How to check Telkom Kenya phone number

Continuing with the Telkom series, today I am going to show you how to check your Telkom Kenya phone number.

This may look like something basic, but you and I know it isn’t – especially if you have more than one line (one from say Safaricom, Airtel Kenya, Equitel or any other mobile phone service provider in or outside Kenya).

Dial *100# to check your Telkom Kenya number

  • Dial *100#
  • Then go to option 1: My Account
  • Answer with 2 – which is the My number option at the time of writing this post
  • And then you’ll see something like this: ‘Dear customer, your mobile number is +254773******. Call for as low as 1.5/- with Any Net Bundles. Dial *544# to subscribe.

Copy the number on a piece of paper (or in a notebook) and have it saved in your phone book with your first name and something like ‘Telk KE’ as your second name.

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So, anytime you want to use your number, assuming you haven’t memorized it yet, you can just go into your contacts list and retrieve it from there.

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Remember that you can also dial *123# to access the same menu you get when you use the *100# shortcode.

Call another number from your Telkom Kenya line

This is easy to do especially if you have two phones.

  • Top up first. You can buy a recharge card from a retail outlet near you, purchase airtime via your credit / debit card or via Safaricom M-PESA.
  • Then just call the other number from your Telkom Kenya line.
  • Save the number in your contacts list.

Send a text message to another line from your Telkom Kenya SIM

Another way to get your Telkom Kenya phone number is by sending a text message to your other numbers (or your family’s or friend’s).

Once you’ve topped up your Telkom line, just send a text. It doesn’t matter what you put in it.

The text you receive will have your Telkom number.

Save it.

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Check your phone number via Telkom Kenya SIM toolkit menu

  • On your phone’s menu, go to Telkom. Some old lines still have Orange as the SIM toolkit name.
  • Go to Telkom /Orange Services.
  • Go to Personal info
  • And select ‘own number’
  • Your SIM card, will attempt to make a call to 130
  • Tap on Yes
  • In the menu being read to you (Telkom bundles, airtime recharge, preferred language, data bundles among other things, you’ll hear one about getting your phone number). At the time of writing this post, that is option number 8 on the menu. You’ll be prompted to press 8# to get your phone number . Just take a pencil / pen and write it down.

Check the plate your Telkom SIM card is attached to

When you purchase a Telkom Kenya line, you’ll find that your SIM is attached to a card with your PIN, PUK and serial number.

That card also has your phone number listed on it.

Look for the card, and you’ll find your phone number on it.

Send please call me to another Telkom Kenya line

Use the please call me service provided by Telkom Kenya to send a request to another Telkom subscriber and then have them read your phone number to you.

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This is perfect for when you are running low on credit and don’t want to call/text or use any of the other methods listed above to check your phone number.

  • Dial *100#
  • Answer with 5 – this is listed as Products & Services on the menu
  • Answer with 2: Please call me
  • Enter the other person’s Telkom number
  • Press Send.

Why check your Telkom Kenya number?

  • To write it down, memorize it and share it off-head whenever someone asks for your phone number.
  • So you can easily top up your line with M-PESA via Pesapal airtime recharge service. Or even through Telkom Kenya’s own M-PESA business number: 777711.
  • To verify accounts online. Most online services only use email to verify an account during sign up. But there are more services opting to use phone number verification as an extra layer of security. So, if you don’t want one time passwords (OTPs) and text verification codes sent to your current line (e.g. if you sign up for an online bank service that you use only a few times a week/month) you can just use your Telkom line for this purpose. Or you can use your number to verify email addresses and social media accounts. All up to you.
  • To easily share it with someone if they want to do a credit transfer from their Telkom Kenya line to your number.

Have any questions you’d like to ask? Or something you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section below.

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