Airtel Kenya USSD codes list

Having published a USSD codes list for Safaricom, Equitel and Telkom Kenya, I thought it was time for another list – an Airtel Kenya USSD codes list.

Today, I present that list to you.

In it you will find various short codes you can use to manage your Airtel Kenya account, check your airtime balance, top up your line, check your data bundle balance, check your phone number, transfer airtime, buy hello tunes, borrow airtime and data bundles, buy data bundles, buy international minutes, buy roaming minutes, buy SMS bundles, buy all in one monthly bundles, access Airtel Money mobile money wallet, get loans from Airtel, buy airtime, get Tosha bundles, purchase Airtel Enterprise Prepaid Bundles and more.

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Let’s start with …

*131# USSD code to check Airtel Kenya airtime balance

How to use the shortcode: Dial *131# / *133#

Anytime you want to check your Airtel airtime balance, use any if the USSD short codes above.

You will see your balance on-screen (and sometimes various offers you can buy on your Airtel Kenya line).

Here’s an example of what I see when I dial *131#

Your balance is Ksh 20.02. Get FREE Airtel calls & call other NETWORKS @ 2 BOB with Tubonge 10, 50 & 150. Dial *544# to buy Tubonge.’

Dial *131*10# to check bonus airtime balance on your Airtel line.

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*130# USSD code to recharge Airtel Kenya line with scratch card

How to use the shortcode: Dial *130*PIN#

How do you load airtime to your Airtel line once you buy a scratch card? You use the top up code *130#.

  • So, you go to a shop for example and purchase a Kenya Shillings 10, 20, 50 or 100 Airtel Kenya scratch card.
  • Next, you scratch the card to reveal the recharge PIN.
  • Then you use the USSD code above, in the format *130*PIN# to load airtime to your Airtel line.
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To learn more, read: How to top up Airtel Kenya line: airtime for own vs another number.

*100# USSD code to manage your Airtel Kenya account, buy bundles, access Kopa & Airtel Money

How to use the shortcode: Dial *100#

You can use this shortcode to do the following:

Here are the options under the *100# menu

  • Today’s Hot Deals
  • Get PUK
  • Manage My Account
  • Buy Bundles & Services
  • Airtel Money
  • Kopa & Other Services
  • Contact Us

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*544# USSD code to buy Airtel Kenya bundles (minutes, data & SMS), borrow from Kopa & check bundle balance

How to use the shortcode: Dial *544#

If you want to purchase bundles on your Airtel Kenya line, use the *544# short code.

You will find a menu with different offers for voice, data and text messages.

On the *544# menu, you can:

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You can also use the following shortcodes:

  • Dial *544*99# or *544*22# to buy Airtel Kenya daily 2GB internet bundle with WhatsApp at Kenya Shillings 99.
  • Dial *544*3# to check bundle balance on your Airtel line

Here are the options under the *544# menu:

  • Amazing Data – New
  • TubongePlus – New
  • Tubonge (Voice)
  • UnlimiNET (Combo) – New
  • Gift a Bundle
  • Kopa
  • Roaming
  • SMS
  • International
  • Amazing Home Data Bundles
  • Check Data Balance
  • Check if your SIM card or Phone is 4G enabled
  • Smart Home Bundles

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*222# USSD code to access the Airtel Money menu

How to use the shortcode: Dial *222#

If you don’t want to access your Airtel Money account via the Airtel SIM toolkit menu, you can simply use the *222# USSD shortcode.

Dial the code, any time you want to:

  • manage your Airtel Money account: change PIN, check balance, manage favorites, reverse wrong transaction, change language or get mini statement
  • buy airtime for your line or another Airtel Kenya phone number
  • send money
  • withdraw money from Airtel Kenya agents or ATMs
  • Lipa na Airtel
  • use Airtel Kenya loans and savings services such as M-Fanisi and Kopa Cash

Here are the options under the *222# menu:

  • Send Money
  • Buy Airtime
  • Withdraw Money
  • Loans & Savings
  • Lipa na Airtel Money
  • My Account

To learn more, read: Send & withdraw money on Airtel Kenya, Lipa na Airtel Money, buy airtime + My Account options.

*811# USSD code for Airtel Kenya Hello tunes menu

How to use the shortcode: Dial *811# / *355#

Once you dial the *811# code you can manage your beats or buy another beat in any of the categories listed on the menu.

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You can entertain your callers with Hello Tunes from categories such as Gospel, Bollywood, Kenyan Top 10, International Top 10 among others (see full list below).

You can search for a song by title or the artist’s name.

Charges are KSh 36 per month for activation and KSh 12 for a tune / song.

Here are the options under the *811# menu:

  • EA Trend
  • Kenyan Top 10
  • International Top 10
  • Gospel
  • Latest
  • Arrow Bwoy Songs / Eric Omondi
  • Your Name
  • Search
  • My Beats
  • Unsubscribe
  • Search
  • Swahili

To learn more, read: Airtel Kenya Kopa, call me back, Zawadi, Hello Tunes & Football.

*304# USSD code for Airtel Kenya Enterprise Prepaid Bundles

How to use the shortcode: Dial *304#

By default Airtel Kenya prepaid lines are on the Uwezo tariff which I wrote about in this post. However, you can also take advantage of Airtel’s Enterprise Prepaid Bundles.

Here are the options under the *304# menu:

  • Enterprise Prepaid Bundles
  • Individual Prepaid Bundles
  • Business Club
  • Check Numbers Added
  • Unsubscribe

To learn more, read this post: How to check Airtel Kenya tariff + Enterprise Prepaid Bundles.

*767# USSD code for Airtel Kenya Tosha bundles

How to use the shortcode: Dial *767#

Use this short code to buy Airtel Kenya Tosha 100, Tosha 50, Tosha 30, Tosha 20 and Tosha 10.

Select a Tosha bundle you want then buy a one day plan, daily renewal plan, weekly plan or monthly plan.

To buy Airtel Kenya Tosha bundles, dial *767# -> select option 1) Tosha Bundles -> select the Tosha plan you want (KSh 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100) -> buy one daily plan / daily renewal plan / weekly plan / monthly plan.

I show you how to buy various data bundles on Airtel here.

Airtel Kenya USSD short codes – a summary

Which Airtel Kenya USSD short code do you usually use the most? Which one is your favourite? Is there one you use often that has not been listed in the post? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Airtel should have a code number for checking balance through sms. e.g safaricom allows you to check all your current balances by sending the word bal to 144. It’s way easier, quicker, and effective, instead of having to dial those codes and scroll through the endless lists.


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