Your freelance writer from Kenya: How to hire me to create content for you

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of

I do write articles for the blog section of this site – and also write for pay – offering freelance writing services to individuals, businesses and organizations that’d like someone they can hire to write content on their chosen topic.

In this article, I am going to quickly show you how you can get started with my freelance writing service.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

Five steps to hire me (and get your content)

1. Check my rates and blog posts published on this site

Before you hire me, spend some time reading articles I have published on this blog to get a feel of how I put words together. You can check articles by topic or read some of my most recent and popular posts.

To do so, check the site’s sidebar. There, you’ll find the site’s categories, recent posts and most popular articles.

NOTE: Check my samples page for examples of content I’ve created.

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Once you’ve checked a few posts – and like what you see, head here to check my freelance writing rates (in Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars) to make your order based on the word count you have in mind.

The reason why I have this as the first step in ordering content from me is to ensure these two things happen:

If you like the content you read on, thank you. Let me write for you too.

2. Contact me to let me know what topic (s) you want me to write on

Once you’ve made your mind to work with me, contact me – to tell me what you want.

Don’t pay the money first. Tell me what you want.

For some pointers, you can include the following in the email you send me:

  • topic – obviously, a specific category, for which the content you want me to create falls in
  • specific headline – if you have a headline (title) in mind, tell me about it. This actually makes both our jobs easier. Of course during our discussions, the title can be tweaked however you want
  • word count – this will help me know how deep you want me to go with the writing – and also help you determine how much you pay for the completed work
  • key things to include in the piece – when creating content for you, you can tell me to, while doing the writing, include specific examples, stories, product mentions or quotes
  • deadline – also mention, in your email, the time limit (from writing to submission of the finished piece) you have in mind
  • other things you consider important during this process – as mentioned in this article, you are the one contracting me – so, telling me everything you consider important to getting more out of freelance writing service Kenya is a good thing. It limits the back and forth and makes it easier for both you and me to avoid miscommunication
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3. When I receive your email in step two, you can proceed and make payment

Once we understand each other, it is time to take the writing process to another level.

Here you can make payment for the content you want created by going to this page. You can pay via M-PESA, PayPal, VISA card, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc.

NOTE: if you want to make payment using, say, Western Union, do let me know in the email you send in step 2 above. I can then make the necessary arrangements for you to transfer the total amount of your order to me without any delays.

After going to the payment page, you’ll be prompted to choose the amount of words you want written. So, choose the word count you have in mind then click Add to cart to proceed.

Click Checkout.

Enter your name, email then click Purchase to proceed to the checkout page where you can make payment via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

You’ll be immediately notified if the transaction is successful (and a receipt sent to you via email).

Otherwise, you’ll get a ‘failed transaction’ notice prompting you to try again (happens sometimes when one unknowingly enters incorrect details while checking out).

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4. Upon receipt of payment I’ll get to work (and beat the deadline)

Once the transaction is successful and I receive the funds (total amount shown in your receipt) in my account, I’ll get to writing adhering to all the instructions I receive from you.

I’ll be writing the best content for you – spending more time to make it great – just as you want it.

5. Before the deadline knocks, I’ll submit the completed work to you

When I’m done writing (and going through the work to polish it), I’ll submit it back to you. Reasonable demands for revision are accepted at this time.

However, when you are pleased with the work and see no need for revision, then this will be deemed a successful project for both you and me.

At this point you can publish the content or use it how you want.

You can also decide to pay for more of my different freelance writing services – to get the most out of the projects you are undertaking.

You can also hire me to turn an article into a slide, PDF guide, quote pictures or hire me to publish it on your own blog (website), social network site accounts like Facebook (pages), Google+ (pages), Linkedin etc.

Most important of all is:

  • you get what you want written (you pay me to get it for you) and we are both happy
  • we are open to working together again in future projects you may have (you can order as much content as you want)
  • the value of the written content you pay for accrues over time – and actually pays back for itself
  • you get what you want – and your readers and customers are happy

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