Hire freelance writer in Kenya to write blog posts and articles (blogger for hire services)

Need a freelance writer from Kenya to write blog posts and articles for you? Welcome to Niabusiness.com.

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of the site.

I do offer my freelance writing services to businesses, organizations and individuals:

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 
  • who need articles to post on their own blogs
  • who need articles to publish on other blogs and niche websites as guest contributions
  • who need articles to expand on the frequently asked questions they get from the customers, clients and visitors that come to their websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, online forums, social media platforms, office or the physical location where they conduct their business
  • who need articles that they can spin in different ways and use to keep the communication between them and their customers (clients, site visitors) strong – for example via email campaigns
  • who need how-to guides and tutorials (in the form of articles) created for their customers, clients and site visitors

If any of the above describes you, read on to learn how to hire me to create the content you need to achieve any of the goals mentioned above.

Why hire me to write blog posts (articles) for you

Now, when looking for a freelance to write blog posts and articles for you, you want to be sure you like what the completed work will look like.

You want to be sure you’ll like the writing – and give your readers the best content on your chosen topic.

To gauge if a writer is a good fit, you’ll in most cases ask for samples – as part of your due diligence – before any money exchanges hands.

As a writer, when you ask me for samples (which I welcome), you know what I do? Of course, I give you what you need right away. My job, in a way, depends on this.

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But here’s a surprise: most people who contract me to write for them, always have access to my writing samples (articles I’ve published on Niabusiness.com blog).

If you are reading this, you are already going through my samples.

Yes, I use this blog to showcase my work.

I write articles and publish them under various categories – with all my recent posts displayed in Niabusiness.com blog section here.

1. Hire me if you like any of the articles I have published on Niabusiness.com blog

If you like any of the posts I’ve written and published on this blog, chances are that I am the freelance writer you are looking for.

If you haven’t checked any of my posts, you can go through my samples page to read some of them.

Don’t hire me, if you don’t like what you find.

If you like my work and are sure your readers, customers or clients can also benefit from the content you hire me to write, then that’s a good thing. Let’s work together.

2. Hire me to write blog posts and articles for your website and use your time to do other things

Like content promotion.

Writing articles and then spending time promoting the same content can be a drag – given how much work you already have.

May be you just have too much on your plate and not enough time to do everything you need to do.

So, working with me and outsourcing the article writing bit to me can save you more time; time you can use to focus your attention on promoting the content you order – to reach more of the people who you know can benefit from reading it.

Focusing on promotion and not writing also gives you more time to turn the written content in various formats for distribution in various channels – paid and organic: YouTube (videos), SlideShare (slides), Pinterest (picture quotes), SoundCloud & iTunes (audio and video podcasts), Twitter, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora & Linkedin (answers, questions, articles, quotes or lines with a call to action), email autoresponders (stories, campaigns, sales) and on and on.

This means less time wasted staring at blank screens wondering what to write – or putting aside half-finished posts in the drafts folder – gathering dust.

When you take the writing bit out of the publishing equation, you can focus more of your time in making sure more people get to see your blog and posts – without spending the whole day typing (or dictating) on your laptop, desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Taking the content writing bit out of the equation means you click the Publish button sooner (and more often) and then quickly switch your attention to getting as many of the right people to see the content – organically or via paid promotions.

3. Hire me so that you can still have your full or part time job and still be able to update your blog (website) frequently with fresh content and earn from it

Frequency of quality content – in this case articles – is one of the major things that determine the success of a blog.

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It is something we know deep down, but it bears repeating all the same.

Look at the big websites, the big blogs – even the ones run by just one man or woman (not a team numbering in the tens, hundreds or thousands) and you’ll quickly notice how they frequently put out new content for their site visitors – even if it is just a once a week monster post instead of shorter articles published on a daily basis.

Frequency matters.

A lot.

But most blogs are stale – inactive – not because their owners can’t publish new articles.

They are just busy. Overwhelmed.

There’s work. There’s family. The me-time. The me and friends time. Family get-togethers.

All good things.

