Here’s something about what you’re going to find on blog going forward

I have been away from my blog for a very long time. It has been months since I added new content to the site.

But yesterday something happened.

I published a new blog post.

Now that I am back, there are a few things I wanted to bring to your attention. If you have been to before, you’ll already be familiar with some of the things I am about to tell you.

If this is your first time on Niabusiness – your first time reading this article -welcome to the blog. I hope you find the info in this post useful.

The new direction I am taking with blogging

I have done the separate domain thing in the past – you know creating separate sites for every niche topic I thought about.Here's something about what you're going to find on blog going forward

I’ve created several niche sites that didn’t work out and so this time I’ve decided to just use one domain for all my content – using different categories to organize the posts I publish of course.

This is one of the things niche sites are known for – the ease with which you can organize content on different topics on separate domains.

It is one of the things that appealed to me back then.

But what most niche site creators never tell you is how much work it takes to build and maintain multiple domains / blogs / websites especially if you are just a one man operation.

I blog solo at the moment and I think it makes much sense to have all my content on one domain – in different categories of course.

I save on domain name fees as well – no need worrying about all the yearly fees for multiple domains from Kenya Web Experts, GoDaddy, Namecheap or Namesilo.

No more time wasted on managing different domains / sites.

This way I can just focus on building all my online assets under one domain; focus all my energy on making this one domain stronger (by spending all my time creating and promoting the content I publish on whatever topic I please).

All the articles I write will be housed on

Same thing with interviews, videos and podcasts.

My online shop too is on the same domain.

All the ebooks, e-courses, products and services I sell now and in the future will be available on as well.

What you are likely to find on Niabusiness

I publish articles on a variety of formats. Here’s what you’ll likely find on Niabusiness on any given day.

  • Tutorials. I like writing articles that show Niabusiness readers how to use various products and services. Think about some of the products / services you use on a daily basis (and you’ll likely find how-to posts on some of them published here on Niabusiness).
  • Interviews. Most of the articles on Niabusiness are written by me. But there are times when hearing someone’s take on the various topics I write about makes sense. So, you will likely stumble upon some interview-type posts on the site. Bringing in experts to share their thoughts and experiences with you is a good thing. You get someone else’s perspective on whatever topic you are interested in – and hopefully that leads to decisions that help you achieve your goals in a much faster way.
  • News commentary. Once in awhile I share my take on what is happening in Kenya and other countries by publishing opinion pieces touching on current news. If you like to hear other people’s take on current news (and share your take as well), these posts will appeal to you.
  • Reviews. publishes articles reviewing products and services sold in and outside Kenya. The reviews share pros and cons of products / services in various categories – so when you go out there you only end up buying the best products. My aim, with the reviews I publish, is that you end up paying only for quality products – products that work well; products that last.

Search terms you can use to find blog

After reading 1, 2 or more posts on Niabusiness chances are you’ll likely want to come back. The easiest way to do this is by typing on your web browser’s address bar.

To access all the recent / popular content published on the site that’s all you need to do – visit on a browser of your choice: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera or UC Browser.

To save time and start enjoying content newly published on the site you can also just quickly type the following phrases on Google to access the blog.

  1. Niabusiness blog
  2. Niabusiness blog Kenya, or
  3. blog by Philos Mudis

A variation of the search terms can work just as well on search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo or Yandex.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Niabusiness.

Again, the full address is

Type that on any web browser & you’ll instantly have access to all the content I’ve published.

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Web hosting services Kenya: Why host with Niabusiness in 2019

Niabusiness web hosting services Kenya provides the tools you need to start a blog or create a website. For domains, you can register one with the help of or use any of the domain registrars listed here. For web hosting, Niabusiness currently offers 3 plans.Web hosting services Kenya: Why host with Niabusiness in 2019

For scripts to run your website / blog there are many free scripts to choose from in the cPanel > Softaculous script installation area. You can choose any of them to power your site.

For your needs as a small business, individual, blogger, company or organization, Niabusiness recommends using WordPress.

