Freelance academic writers in Kenya for hire

Welcome to This series of articles on my freelance writing service gives you the details you need to determine if I am a good fit for your writing project.

They help you determine if you should hire me to be your writer, in this case, an academic writer right out of Kenya.

My name is Philos Mudis – and below are a few things you should know before you hire me to help you with your academic writing.

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NOTE: doesn’t offer academic writing service where outsourcing is prohibited & deemed unethical by your supervisors or institution or research centre. If what you want written falls under this category, Niabusiness recommends you do the work yourself.

Is Kenya a good place to outsource your academic writing?

Yes, it is – and for many reasons.

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Huge populations of the Kenyan people are well educated.

Many have achieved higher levels of education with PhDs, Masters degrees, undergraduate degrees and diplomas from various universities, colleges, institutes of higher learning and polytechnics.

There are many people in Kenya, besides students still pursuing Masters and PhDs, that are skilled and competent in their respective fields – and can write excellent papers for other students, researchers, authors, lecturers, tutors, professors and other academicians.

For people who pursue higher levels of education in Kenya, the English language is key for the papers they write.

When you want help writing term papers, courseworks, dissertations or theses, Kenya is a good place to outsource your writing needs.

Writers are well versed in different styles (like APA – American Psychological Association and MLA – Modern Language Association).

They know how to do their research (on the internet and offline) and how to cite relevant materials they come across when writing your papers – steering away from plagiarism.

You are sure to get quality papers once the writing contract with your freelance writer of choice ends.

The writers are also accessible – have reliable internet connection – making it easier for you to tell them what you want so that when writing your paper, they do so with your instructions in mind.

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Who is this freelance academic writing service for?

It is for anyone who needs help completing their academic papers and submitting them before the deadlines given:

  • by the institution where they study. For students, it is always, through a professor or lecturer of a course unit, major or degree (or diploma) they are undertaking
  • by editors in a given journal (or publishing house) specializing in only print, online journals or both
  • lead researchers in a team of academicians working together on a given topic
  • by oneself – for a personal project one is working on

This service is open to those undertaking diploma or degree courses in schools, colleges, polytechnics, various institutes of learning and universities.

The service is for people who need help writing quality papers within a deadline.

What areas do I target with my academic writing service?

Term papers, dissertations, theses, essays and reports in areas like law, business, arts, education, communication, society, technology, history among others.

To work with me, you can email me to tell me the specifics of your given topic. When you do this and get a response from me you can then proceed to make payment so that I can begin working on your paper.

How much does it cost to use freelance academic writing service when you hire me?

The going rates (per word) are listed in this page.

You will be billed by the number of words you want in the academic paper I am writing for you -nothing more.

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How to pay for the writing service?

Once I receive the email (from you) containing the details on what you want me to write on (and the instructions you want me to adhere to – including word count, deadline, style etc), you can proceed to my freelance writing services payment page to place your order.

In summary, to hire me as your academic writer here’s what you need to do

Check my rates here.

If you already have an overall word count for your paper in mind, multiply that with my rate per word to know the total amount the completed work will demand.

If you are fine with the rates (and the total amount for your writing project – in US Dollars or Kenyan Shillings), send me a detailed email containing what you need (the topic or title of your paper, word count, style, due date among other things you want).

When you get a response from me, proceed to make payment. Payments can be made via M-PESA, PayPal or your card: VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

When payment is successful, you’ll receive an email with details of the transaction – and I will receive the funds in my account.

The moment I receive the funds, I’ll get to work and finish writing your paper within the deadline we agree on – adhering to your instructions.

After finishing this part of the process, I’ll send the completed work to you, usually via email.

…And work with you on any other future projects you have, if you are so inclined.

To hire me to write your academic paper, check my rates here.