Airtel Kenya Amazing Data bundles + free WhatsApp (YouTube) menu options

The first thing you’ll see on the Airtel Kenya Amazing Data Bundles menu (at the time of writing this post) is the daily 2 GB + WhatsApp at Kenya Shillings 99 bundle.

And then there are more options. Options to buy, autorenew, unsubscribe, gift and check balances of various daily, weekly, monthly and 3-month bundles.

In this blog post I am going to specifically write about all these bundles. You are not going to see any section dedicated to data bundles found in other categories on the *544# menu (such as Tubonge, UnlimiNET combo, Kopa, roaming and international bundles).

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

The post is only going to be about Airtel Kenya Amazing Data Bundles.

List of all bundles

The list of Amazing Data Bundles you can buy by dialing the USSD shortcodes *100# or *544# or online include:

Daily Bundles

  • 2 GB + WhatsApp at KSh 99
  • 8 MB at KSh 5
  • 40 MB at KSh 10
  • 100 MB + WhatsApp at KSh 20
  • 400 MB + WhatsApp at KSh 50
  • Club Night (250 MB Night Data)

Why would you want to buy a daily bundle? To just read articles, news and posts by your friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – or check your email. This can be done even on a feature phone with a small bundle like the daily 8MB at 5 Shillings bundle.

Or you can just watch several videos on YouTube, chat with your friends on messaging apps or watch 2 to 3 movies on ShowMax or Netflix using the 2 GB bundle. Actually, this is the bundle I often buy when I want to:

  • watch videos online on YouTube (cars, music, tutorials, comedy, documentaries etc.)
  • to stream movies and TV series online on YouTube, ShowMax and Netflix.
  • update my blog, The bundle comes in handy when I have to update WordPress plugins and themes, customize sections of the site, add images to blog posts, index posts on Google Search Console or send out outreach emails to clients for the various freelance services I offer.
  • backup files online.
  • download large files online (numerous instrumentals at a time sometimes).
  • view and compare items for sale on Kenyan classified sites (like Jiji, PigiaMe, The Star & CraigsList) and online shops (Jumia Kenya and Masoko).
  • share my internet connection with others via mobile hotspot / WiFi.
  • update apps on operating systems like Microsoft Windows 10 and Google Android.
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7 Days Bundles

  • 6 GB + WhatsApp at KSh 500
  • 2 GB + WhatsApp at KSh 250
  • 500 MB + WhatsApp at KSh 100
  • 200 MB + WhatsApp at KSh 50
  • 15 MB at KSh 10
  • 6 MB at KSh 5

Buying a weekly bundle would come in handy if you have money in the range of Sh 300 – 400 (money that could be easily blown on 24-hour bundles in just one or two days binge-watching videos).

These are the bundles you go for when spending on either a daily or monthly bundle doesn’t make much sense:

  1. because spending on daily bundles would mean that there will be days in the week when you’ll be wondering where you’re going to get ‘data
  2. because spending on a monthly bundle with sizable data amount is out of your reach.

So you decide to moderate your consumption, and forgo daily and monthly bundles and settle on the sweet-spot – weekly bundles.

I usually go for these bundles when I have a clear plan on what I want to spend my data on each day of the week.

As someone who owns a blog, the plan is usually related to some aspect of my blogging / online freelancing.

30 Days + 5 GB FREE YouTube Bundles

  • 40 GB + 5 GB YouTube at KSh 3000
  • 25 GB + 5 GB YouTube at KSh 2000
  • 15 GB + 5 GB YouTube at KSh 1500
  • 10 GB + 5 GB YouTube at KSh 1000
  • 4 GB at KSh 500
  • 1.5 GB at KSh 300
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As I write this I have an Airtel Kenya SIM (I use mainly for accessing the internet) with an active 1.5 GB monthly bundle.

I bought this bundle mainly so I can write as many posts as I can and use the bundle to schedule them on the blog in advance.

It is what I’ve been using to bring to the public the Telkom Kenya series and now, the Airtel Kenya series here.

Go for monthly bundles once you’ve gauged how much data you usually consume on a daily or weekly basis.

Once you do, just select a bundle you like and buy it.

Chances are that the bundle will last you the whole month.

UnlimiNet Modem Bundles

  • Modem Daily: the bundles under this option include the 200 MB valid for 24 hours at Kenya Shillings 50 and the 500 MB at KSh 99 bundle.
  • Modem Weekly: the bundles under this option include the 1 GB valid for 7 days at Kenya Shillings 250, the 5 GB at KSh 699 bundle and the 10 GB at KSh 999 bundle.
  • Modem Monthly: the only bundle under this option is the 20 GB valid for 30 days at Kenya Shillings 2999 bundle.
  • Booster Packs: the Airtel Kenya Booster Packs you can buy under the UnlimiNet Modem Bundles menu include the 1 GB at Kenya Shillings 199 pack and the 5 GB at KSh 699 pack.
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You can also buy Modem bundles for another Airtel Kenya number, by going to this menu.

90 Days Bundles

  • 70 GB valid for 90 days at Kenya Shillings 9000
  • 40 GB at KSh 6000
  • 12 GB at KSh 3000

Frankly I haven’t bought these.

But I am sure they would really appeal to people whose internet consumption rates is moderate – people who consume the same amount of data daily, weekly or monthly.

Or people who don’t want to channel lots of money on purchases such as pay TV subscriptions + internet every month. So they just buy bundles in bulk (for longer durations) and repeat the same purchase every quarter.

Stop Autorenewal for Airtel bundles

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 1. Amazing Data New
  • Enter * to go to the next page on the menu
  • Reply with 7 to Stop auto renew
  • Wait for confirmation message from Airtel.

To check data balance

  • Dial *544#
  • Enter * to view items on the next page
  • Reply with 10 to Check Data Balance
  • Wait for a confirmation message from Airtel.
    If you purchased the 1.5 GB monthly bundle like I did, here’s an example of the text you’ll receive from Airtel: You are currently using 1.5 GB bundle valid until 12-10-19 19:33. Balance is 869 MB.

You can also dial *544*3# to get your balance details.

To learn more about checking data balances, read this detailed post: How to check data bundle balance on Airtel Kenya line.

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