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In this post, I am going to show you the different items you can buy on your Airtel Kenya line via the Buy Bundles & Services menu: Amazing Data Bundles, Tubonge bundles, roaming bundles, SMS bundles and International bundles.

I’m also going to briefly touch on other things you can do on the menu: Check your data balance, Kopa airtime, Kopa internet bundles, Kopa UnlimiNET bundles and check if your Airtel Kenya SIM / phone is 4G capable.

How to access the Buy Bundles & Services menu on your Airtel line

  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using a modem or MiFi router)
  • Select option 4. Buy Bundles & Services

What can you buy in the Buy Bundles & Services menu

Buy amazing data bundles

Under this option you can buy daily bundles, 7 day bundles, 30 day bundles, 90 day bundles and UnlimiNet Modem bundles.

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

All these bundles only have a data component.

If you want access to free WhatsApp or free YouTube, some of these bundles have that. For example, purchasing the 2 GB daily bundle at Kenya Shillings 99 also gets you free WhatsApp.

If you purchase the monthly 10 GB at KSh 1000, you’ll also get an extra 5 GB free data to watch videos on YouTube.

Some of the best bundles in this category:

  • Daily: Club Night (250 MB Night Data), 8 MB @ 5, 40 MB @ 10, 2 GB + WhatsApp @ 99, 400 MB + WhatsApp @ 50.
  • Weekly: 500 MB + WhatsApp @ 100, 2 GB + WhatsApp @ 250 and 6 GB + WhatsApp @ 500.
  • Monthly: 1.5 GB + WhatsApp @ 300, 15 GB + 5 GB YouTube @ 1500 and 40 GB + 5 GB YouTube @ 3000.
  • UnlimiNET Modem: Modem monthly at KSh 2999, 200 MB Modem Daily @ KSh 50, 5 GB Modem Weekly @ 699, 1 GB @ 99 Booster Packs.
  • 90-day bundles: 12 GB at KSh 3000, 40 GB at KSh 6000 and the 70 GB bundle at KSh 9000.
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Buy Tubonge voice

With Tubonge voice bundles, you can enjoy making Airtel to Airtel calls at affordable rates. Each day you stay subscribed to a Tubonge Voice bundle, you get 100 free minutes to call other Airtel Kenya phone numbers.

Some of the best bundles in this category:

  • Daily: 24 hour bundle at KSh 10
  • Weekly: 7 day bundle at KSh 50
  • Monthly: 30 day bundle at KSh 150

Buy Tubonge Plus bundles

With Tubonge Plus bundles, you still get 100 free minutes to call other Airtel Kenya phone numbers like the Tubonge Voice bundles above.

The only twist is that you get to call other networks at 2 Shillings per minute.

Plus there is a bundle with a data component.

So, on top of calling, you also get some data to browse the web.

All the bundles in this menu are currently valid for just 24 hours.

  • 100 minutes free Airtel calls / day + 2 bob / minute calls to other networks + 50 MB data at KSh 20
  • 100 minutes free Airtel calls / day + 2 bob / minute calls to other networks + 5 free minutes to call other networks at KSh 20.

Buy UnlimiNET combo bundles

UnlimiNET combo bundles are like the all in one monthly bundles sold by Safaricom or Telkom Kenya.

The bundles (not all) combine voice, text and data components.

As a subscriber, you can just pay up for a bundle and get all your calling, texting and browsing needs met – with one bundle.

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You can choose from bundles that last for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

Some of the best bundles in this category:

  • Daily UnlimiNET bundles: 10 MB + 8 Minutes + 20 SMS at Kenya Shillings 20, 50 MB + 20 Minutes + 100 SMS at KSh 50 and the 150 MB + 60 Minutes + 500 SMS at KSh 100 bundle.
  • Weekly UnlimiNET bundles: 350 MB + 100 Minutes + 500 SMS at KSh 250 and the 750 MB + 300 Minutes + 2500 SMS at KSh 500 bundle.
  • Monthly UnlimiNET bundles: 8 GB + 400 Minutes + 2000 SMS at KSh 1000, 1 GB + 100 Minutes at KSh 399 and the 20 GB + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS at Kenya Shillings 2000 and the 5 GB + 150 Minutes + 1000 SMS bundle at 500 Shillings.

