BAKE 2017 Awards: How to submit your blog to Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards page

2017 is here and this year’s edition of the BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) Awards has been launched.

And it’s now open for submissions in different blog categories.

In this post, you will get details about the BAKE Awards 2017, the dates you need to know about, the links to the various pages with more details on the website – and more.

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First the dates.

Dates for BAKE Awards 2017 submission phase, judging phase, online voting and winners’ gala event

The submission phase for blogs will be between 9th January 2017 and 10th February 2017

So make sure that as a blogger in Kenya, or as a fan of one of the many Kenyan blogs, that you submit the URL of your favourite blog in the competition, in the right blog category, before the 10th of February 2017.

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The submission phase is open at the moment, so head up to this link to submit blogs in the various categories before the 10th February 2017 deadline strikes.

The judging phase will be between 11th of February 2017 and 28th February 2017

For each blog category you submit your blog to, judges will narrow down on five blogs to advance to the next round of the blogging competition.

The judges include bloggers and media experts.

For your blog to advance to the next round of the competition, it has to be among the five chosen in this phase.

Then there will be the online voting phase between 3rd of March 2017 and 1st of May 2017

In this phase, blogs nominated in the judging phase, the top five in each blog category, will be voted for by the public.

This will be done online.

And the number of votes will be used to determine the winner in each blog category.

Finally, there will be the winners’ gala event which will be held on 13th of May 2017 at Radisson Blu

Bloggers will meet together, interact, celebrate, win awards, get mentions on different blogs and the popular mainstream online news websites. And hopefully people will go home happy and continue blogging and growing their blogs.

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Note: This year’s winners, in the different blog categories, will be announced at this event.

People who have won three or more times in previous BAKE Awards will not be eligible to compete in the awards.

2017 BAKE Awards blog categories to submit your blog to

Unlike in 2016, this year there are 20 blog categories you can choose to submit a blog to – and not 19.

One new category has been added this year: Best lifestyle blog.

When submitting your blog, make sure you add it to the one category that fits it best.

However, for new blogs set up in January 2016 onwards, they can be added in two categories. First, to the category that the blog fits in best and secondly in the ‘New Blog’ category.

Here is a list of all the blog categories for this year’s Kenya blogger awards

  1. Best technology blog – category for blogs that cover topics on technology – gadgets, social media, web culture, internet usage, tech startups
  2. Best photography blog – category for blogs that showcase original photos or blogs that publish photography related content
  3. Best creative writing blog – category for blogs that feature original creative writing: poetry, book reviews, fiction & essays
  4. Best business blog – category for blogs in the business niche: business development, entrepreneurship, startups, stocks, investments, banking, finance among others
  5. Best food blog – category for blogs in the food niche: restaurants, cooking tips, wines and recipes
  6. Best environmental / agricultural blog – category for blogs that are in this niche
  7. Best fashion / beauty / hair / style blog – category for blogs in the niche described by this category name; blogs that highlight current trends in fashion, beauty and style
  8. Best governance and active citizenship blog – category for blogs that cover topics on the relationship between the government of Kenya and the people, politics and active citizenship in Kenya
  9. Best new blog – category for blogs set up in January 2016 onwards
  10. Best corporate blog – category for blogs run by brands or companies
  11. Best topical blog – category for blogs with a clear niche not represented in any of the other categories
  12. Best sports blog – category for blogs that publish content in the sports niche
  13. Best entertainment blog – category for blogs in the Kenyan entertainment industry / niche
  14. Best education blog – category for blogs about education matters in Kenya
  15. Best travel blog – category for blogs about travel
  16. Best public health blog – category for blogs in public healthcare in Kenya niche
  17. Best county blog – category for blogs based in a county and that publish content on a specific county
  18. Best religious or spirituality blog – category for blogs on religion and / or spirituality
  19. Best lifestyle blog – category for blogs that focus on Kenyan lifestyle across diverse topics
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When adding a blog to any of the categories, make sure it is in the format below:

With Niabusiness for example, the URL to be used to submit it to a category it fits in will look something like this:

Required details to complete blog submission

Once you have entered your favourite blogs in the various categories in the 2017 BAKE Awards blog submission page, simply enter your name, email address, phone number and tap the SUBMIT button.

The hash tag for the awards is #BAKEAwards. The BAKE site Twitter account is @BakeKEnya.

You can follow the account and interact with others if you like. Or you can see the kind of content people are putting out there using the #BAKEAwards hashtag.

Go ahead and place a few blog submissions in the various categories.

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