How the value of content accrues over time (and how to hire me to write for you)

One of the things you consider as a client, from the beginning of your negotiations with me as a freelance writer you would like to hire, is the value you get in return for the money you pay for a piece of content you order from website.

You already know the benefits of getting a freelancer to create content for you.

There is no doubt in your mind about how much time you can save by getting me to write for you.

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You already know the great things a freelance writer can help you do.

But what happens when you pay for a piece of content?

What happens when the finished copy is sent back to you via email?

Does it mean that the money you pay me (for every writing job you contract to me) is only worth the words that make up the MS-Word document, HTML or WordPress XML file I send you as an email attachment?

Well, that is one way of looking at it.

And most people can stop here – and just think, ‘Yea, right. I have paid about US$ 340 for this 2000 word piece.

But not you.


Because you know better! You are aware of the immense potential every piece of content holds – and the steps you can take to unleash that potential.

You look not only at the short term potential of a piece of content but also the long term value that it is able to accrue over time.

So, for you, the money you spend doesn’t just equal the amount of words you order. The greater value, to you, is represented by what comes with the content.

For example the help you lend to complete strangers by publishing a blog post covering one of their pain points – and offering real solutions they can put into use immediately. To them, you are a provider – of a solution or answer that helps them get unstuck.

Or the leads you get from a blog post you order from that you then publish as a guest contribution in one of the popular blogs (or websites) in your niche.

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Or the contacts you get by publishing a piece of content that resonates with many people.

Or the attention of influencers you get when the content you publish (on a blog, website, journal, magazine or ebook) peek their interest in one way or another.

Or the money you make from different affiliate programs you are a part of or ad networks you have joined.

Or a job offer (or contract) you get from a person interested in working with you.

In fact one of the best way to understand the many things that come with the combination of good content and enough promotion coupled with patience and testing is to read this article: 30 reasons to start a blog.

The short vs. long term value of content (content marketing)

All these good things rarely happen in the short term.

It takes awhile and a lot of promotion before you can reap the benefits mentioned in some of the examples above.

That’s why those who focus just on the short term when they create or order content are, most of the time, frustrated by their progress.

They want to build Rome in a day – not realizing that having a plan and constantly promoting their content can yield a lot of return for them (their readers, customers, clients and peers) in a few months.

That’s why it is common for some people to order content and immediately look at the completed document they receive back as just that: content. Just like looking at a mule, horse or donkey – and seeing it just as that: some four legged animal that knows no better.

If you are one not to attempt to build Rome in one day it means you are aware of the good things you can do with a well fed donkey, horse or mule: transport things, ride, even plough – if you are a farmer and still not into mechanized farming for one reason or another.

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You see the great things the animal can help you (and others) do.

Some could argue that it’s all a matter of perspective, which, to a degree, is true!

Over time, any content at your disposal, results into more good things for you – if you use it well.

What does that mean?

It means looking at the content you receive from as a foundation. It’s up to you how wide and high you want to go once you have the foundation in place.

The content can inspire a series of posts, a video, a presentation, a podcast, newer stories, fiction and non-fiction works – and all these increase your reach improving your chances of getting in front of the right people – which could be clients, customers, readers, other leaders, investors, students, industry influencers, peers, critics (not trolls), gate-keepers, young professionals, parents, role models…even some of the heroes you had growing up.

With all these connections – and time by your side – great things are bound to happen.

And if you stick at providing more value to others – the frequency of such things will keep increasing.

Your call to action – getting what you want out of every piece of content you hire me to write

Each piece of content you receive from (or create yourself) is like a magnet – that is strongest in the call to action area.

What you put in the call to action area is up to you.

It could be a call to others to share their stories and experiences with you.

It could be a call to others to buy something from you – or another business whose products and services you promote as an affiliate.

It could be a call to others to use your services – like I am doing right now.

It could be a call to others to help you in your cause – whether that is to make your part of town clean or build a school in a remote part of a certain country you have visited or plan to visit in the near future.

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It could be a call to others to examine themselves more often and be appreciative of the great things they have in life – that some only wish they had.

It could be a call to others to share (with those closest to them) particular ideas you espouse or a specific message that you believe can benefit people who come across it.

It could be a call to others to allow you to help them achieve their goals – in a better and more efficient way.

It could be a call to others to teach themselves a skill or learn more about a particular topic or subject by just spending a few minutes each day going through various resources you recommend – like stories, ebooks, books, videos, infographics, online training courses, case studies, research papers, polls and interviews you link to from blog posts you publish on your website.

So many things you can do with just one piece of content.

Time, however little or much there may be, is on your side if you embrace doing things that amplify the value of every piece of content. You just have to do them consistently. That is how you increase the value of each piece.

That is how compounding works for you in this area. Time helps you figure out how to make more off the principal (the content you pay for or create yourself).

It’s a bit more work compared to just publishing content, say on a blog, and letting it sit – not even bothering, like many people, to go back to it, edit it and make it even more in-depth and valuable to people who come across it.

It’s a bit more work but it pays big time. In a big way!

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