Send money from Kenya with Tingg International Funds Transfer

Now you can send money across the world with Tingg International Funds Transfer. I did a post about Tingg awhile ago – showing readers the many things they could do with the service. If this is your first time hearing about Tingg, let me tell you some of the things you can do with it:

What is Tingg? What can I use the service for in Kenya?

  • Buy airtime for Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom or JTL phone numbers
  • Pay your KPLC Postpaid bills / buy tokens
  • Order KFC
  • Check your due bills
  • Pay Nairobi Water bills
  • Buy gas / order your gas cylinder to be refilled
  • Pay for your TV bouquets on DStv, GOtv, ZUKU, Kwese and StarTimes
  • Check your expenditure
  • And now you can also use the service to send money internationally.

I heard about their international money transfer service via a text message they sent me a few days ago. Here’s the text: ‘Good News! You can now send money across the world through Tingg. Dial *369#, select Intl. Funds Transfer & enjoy the LOWEST rates. STOP22705 #HappyEaster

The money you send to others via Tingg International Funds Transfer service can be sent to the recipient’s:

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  1. mobile money account or
  2. their bank account
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The service is easy to use.

There isn’t much needed to get started.

Accessing Tingg money transfer service via USSD code or online

And it can be accessed on any device (feature phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) via a USSD code (*369#) or online on Tingg Africa website.

A quick glance, when I dial *369#, shows the International Funds Transfer option listed as number 6 on the menu. That may change in the future, but everything else – the step-by-step instructions I am about to show you – will probably be the same for several months / years.

Sending money internationally with Tingg

So, how do I use the Tingg International Funds Transfer service to send money across the border to someone say in Tanzania?

  • Dial *369# on your Safaricom, Airtel Kenya or Telkom Kenya line
  • Select option 6: International Funds Transfer
    You will see the following ‘Welcome to SimbaPay, kindly provide your full name
  • Enter your real name e.g. James Oti and tap Send
  • Select option 1: Enter Recipient Mobile Number
    Enter mobile number to send money to (including country code). So say the recipient’s number is 0777456728 and Tanzania’s country code is 255, enter the following as the recipient’s mobile number: 255777456728
  • You’ll see the following: ‘Are you sure you want to transfer money to a recipient in Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania?’ Select option 1. Yes – to continue or option 2. No – if you want to make some changes
  • Enter recipient’s full name e.g. Juma Matano
  • Next choose how you wish the funds to be delivered. Select option 1. Mobile Money OR 2. Bank
    If you select option 1. Mobile money, enter amount to transfer in KES (Kenya Shillings). Note: ‘The transaction amount for this payment method must be between 100 and 130,000 Kenya Shillings.’ So, if you want to send KSh 5000 to the recipient, enter 5000.
    If you select option 2. Bank, enter recipient’s bank name or swift code to proceed.
  • You will then see the following: ‘You are about to send KES 5000 to 255777456728 using SimbaPay. Juma will receive TZS 113663.87 at a fee of 0 and 22.73 rate.’ Select option 1. Pay OR option 2. Cancel.
  • Select 1. Pay
    You will then see a notification that looks like this: ‘Your request to pay KES 5000 to TINGG for mobile number 255777456728 has been placed. Kindly proceed to enter M-PESA PIN.’
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and wait for a confirmation message from both Tingg and Safaricom M-PESA.
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Note that at the time of writing this post (Wednesday 15th April 2020), the exchange rates between Kenya and Tanzania / Uganda were as follows:

  • 1 Kenyan Shilling = 21.83 Tanzanian Shillings
  • 1 Kenyan Shilling = 35.34 Ugandan Shillings

So, that is how you send money via the Tingg / SimbaPay service.

Make sure you have enough money in your M-PESA account before you dial *369#. Why? To avoid wasting time going back and forth between M-PESA and Tingg’s menus.

To read about other services offered by Cellulant, through Tingg, read this article: Tingg buy airtime, gas, KFC, KPLC, water & pay TV bills.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, get in touch with Tingg. I show you how to quickly get their contact details via the *369# USSD code in the article I have linked to above.

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