Why host with Niabusiness in 2019

Initial planning

Once you get in touch with Niabusiness (show interest in starting a blog or website) we’ll discuss:

  • the keywords/niche you want to target
  • what your site is going to be about and
  • what you expect to get out of it

Then we will also talk about the kind of content you should create and have published on your site when it is launched.

This is usually content that describe what you do as a business, individual or organisation – published on the homepage or about us page.

Niabusiness can also help you decide how many pages and blog posts to publish initially.

Shared hosting plans

As mentioned above Niabusiness offers 3 plans.

It is cheap to get started with any one of them especially the Starter plan which costs KSh 6000 per year.

Read more about the plans here.

cPanel dashboard

To manage your site, each hosting plan comes with cPanel.

Within the cPanel dashboard you can manage your email accounts, databases, logs, backups and content you upload to your site.

Softaculous installer

Through the installer, you can choose any number of scripts to power your blog or website.

There are free scripts to run blogs, portals, wiki sites, auction sites and more.

Choose the one you need.

Niabusiness will install it for you.

Domain registration

Niabusiness can help you with domain registration if you want to.

Most domain registrars charge Kenya Shillings 1000 per year for a domain name with the most popular extensions.

With Niabusiness Hosting, you only pay the cost of any of the shared plans (linked to above) to get your .com,, .net or .org domain registered for one year.

WordPress installation

If you want everything handled for you (when it comes to installation), Niabusiness will install the self-hosted version of WordPress, install a WordPress theme, the necessary WordPress plugins and then configure theme.

Set up your email list will create a free MailChimp account for you.

You can use this to manage your email subscriber data – and to send emails to them.

MailMunch can also be added to your WordPress blog/website to capture emails from popups and sign up forms in blog posts and your site’s sidebar areas.


With the purchase of any Niabusiness shared hosting plan, you will get the help you need to start and grow your blog/website.

NOTE: When you need help with your blog/website, use the contact form here to get in touch.

Accountability with your content calendar / promotion plan

Depending on how much content you are able to produce in a week or month, you can ask Niabusiness to check up on you to see if there is any new content you want added to your site.

Adding new blog posts and pages to your WordPress site is something you can do yourself but if you are not comfortable doing that yourself, you can send articles (pages/posts) you have written to Niabusiness via email (as Microsoft Word documents)  and the new content will be added to your site.

This applies to images you want added to your website as well.

Installing sharing buttons on pages and posts

To help with content sharing, Niabusiness will install a plugin to help your readers/customers/clients share content published on your blog/website.

The buttons will help you and your blog visitors share the content you create to different social networking site and messaging apps.

Niabusiness will also install Jetpack to auto-share blog posts to your social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn) whenever new posts are added to your site.

Apart from that, Niabusiness will provide you with different tips to grow your existing site in 2019 and beyond.

This will be done via email, phone calls, live chat and through the various blog posts published to the site – on blogging, content marketing, and online business.

If you have a question on Niabusiness web hosting services in Kenya, add it in the comments section below.

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Walter Akolo of An interview on how to start a blog in Kenya, get traffic and make money from it

Today, we have the founder of, Walter Akolo, sharing his experiences, observations, tips and strategies that you can use to start your own blog in Kenya and grow it into something popular, bringing in many readers (customers) attracted to the free and premium content you create.Walter Akolo of An interview on how to start a blog in Kenya, get traffic and make money from it

He tells you what to do to grow your blog (lessons he has learnt as one of the top bloggers in Kenya), monetize it and still have enough time left for other things that are important to you.

So, once again, we welcome Walter.

1. Why did you get into blogging and decided to start your own blog?

I started blogging so that I could help more people to start earning online without being conned.

There was a lot to learn about but few people giving free, genuine information on earning online.

2. How long have you been blogging, on what topics – why? (share your story)

I have been blogging for two years. The topic is making money online. This was based on my prior experience of being conned and losing a lot of money.

I decided that I would strive to help as many people as possible to make money online without losing a dime.

3. How are things going so far? Have you been able to achieve the goals you set out when you first started?

Things are great so far. I have gone past the goals I had set when starting. I never thought I would get this far this fast.

4. Here’s what most people ask themselves when their blogs still get little traffic: How do I get more? What do you tell such people? What can they learn from your story growing your site?

