120 business ideas in Kenya & opportunities to explore

Hi. My name is Philos Mudis, founder of Niabusiness.com. In this article I am going to show you a list of over 120 business ideas in Kenya. Business ideas and opportunities that take into consideration what marketplaces offline and online can offer – ideas that can work in the current state of the Kenyan economy … Read more

Business ideas in Kenya: Why people look for them and where you can find them

Why do people look for business ideas on the web? A country like Kenya has many successful and profitable companies spanning different sectors that many just hope they could get into. That means two things. There are lots of stories of entrepreneurs and business owners who turned their ideas into successful businesses. There are thousands … Read more

Start any business in Kenya with 5000 shillings – 13 business ideas for you

Due to the hard economic times in Kenya, many people who want to start their own businesses never do so because of lack of enough capital. So, some never launch their businesses, perhaps losing hope altogether in a business idea they once held so dear to their hearts, or maybe because they think waiting a … Read more

How do I take my business idea seriously

If you have to wonder and think this it means two things: That you’ve either settled on a business idea but don’t know the next step you should take – may be the hesitation on your part is due to you having doubts about whether to proceed with the idea or not, or, You just … Read more

Business ideas: Where can I get them? In the 5 places listed here?

Businesses, big or small, start as ideas. Ideas that then turn into entities people are willing to buy from. Finding an idea can be easy. It can also be hard. And sometimes you just stumble across something and the switch in there ‘tween your ears fill you with amazing possibilities. Therein might lie the idea … Read more