You will receive the following text message once you purchase a Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offer: ‘Umekwachua KSh 20 Tunukiwa airtime valid for 24 hours to call and SMS any network in Kenya. Ongea Mara Mbili Zaidi na Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo. Twanga *444*0#

Every time you buy an offer, you will be sent a similar SMS.

What happens when your Tunukiwa kredo runs out?

You will receive a message that reads like this: ‘You have depleted your Tunukiwa Airtime. Dial *444# to buy another Airtime Offer.’

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If you don’t end the call, money will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Other areas money can be deducted from include:

How to pay for Safaricom Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo

  1. Airtime. You just top up using the methods listed in this article then dial *444*0# to buy a Kredo DaboDabo offer.
  2. M-PESA. Once you create a Safaricom universal PIN, you can use the funds in your M-PESA account to pay for an offer directly.
  3. Bonga Points. If you have accumulated enough Bonga Points you can use the points to pay for the offer you want to purchase.
  4. Okoa Jahazi. If you have insufficient airtime to complete the purchase of an offer.

How to enable autorenew for Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo

When buying an offer, simply select the Buy Auto Renew option instead of the Buy Once option. Here is an example with the Kenya Shillings 100 (200 Bob airtime for 24 hours) offer.

  • Dial *444*0#
  • Select option 4: Sh 100 (200 Bob airtime for 24 hrs)
  • Select option 1. Airtime – to pay with airtime
  • Reply with 2: Auto Renew (NOT 1: Buy Once)
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How many times can you buy Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo offers?

The Sh 10 (20 Bob airtime for 24 hrs) offer, I was able to buy it twice in a span of 24 hours.

So, how many times can you buy an offer? It depends on the kind of offer you are buying. All you need to know is that Safaricom allows their subscribers to buy Tunukiwa offers multiple times.

Just buy an offer on your line. Then buy it again and again. Until it disappears from the menu. Then you can wait to buy the same offer again after 24 hours elapses.

How to check balance for Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo

Like I showed you in this article I wrote about all the various Tunukiwa offers (minutes, SMS and data), follow the steps below:

  • Dial *444#
  • Select option 6: Tunukiwa Balance
  • Wait for SMS with your balance details.

How to unsubscribe from Tunukiwa Kredo DaboDabo

If you purchased an offer using the Auto Renew option instead of Buy Once, follow the steps below to unsubscribe:

  • Dial *444#
  • Select option 7: Unsubscribe
  • Wait for SMS confirming that you are no longer subscribed.

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