And the blog time? The time dedicated to grow your blog or website? To serve more readers and customers? Well, you know the story. And for many blog owners it is an unpleasant one.

Well, all that dread and infrequency can be a thing of the past when you hire me to write articles for you.

Having a full or part time job shouldn’t be a hindrance in publishing more quality content as often as you wish.

You can now outsource the writing bit to me.

4. Hire me to grow your blog’s popularity by publishing more quality articles per day (week or month) targeting different short and long tail keywords

Having more articles published on your blog leads to, among other things, the following three:

  • increase in organic traffic and higher rankings in the search engine results pages for queries and keywords you are targeting in your particular niche
  • increase in traffic from shares on niche online forums ,social network sites (like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and the many niche social media sites your customers and readers use) and messaging apps (like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Telegram)
  • increase in direct traffic to your site due to increased awareness of who you are and what you do

The more quality posts you have on your site, the more the three metrics above will increase.

With such increases, your conversion rates are also likely to soar to very high levels.

Which means more email sign ups, more sales, more clicks (on whatever it is you want your site visitors to click on), an increased awareness of your expertise (content, product or service) leading more people to consider you a trusted adviser, provider of a solution or outcome.

All these leads to profits in different ways: the satisfaction of helping another human being by reaching them through the content on your site, more backlinks and referrals from people who have been to your site and benefited from it, more sales…

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5. Hire me to increase your authority in your space by writing blog posts and articles for you

How? By the variety of posts you publish and the angles you take discussing your chosen topic on your blog, another website, magazine or newspaper column.

When you hire me to write content for you, every piece I write will supplement other articles you have already written (or choose to write and publish in the future).

This leads to more posts (variety) and an increasing authority in your niche – by the sheer amount of resources (posts) you dedicate to deeply cover a topic – answering questions readers (customers) may have – and then leading them one step at a time – to get what they want (your authority increasing with the good leadership you show to more of them).

Authority, here, is just a synonym for proper and well-intentioned guidance. Just giving others what they want. And being there when they need you – humble in your stature and always ready to serve.

6. Hire me to prevent writer / blogger / copywriter burn out

Creating post after post, article after article can easily take a toll on anyone – especially people who would rather focus on other things instead of writing articles.

The long hours writing requires.

The little time, with so many things fighting to make it into your daily to-do lists.

It can all easily lead to burnout.

To prevent it but still have a constant supply of quality articles and blog posts, take advantage of my freelance writing service.

7. Hire me as a blogger and take a holiday (time off your blog) by scheduling articles you order from me

Taking time off your blog – for example to enjoy your holiday without worrying much about spending hours upon hours creating new articles for your site – doesn’t have to be something that leaves a bad taste in your gut (mouth).

You can enjoy the holiday, guilt free, knowing that you have me to create new content that you can schedule to publish at future dates.

If you want to take 14 days off your blog, for example, hire me to write fourteen articles that you can then schedule (one a day) so there’s something fresh for the people who come to your site.

You can then decide to check in your blog’s dashboard once in a while to respond to comments (emails) and engage with your audience on social media without worrying about what to publish come the next day or week.

How to hire me and take advantage of my freelance content writing service (order articles and blog posts)

After checking a few posts I have published on Niabusiness.com, you can easily make up your mind whether I am the freelancer you want to work with or not.

If you like my work – and ready to work with me – check my rates – then send me an email with details about what you want me to write on.

Mention a deadline, word count and any other instructions you want me to adhere to when creating your content.

Once we reach an agreement (and you get a response from me), proceed and make payment – via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: American Express, MasterCard, VISA or Discover.

Once I receive the funds in my account, I’ll get to work (writing and making corrections to the piece) and submit the completed article(s) to you before the deadline.

At this point you can publish the completed articles or use them however you wish.

Also remember that reasonable demands for revisions are acceptable.

When you get the completed work, this will be considered a successful project and you can elect to use my freelance writing services as often as you so wish.

I’ll be looking forward to working with you in your other projects.

You can always get in touch – any time.

To hire me to write articles and blog posts, click here to check my rates and make your order.