A blog is like a little baby. It has to be taken great care of. It is most difficult when starting. Traffic needs to be worked on almost daily for a new blog.

I would advise people to enroll on traffic courses or online courses that have something to do with traffic.

There are lots of free and paid courses out there. Some of the things to look out for include SEO, forum marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, social bookmarking, article marketing and directory submission.

5. How many hours do you spend blogging every week, today, a month ago, a year ago, and what are your reasons for spending that amount of time on your blog?

On a normal week I spend approximately 4 hours on my blog. However, I did not blog at all last month and over the last six months I haven’t done much on my blog apart from marketing.

This is because my blog is at a level where it gets traffic whether or not I am active there.

However, I have decided to continue blogging and marketing vigorously so that I stay relevant in the market.

6. What’s your definition of great content? How do you go about creating great content yourself?

Great content is content that is useful and helpful to a reader.

If a reader had a burning problem and lands on a blog, the content should be able to successfully guide them out of their problem.

7. Networking is said to be a good thing. What have you done, or do today, to connect with other bloggers, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners in your niche and other niches?

I follow, subscribe to and communicate with lots of bloggers on my niche and others.

For Kenyan bloggers I have even formed a friendship with some and we always exchange notes on how to better this awesome niche.

8. What’s the one thing you’d spend most of your time doing if you started a new blog today? Where would your focus be? (do share your reasons please)

I would focus on marketing the blog. This assumes that all the content I write will be of great quality. Without marketing, even the best of blogs will never be seen by anyone.

9. What can one do to create a blog that says what’s been said over a thousand times differently and still manage to attract readers and get their content shared?

This is where personality comes in. It is important to add personality into a story.

This can be done by story-telling, humor and persuasion skills.

Therefore, a reader who has always ignored the same information from one blog may be compelled to read that information from another.

10. People are obsessed with getting more traffic, money, comments, followers…Tell me, what should they really focus on when they start worrying over the numbers – for example how they only have a few followers and people come to their site after working really hard on their site for months?

They should focus on marketing their blog through the traffic getting methods I have mentioned above and more.

11. What’s your advice for someone who starts a blog because they simply want to make money online – and they think that blogging is the best way to achieve this goal?

We all start blogs to make money. But if that is the primary goal, the blog may not make as much.

Top blogs usually focus on solving a problem.

The more people’s problems are solved, the more they will be willing to come back again and again and even spend money on the blogger’s products.

12. How much effort did you put in your blog before you made your first USD 100 from it – and how did you make the one hundred dollars?

I put in real effort. I would do a lot of research on search engine optimization and implement.

I even did a whole course on affiliate marketing which focused on blogging. My first $100 was through my first eBook. I only started selling after I had acquired a good following.

13. What steps did you take to go from someone that doesn’t make money blogging to someone who makes money blogging?

The first step was the idea of helping people to make money online.

After that I took other steps such as market research, identifying problems, solving them in my blog and marketing the solution oriented blog posts.

Email marketing was one of the best decision I ever made since it gives me repeat buyers. I give lots of free information via email so when once in a while I sell something, lots of people buy.

14. What are some non-blogging things you had to deal with in your life in order to keep growing your blog into what it has become today?

I had to ensure I was more organized so that I could balance between my faith, my family and my career.

I also had to do a lot of prioritization since there are a lot of things that are more important than blogging.

15. What is the best advice you received that has helped you stay with your blog and continue improving it? (If you remember where the advice came from, mention names please)

The best advice I ever got was from Mark Ling of Affilorama who taught me about email marketing. This has been one of my biggest assets to date.

16. Any ebooks, courses, products or services that you highly recommend other blog owners to get now?

They can get my free eBook on blogging by signing up to my mailing list (click the link below to head to Walter’s Freelancer Kenya blog).

Apart from that they can look for Blog Post Promotion by Kristi Hines, AffiloBlueprint by Mark Ling’s Affilorama and the lots of free training over at

What do you take from all this? Please share in the comments. To check out Walter’s blog (and sign up via email to receive updates from him), click here.