Safaricom STORO Bonus: Stori Ibambe (target, balance, data, daily spend, unsubscribe & subscribe)

What is STORO BONUS? This is free airtime Safaricom awards their customers for using their line. Every time you make a call, send a text message or purchase data bundles you get closer to your daily target.

If your daily target is Kenya Shillings 15, you can buy a KSh 10 daily bundle (15 MB + 15 SMS) and then call a friend with KSh 5 (total spent = 15 Shillings).

The moment you shall have spent the KSh 15, Safaricom will send you a text message congratulating you on hitting your daily target – and award you Shillings 30 Storo Bonus (what they call Double Bonus).

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It used to be that if you spent KSh 15 (hit your target), they’d only give you a bonus of KSh 15 (100% of the money you spent and not the 200% bonus customers now enjoy).

Another thing you should know is that STORO Bonus airtime is valid until midnight. Past that and your bonus airtime is gone. So once you get that message telling you that you have hit your daily target, spend it all (the bonus airtime) before midnight strikes.

STORO bonus airtime can be used for local calls, SMS & Storo Data bundle purchase.

In this post I am going to show you how to check your daily target, check your daily spend (see how far you are from hitting your daily target), check STORO bonus airtime balance, unsubscribe from / subscribe to STORO and how to buy STORO data bundles.

First, here are the different ways to access the STORO Bonus airtime menu on your Safaricom line.

How to access the STORO Bonus menu on your Safaricom line

  • Dial *460# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your SIM in a modem or router)
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  • Dial *456#
  • Select option 1: Buy
  • Select option 10: Get Deals
  • Select option 2: Stori Ibambe


  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 8: Stori Ibambe

List of items on Safaricom STORO Bonus menu

  1. Check my Target
  2. Check my STORO Bonus Balance
  3. Unsubscribe
  4. Subscribe
  5. Check my Daily Spend
  6. Storo Data Bundle

How to check Storo Target

To check your target:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 1: Check my Target (*460*1#)
  • You’ll then see the following: ‘Spend your target of 15 KSh and get 30 KSh STORO Bonus airtime + 200MB YouTube bundle. To hit your Storo Target quickly, dial *544# & buy data bundle.’

I wanted to hit my daily target (KSh 15) early today. So just hours into the day, I checked my Safaricom airtime balance, found I had only KSh 15.36.

So I bought airtime for my line from M-PESA – 5 Shillings – bringing the total to KSh 20.36.

Then I bought the Sh 20 (50MB+50SMS+ WhatsApp) bundle (via *544# menu > Daily Bundle) to hit my KSh 15 daily target.

And immediately I received this SMS from Safaricom: ‘You have purchased Daily 50MB + 50SMS + 200MB WhatsApp, Expiry date: 10/10/2019 00:25 AM. Enjoy Free WhatsApp when your bundle is depleted. Dial *544*44# to check your bundle balance.’

Since my target is just KSh 15, I immediately got another SMS that reads: ‘Congratulations! You have received 30.00 KSH STORO Bonus Airtime + 200 Mb FREE YouTube Bundle expiry midnight. Click & Enjoy For Bal dial *460#’

I’m sharing this example to show you how quickly you can hit your target. I know different people have different targets. So, you just have to find ways to hit yours – quickly.

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What does Safaricom recommend you do to hit your target quick & get your Storo Bonus airtime?

  • Dial *544# to buy data bundles
  • Call your friends and family early to hit your Storo target early and get DOUBLE STORO BONUS.

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How to check Storo bonus balance

To check your balance, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 2: Check my STORO Bonus Balance (*460*2#)
  • You’ll then see the following if you haven’t yet hit your target: ‘STORO Bonus Airtime balance valid until midnight’
    You’ll also get an SMS worded the same way.
  • After hitting your target, the SMS you receive will look something like this: ‘Your STORO Bonus Airtime balance is 30 KShs, valid until midnight. FREE YouTube Balance is 200MB, valid till midnight.’

How to unsubscribe from Storo

To opt out of STORO, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 3: Unsubscribe (*460*3#)
  • You’ll see this next: ‘Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from the STORO Bonus Promotion?’
  • Reply with 1: Decline OR 2 to Accept (unsubscribe)
  • If you reply with 2, you will see this notification: ‘You have successfully unsubscribed from STORO Bonus. Dial *460*4# to subscribe & enjoy 2 Times More Storo Bonus & 200MB FREE YouTube bundle.’

How to subscribe to Storo

If you have unsubscribed from STORO and you want to opt back in, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 4: Subscribe (*460*4#)
  • You will see the following next: ‘You have successfully subscribed to STORO Bonus Promotion. Dial *460*1# to check your target & enjoy 2 times Storo Bonus Airtime & 200MB FREE YouTube bundle.’

How to check your Storo daily spend

If you want to see how far (or near) you are to hitting your target, use this option.

If your daily target is KSh 15 and your daily spend reads KSh 5, that means you are just KSh 10 away from hitting your daily target.

So, top up your Safaricom line. Make calls. Or buy bundles.

Here’s how to check your daily spend.

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 5: Check my Daily Spend (*460*5#)
  • You’ll then see something like this: ‘Your usage for today is KSH 5. To hit your Storo Target quickly dial *544# & buy a data bundle. Enjoy 2 Times More Storo Bonus & 200 MB FREE YouTube bundle.’
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How to check your Storo data balance

To check your balance:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 6: Storo Data Bundle
  • Select option 4: Check balance

How to check Storo Data bundles you can buy

To buy a bundle from the Storo menu:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 6: Storo Data Bundle (*460*6#)
  • You’ll then see a list of data bundles you can buy with your Storo Bonus airtime

Want examples?

Here’s a list of bundles I see on my phone’s menu now:

  • 10 MB for Storo 25 valid till midnight
  • 5 MB for Storo 12 valid till midnight
  • 2 MB for Storo 5 valid till midnight

How to buy Storo data bundles

To buy the 5MB for Storo 12 bundle, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *460#
  • Select option 6: Storo Data Bundle (*460*6#)
  • Reply with 2 to purchase the 5 MB for Storo 12 valid till midnight bundle
    ‘Confirm purchase of 5 MB for Storo 12 valid till midnight.’
  • Reply with 1 (Yes) to complete the purchase OR 2 (No)
  • Press Send.

Friday 21st February 2020 update: Safaricom 200% STORO Bonus is back

This morning I received a text message from Safaricom that looks like this:

‘200% STORO is back! Shikisha story with your Storo bonus today. Make Calls, Buy SMS and Data Bundles for Ksh 27 bob today and Get FREE 54 bob Bonus.’


Everything is the same.

Just top up your line, reach your daily Storo bonus target and enjoy the double airtime sent your way.

If you want to check your target, scroll up for the step by step instructions.

Another thing I noticed is that my Storo target has changed from what it used to be.

Before, it was just KSh 15. Now it is KSh 27.

That is an increase of 12 Shillings.

So, I think when you check your target today, you will likely find one of these three:

  • your target is still the same. Nothing has changed.
  • your target has increased. Just like mine did.
  • Or your target has been decreased. I have no evidence of this yet. So, just a guess.

That is all.

Remember everything else is just the same. You can still use the same USSD code (*460#) to check your target, check your balance, buy bundles and more.

If you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts and experiences using different Safaricom products and services to hit your STORO daily target quickly. Share your experiences using STORO in the comments section below.

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