Kopa Credo and internet bundles

Airtel Kenya subscribers can use this option to borrow airtime (via Kopa Credo), internet bundles (via Kopa Internet) and UnlimiNet bundles (via Kopa UnlimiNet).

You can borrow KSh 100 or 250 airtime, borrow the 2 GB + free WhatsApp daily bundle or some of the other bundles I have listed above – or here.

I wrote a detailed posts about all these options awhile ago. Read it here.

Gift a bundles

Airtel Kenya has made it easy for their subscribers to share bundles with their friends and family – as gifts. If you want to buy a bundle for another phone number, the easiest way to do it is via the Gift a Bundle option.

Here’s a list of bundles you can give away as gifts:

  1. Tubonge bundles listed above
  2. UnlimiNET bundles
  3. Amazing Data Bundles
  4. UnlimiNET Modem bundles
  5. SMS Bundles.

Buy roaming bundles

When travelling outside the country, you can buy Airtel Kenya roaming bundles for these two reasons:

  • to enjoy affordable calling rates in the country you visit
  • to call home cheaply. Roaming bundles make calling phone numbers / people back in Kenya cheap.

Some roaming bundles combine voice, text and data.

I wrote a post about these bundles here. To learn more, click the following link: Buy Airtel Kenya roaming bundles & check balance.

Check out the post to learn more about all the options available under the roaming bundles menu: One Airtel-PAN Africa Bundle, Rwanda-Uganda bundle, Hajj bundle and Global bundle.

Buy SMS bundles

To subscribe to an SMS bundle you can use to text Airtel Kenya and other networks, dial *100# or *544# and select the SMS option on the menu.

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Some of the best bundles in this category:

  • Daily bundles: 500 SMS at KSh 20, 40 SMS at KSh 5 and 250 SMS at Kenya Shillings 10.
  • Weekly bundles: 500 SMS at Kenya Shillings 30.
  • Monthly bundles: 1500 SMS at Kenya Shillings 75.

To learn more about Airtel Kenya SMS bundles, read this post: How to buy Airtel Kenya SMS bundles: Tutext, daily bundle, weekly & monthly bundle, check balance, Club10.

Buy international bundles

To call India, China, US, UK and Canada cheaply, maybe because you have a friend or family member or business partner in the aforementioned countries, just buy an international bundle on your Airtel Kenya line.

To learn more about these bundles, read: How to buy Airtel Kenya international bundles: 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 24 hours + check balance (minutes to call India, China, Canada & USA).

Some of the best bundles in this category:

  • Monthly: 300 minutes at Kenya Shilling 500 valid for 30 days.
  • Daily: 20 minutes at KSh 40 valid for 24 hours.
  • Weekly: 50 minutes at KSh 100 valid for 7 days.

Check data balance

And what if you have purchased a bundle and want to check your balance?

It is easy to do.

Just select the Check Data Balance option in the Buy Bundles & Services menu.

Wait for a confirmation message with your bundle balance details.

I wrote a post about this too. If you want to read it, click: How to check data bundle balance on Airtel Kenya line.

Check if your SIM card or phone is 4G enabled

And the last item / option in the menu, is the one you can use to check if:

I wrote a post about this, showing you step by step instructions on how to check if your SIM / phone supports 4G. Read How to check if Airtel Kenya SIM card is 4G enabled for more.

In the post, I also link to a few 4G MiFi routers you can buy online on Jumia Kenya shop. The routers are unlocked – and can also work with Safaricom and Telkom Kenya SIM cards. And they support 4G, 3G and 2G. Read the post here.

That is everything under the Airtel Kenya Buy Bundles & Services menu – accessible by dialing *100# (or *544#).

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