Telkom Kenya All in One monthly bundles vs Safaricom All in One Bundle vs Airtel Kenya Monthly UnlimiNET

I have written about Telkom Kenya All in One Monthly Bundles in one or two posts before. One of them just focused on the data component of the bundles.

Today I am going to go deeper, analyzing the bundles under the ‘all in one menu’, then comparing them with similar bundles by mobile phone service providers such as Airtel Kenya and Safaricom.

What do you get when you buy a Telkom Kenya All in one monthly bundle

  1. voice – to call Telkom lines and other networks.
  2. data – to browse the internet, message your contacts on WhatsApp etc.
  3. text – to send messages to Telkom Kenya phone numbers and other numbers.

Note that some of the bundles lack one or two of the three components above (voice, text & data).

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Current Telkom Kenya All in one monthly bundles

List of bundles that cost KSh 500

  1. 3 GB + 100 SMS + 100 All Net Min + 7x free Nights Data at KSh 499 valid for 30 days
  2. 4 GB + Free WhatsApp @ KSh 499
  3. 333 Minutes to call all networks @ Kenya Shillings 499 valid for 45 days

List of bundles that cost KSh 1000

  1. 8 GB + 300 Minutes and 300 SMS you can use to call or text all networks @ KSh 999 valid for 30 days
  2. 10 GB + Free WhatsApp @ Kenya Shillings 999
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List of bundles that cost more than KSh 1000

  1. 17 GB + Free Night Data + 600 SMS + 600 Minutes you can use to call / text across all networks at Kenya Shillings 1999 valid for 30 days
  2. 25 GB + Free WhatsApp @ Kenya Shillings 1999
  3. 40 GB at Kenya Shillings 2999

How to purchase Telkom Kenya all in one monthly bundles

USSD codes to use when making a purchase: *544# or using *100# and choosing option 4 to access the data bundles menu.

  • Access the Data Bundles menu by dialing *544#
  • Select option 3: ALL in one Monthly Bundles
  • Select option #1 to buy KSh 500 bundles OR #2 to purchase 1000 Shilling bundles OR #3 to buy bundles that cost more than KSh 1000. I’ve listed the bundles under each category above. Say I want to buy the 8 GB + 300 Minutes + 300 Minutes bundle under option #2, here’s what I’ll do next…
  • Select option 2: KSh 1000
  • Select option 1: 8GB @ 999/- + 300 ALL Net Min
  • Select option 1: Confirm.

How to check Telkom Kenya all in one monthly bundle balance

To check your Telkom Kenya all in one monthly bundle balance, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *544#
  • Scroll down and press 7:–> to go the next page on the menu
  • Select option 10: Check Data Balance.

Alternatively, you can use *131# to get all your Telkom Kenya account balance. Or use the 100 shortcode. For more information on how to check your Telkom airtime and data balance, click this link.

Telkom Kenya vs Airtel Kenya ‘UnlimiNET (Combo) – New’

Closest thing to Telkom Kenya all in one monthly bundles that I saw on Airtel‘s 544 menu are the bundles listed under the UnlimiNET (Combo)-New menu.

To purchase Airtel Kenya monthly UnlimiNET, follow the steps below

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 4) UnlimiNET (Combo)-New
  • Select option 3) Monthly UnlimiNET (30 days)
  • Purchase a bundle of your choice.

Here’s a list of current Airtel UnlimiNET monthly bundles:

  1. 20 GB + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS @ Kenya Shillings 2000. This resembles the 25GB + Free WhatsApp @ KSh 1999 bundle by Telkom. While Airtel gives you minutes and SMS, Telkom doesn’t. Instead you get more data – 25 GB versus Airtel’s 20 GB.
  2. 8 GB + 400 Minutes + 2000 SMS at KSh 1000. This resembles the 8GB+300SMS+300Min bundle by Telkom. You get the same amount of data from both telcos. Only thing that is different is that Airtel gives you an extra 100 minutes and an extra 1700 SMS to do with as you see fit.
  3. 2.5 GB + 150 Minutes + 1000 SMS at KSh 500. This bundle by Airtel is similar to Telkom’s 3GB+100SMS+100 All Net bundle. With Airtel, you get more minutes (50) and texts (900) compared to what a Telkom Kenya subscriber would get. Telkom’s bundle however gets a subscriber an extra 0.5 GB.
  4. 1 GB + 100 Minutes at Kenya Shillings 399. This is the cheapest bundle by Airtel Kenya under their Monthly UnlimiNET (Combo) menu. Even Telkom doesn’t have a bundle this cheap in their All in One Monthly Bundles menu (theirs start at Sh 499, getting you 3 GB and 100 minutes to call all networks kama Mzito. Also note that Telkom Kenya has 1 GB 30-day bundle that goes for KSh 249, but this is under their 30 Day Bundles menu, not the All in One Monthly Bundles menu).
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Telkom Kenya vs Safaricom All In One Bundle + Free YouTube

While the most expensive All in One monthly bundle I’ve seen on Telkom’s data bundles menu costs KSh 2999, Safaricom has All in One Bundles that go for KSh 5,000 to 10,000 Shillings. Let’s look at the different Safaricom all in one bundles below:

