How much I (as a freelance writer in Kenya) charge per word (or 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 words) when you hire me

Being clear about how much you should pay your freelance writer is one very key point to consider before your relationship with the one you contract goes any further.

And it is for this reason that I have created this page to help you quickly determine how much money you pay when you hire me to write content for you.

If you’ve gone through these sample blog posts and the series on my freelance writing service, you already know how much I charge and the reason why. So, no need reading any further (you can get the answers you’re looking for by getting in touch with me via email,, or head to the payment page if you are ready to hire me to write for you).

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

However, if this is your first time on, keep reading to learn more about my freelancing writing rates.

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of the site.

Besides creating content for blog, I write for businesses, organizations, and individuals that need a freelancer to create content for them.

How much do I charge for the content I write? What is my rate per word in US Dollars & Kenyan Shillings?

My rate per word is at least US Dollars 0.17. Or KSh 17.68 per word – and PayPal & MPESA are the payment methods used by many Niabusiness clients to pay for the content writing services.

The pricing for your project / assignment will depend on the number of words you want me to write, the topic, how much research is needed among other things.

The more the work involved the higher the amount will be.

Note that all the rates below are in Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars.

Arrangements can always be made if you’d like to pay via, say, Western Union (using the currency of the country you currently reside in) or M-PESA (if you want to pay me directly to my Safaricom mobile money wallet in Kenyan Shillings).

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Again, here is how much I charge per word of content I write for you as a client

At least 17 US cents. That is the going rate for one word, unless your work meets the exception mentioned below (keep reading to learn more).

Kenya Shillings 17.68 or US$ 0.17.

Let’s take a look at some examples to see how much it costs for content of varying lengths.

Say, for example, you want me to write a 2000 word article (which some SEO – search engine optimization – and content marketing experts encourage to be the minimum number of words per post – to rank high on Google Search) to be published on your blog, you’ll pay me at least Kenyan Shillings 35,360 or US$ 340 for the completed work.

This 2000 word article can then later be turned into a downloadable guide (for example a PDF lead magnet, infographic or content upgrade for your email subscribers – or as an addon to people who use your service or buy via your affiliate links).

You can even turn it into a free email course, slide or video using Snagit or Camtasia.

If you want a slightly shorter article, say a one thousand (1000-word) post, the total cost will come to at least KSh 17,680 or 170 dollars.

If you want me to write a 250 word product description for your online store (or classified ad), you’ll be billed at least 42.5 US dollars or KSh 4,420.

For a 500 word landing page or article, you’ll only pay me at least KSh 8,840 or US$ 85.

If you want me to write a short 5,000 word ebook you can sell on Kindle for less that US$ 2.99 a copy (or give away for free) the total cost will come to at least KSh 88,400 or 850 dollars.

For a 3000-word post, the cost will be at least KSh 53,040 or 510 dollars only.

My freelance writing service: is it cheap or expensive? Will this work with the budget you’ve allocated to outsourcing content creation?

A logical question to ponder once you have gone through the examples above, don’t you think?

A sister question to this would be, ‘Can I afford freelance writing service Kenya?’

To which I answer with a simple, ‘Yes.’

If you look at my rates above and think ‘I can work with this’, then good.

Know why? Because it already means you are fine with the rates – and ready to work with It also means that you already have enough funds to hire me to write your content.

You just need to take these two steps:

  • send me an email ( with the following details: the headline (topic) you want me to write on, word count, deadline, sources you want me to look at, if any, and all the instructions you want me to adhere to when creating content for you
  • proceed to the payment page and pay for the content once you receive a response from me. I’ll send you an invoice once we’ve communicated via email
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I write quality content, something you want more of. I create content that accrues in value (learn more below), content that pays for itself down the road if promoted well. If this is the case (it is) it means that with your budget, you can afford to hire me to help you with your content creation and content marketing needs. Let’s work together.

Freelance writing assignments and jobs I won’t accept from clients

I won’t accept freelance writing work from clients and publications that want me to charge less than the rates mentioned in this post – unless on special occasions when I decide to take on projects that seem interesting enough (from a research standpoint) even if the pay is slightly lower than the rates mentioned above.

I think this bears repeating – to avoid any misunderstanding. So, here goes…

I won’t accept work from clients and publications that want me to charge less than the rates mentioned in this post.

Which is USD 0.17. Or KSH 17.68 – the minimum amount I charge per word.

Meaning, you will pay me at least KSH 17.68 / US$ 0.17 per word (or more on some assignments – when we come to an understanding that the kind of work you want me to complete warrants a higher rate than the minimum US$ 0.17 per word rate).

I will not also accept work from clients with no clear instructions on what they want. Because what usually happens is that such clients bombard me with requests for revisions when all they could have done in the first place was to give clear directions on what they want with regards to word count, structure, or sources to pay attention to when writing.

Think freelance content writing service Kenya is expensive?

I don’t want to go on and on about pricing and optimal rates, but here is how I came up with the rates in the first place (I am going to be brief).

There are different things freelance writers consider to arrive at their rates.

One of them is looking at content from a value perspective – what you get from a piece of content (article, ebook, pdf guide, book, tutorial, short story etc.) once it is published and adequately promoted to the right people.

When I decided to offer writing as a service, the person I had in mind – the ones I work with – was that person who didn’t only look at the initial amount of money they paid me for a certain number of words they wanted me to write for them.

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This person – even though they may look at the initial amount they pay for content and how small or big a dent results from such payments – frees their mind to think about what they are getting for their money in not only the short term, but also over the long haul.

They look at the value they derive from the content (they pay me to write) the moment they receive it. But they don’t stop there. They cast their sights weeks, months or even years from the date they receive the completed work from me.

So, for example, they pay me KSh 35,360 / 340 dollars for a 2000 word evergreen article that may attract less than a thousand hits from search engines in the first week (or month).

Over time that piece of content will result into more things (long term value): higher rankings for more short and long tail keywords, more backlinks, more mentions, more staff/company time saved by answering a frequently asked questions through the content I write instead of answering the same questions over and over via email, livechat or over the phone, increased conversions, increased engagement with readers or customers, goodwill, new and valuable leads (contacts), deals arising from the post, more email sign ups (for example by turning blog posts into content upgrades) and sales.

They are content paying me the rates above knowing that the value of the content they receive will accrue over time.

With this knowledge in mind, they worry not about the initial amount they pay. Why? Because they know that when they use the content well and optimize their sales funnel (or ads or affiliate promotions) the content will eventually pay for itself and leave them with more profits to do with as they please.

Once you look at content this way and use it well, you’ll quickly command the power that comes with it and the costs; you won’t worry about them since you know how to use the content (I write for you) for your own benefit and the benefit of your clients, customers and readers.

In a position like this, you end up making profits – not losses. Meaning, investing in the content then becomes a good investment!

The debate then moves from hiring a cheap vs. expensive freelance writer (cheap and expensive being relative terms) to investing in only one piece of content vs. investing in more.

Besides the argument I’ve made, the per word rates above makes the following possible:

  • more time for me to write quality content for you because that is what you deserve. Not something rushed.
  • a great working relationship between you and me (a give-and-take transaction that provides more value to you and me despite busy schedules).
  • something great for your readers and customers. You value your time and money and how you spend both. For something great, like content that you know will result in more good things, I won’t be wrong if I say you don’t mind spending money to get it for your audience.

To hire me, get in touch with me and tell me what you want me to write on (including details like title/topic, word count, and any other instructions I must adhere to during the writing process).

Looking forward to your first assignment. [Learn more]