Business ideas in Kenya: Why people look for them and where you can find them

Why do people look for business ideas on the web? A country like Kenya has many successful and profitable companies spanning different sectors that many just hope they could get into. That means two things. There are lots of stories of entrepreneurs and business owners who turned their ideas into successful businesses. There are thousands … Read more

Start a business in Kenya and profit from your ideas. But don’t if…

If you want to start a business in Kenya and profit from your ideas, I have some questions for you first. You know how many people in Kenya have brilliant business ideas that they really want to turn into profitable small businesses? Or empires? Or conglomerates? Yes? A lot of people have these dreams – … Read more

How to start a business in Kenya and make money from various business ideas (PDF)

Kenya is a great country to start a business in, whether you are born right in Kenya – and live here – or you are an entrepreneur from another country with plans to enter the Kenyan market. To start a business in Kenya, do the following 1. Ask yourself why you want to start a … Read more