Kenya Shillings 500 Safaricom bundles

  1. 1.5 GB + 100 minutes + 500 SMS + 6 GB WhatsApp
  2. 2 GB + 6 GB free WhatsApp

Kenya Shillings 1000 Safaricom bundles

  1. 5 GB
  2. 4 GB+200 minutes + 1000 SMS
  3. 1 GB + 400 minutes + 1000 SMS
    All three bundles come with 6GB WhatsApp + free 2GB YouTube

Kenya Shillings 2000 Safaricom bundles

  1. 15 GB
  2. 12 GB + 600 minutes + 2000 SMS
  3. 3 GB + 1000 minutes+ 2000 SMS
    When you purchase any of the bundles, you get 6GB WhatsApp + free 2GB YouTube

Kenya Shillings 3000 Safaricom bundles

  1. 25 GB
  2. 20 GB + 900 minutes + 3000 SMS
  3. 5 GB +1 500 minutes + 3000 SMS
    All three bundles come with 6GB WhatsApp + free 2 GB YouTube

Kenya Shillings 5000 Safaricom bundles

  1. 35 GB + 1500 minutes + 5000 SMS
  2. 10 GB + 2500 minutes + 5000 SMS
    Both bundles gets you 6GB WhatsApp + free 2GB YouTube

Kenya Shillings 10000 Safaricom bundles

  1. 50 GB + 3500 minutes + 10000 SMS
  2. 20 GB + 7500 minutes + 10000 SMS
    Both Safaricom bundles gets you 6 GB WhatsApp + free 2 GB YouTube
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How to buy Safaricom All in One Bundle

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 1: All In One Bundle + FREE YouTube
  • Decide how much you want to spend. In this example I’ll use KSh 1000. So, select option 1:Ksh 1000
  • Select option 2 to buy the 4GB+200mins+1000SMS OR option 1 to just get data (5GB) OR option 3 to get the 1GB+400mins+1000SMS
  • Next, select option 2: Buy Once (Or option 1: Auto Renew)
  • Choose to pay with Airtime or via M-PESA
  • Select Accept when you’re prompted to confirm your purchase.

Telkom’s 3GB+100SMS+100Min @KSh 499 bundle looks similar to Safaricom’s 3GB+1000mins+2000SMS bundle which costs KSh 2000. With both bundles you get the same amount of data valid for 30 days. Only thing is that you have to pay around KSh 1500 more to Safaricom to get the same amount of data & 900Minutes + 1900SMS.

I know some people will say Safaricom’s internet speeds are better than Telkom’s. Okay. If that’s not an issue for you, and you’re mainly purchasing a Telkom bundle for the data component, Telkom offers a better deal (at KSh 500) than Safaricom.

If you want more data and minutes, may be what Safaricom offers here is better. Why am I saying maybe? Because you can spend the KSh 1500 you have left to  buy the same Telkom bundle once what you purchase initially runs out.

Personally, I’d buy both Telkom’s KSh 499 bundle and then also purchase the KSh 1000 4GB+200mins+1000SMS bundle by Safaricom (and still have KSh 500 left for future purchases).

But if you have to stick to a budget of KSh 500, the Safaricom bundle I see that offers something that closely resembles what Telkom offers at that same price-point is the 1.5GB+100mins+500SMS bundle.

Telkom’s 8GB+300Minutes+300SMS at KSh 999 is similar to these bundles by Safaricom: the 12GB+600mins+2000SMS at KSh 2000 OR the 5GB bundle at KSh 1000.

Telkom’s 10GB at KSh 999: If you were to purchase something similar from Safaricom, consider these bundles: the 5GB bundle at 1000 Shillings; the 15GB bundle at KSh 2000; or the 12GB+600mins+2000SMS bundle at 2000 Shillings.

If you must get 10GB data, consider Safaricom 10GB+2500mins+5000SMS bundle at 5000 Shillings.

For a Safaricom bundle at the same price-point as Telkom’s, you’ll have to get the 5GB bundle at 1000 Shillings.

What if you are looking for something like Telkom’s 17GB+600Min+600SMS KSh 1999 bundle? Consider the Safaricom 12GB+600mins+2000SMS bundle at 2000. You’ll get extra data with Telkom (5GB), get extra texts (1400SMS) with Safaricom. Note that both telcos give subscribers the same number of minutes.

Want something similar to Telkom 25GB @ KSh 1999? Get either the Safaricom 25GB bundle or the 20GB+900mins+3000SMS bundle. Both go for 3,000 Shillings. For a Safaricom bundle at a similar price-point, consider buying the 15GB or 12GB+600mins+2000SMS bundles.

And lastly, here are Safaricom bundles similar to Telkom 40GB @ KSh 2999 bundle: Safaricom 35GB+1500mins+5000SMS at 5K OR the 10K 50GB+3500mins+10000SMS bundle. The closest Safaricom bundle at 3000 Shillings is the 20GB+900mins+3000SMS bundle.

Have anything you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section.

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