120 business ideas in Kenya & opportunities to explore

Hi. My name is Philos Mudis, founder of Niabusiness.com. In this article I am going to show you a list of over 120 business ideas in Kenya. Business ideas and opportunities that take into consideration what marketplaces offline and online can offer – ideas that can work in the current state of the Kenyan economy … Read more

Business ideas in Kenya: Why people look for them and where you can find them

Why do people look for business ideas on the web? A country like Kenya has many successful and profitable companies spanning different sectors that many just hope they could get into. That means two things. There are lots of stories of entrepreneurs and business owners who turned their ideas into successful businesses. There are thousands … Read more

How to register a company in Kenya, adhering to all legal requirements

Interested in starting a business in Kenya that adheres to all the legal requirements? Want to register a limited liability company in Kenya? Want to incorporate your business? This interview with Mr. Seth from Healy Consultants, provides you with a lot of tips that will benefit you, the person who want to register a company. Healy … Read more

Starting a business with Kenya shillings 5000 – have you tried doing this?

Several business ideas have appeared on different Niabusiness.com articles. There’s one particular article that has been on the site for a long time: Start any business in Kenya with 5000 shillings – 13 ideas for you. What is the article about? Apart from the 13 ideas, this article is inspiration in less than 1000 words. It’s an article that shows … Read more

Getting a loan / capital to start a business in Kenya – should you?

What do new entrepreneurs think about when they want to start a new business in Kenya? Capital, capital, capital. Every entrepreneur thinks of that. There are numerous other things often considered by different entrepreneurs but startup money is always at the top of their list of priorities. In one article, I remember highlighting that most businesses can be … Read more

Start a business in Kenya and profit from your ideas. But don’t if…

If you want to start a business in Kenya and profit from your ideas, I have some questions for you first. You know how many people in Kenya have brilliant business ideas that they really want to turn into profitable small businesses? Or empires? Or conglomerates? Yes? A lot of people have these dreams – … Read more

Getting more Kenyan students involved in agribusiness – agriculture as a business

In Kenya, there is this formula that we all know too well. After secondary school, the default thing to do is to look at your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results and the amount of money your family can raise for your next step in the 8-4-4 system – to some that could be university, … Read more

How to start a business in Kenya and make money from various business ideas (PDF)

Kenya is a great country to start a business in, whether you are born right in Kenya – and live here – or you are an entrepreneur from another country with plans to enter the Kenyan market. To start a business in Kenya, do the following 1. Ask yourself why you want to start a … Read more

Is forming a limited company in Kenya expensive?

Thinking of starting a business or already have a business that you know you should register as a limited company but for some reason, you still haven’t made up your mind to see a lawyer for more information? Or are you just wondering if forming a limited company in Kenya is expensive? NOTE that you … Read more

Start any business in Kenya with 5000 shillings – 13 business ideas for you

Due to the hard economic times in Kenya, many people who want to start their own businesses never do so because of lack of enough capital. So, some never launch their businesses, perhaps losing hope altogether in a business idea they once held so dear to their hearts, or maybe because they think waiting a … Read more

18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya

If you have already read this post listing business ideas, below is another list (of 18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya) you can go through to be inspired, to prepare, and finally just do what you know should be done: turn your idea into a real business. 1. Keep livestock and sell them later You … Read more

Get Lipa na M-PESA till number for your business – an interview with Kopo Kopo Inc. director Ben Lyon

Want to get your own Lipa na M-PESA number and SIM card to accept and receive payments online and offline without using Pesapal M-PESA payment service feature in their business merchant account? Want a Lipa na MPESA number for your small business in Kenya, school, company, institution, startup, app, API integration needs, garage, cafe, church … Read more