How to check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance

What do you do when you want to check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance on your line or a friend’s? Of course, you dial *131# or *544# on your device.

That usually works for any of the 1 day, 7 day or 30 day bundles you might purchase from the telco.

But that is not all. There are other ways to check your data balance.

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I list them all below.

Dial *131# to check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance

While the *131# shortcode is usually used to check Telkom Kenya airtime balance, I think it is worth mentioning that it can be used to check Telkom data bundle balance as well.How to check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance

When you first buy your line and top it up, this may not be apparent – even if you check your account balance right after topping your line.

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But once you buy a bundle (some starting as low as Kenya Shillings 10 a day), and check your balance again using the *131# shortcode, you’ll be able to also see details of any active data bundles you have purchased – the balance as well as the expiry date.

This is one of the quickest ways to check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Just dial *131#

Use the *544# shortcode to check your Telkom Kenya data bundle balance

Go to your phone.

  • Dial *544# and press the OK / Call / green button
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Go to the Next page and tap on the option that says ‘Check Data Balance’.

You can use the methods above to check balances of the following Telkom Kenya data bundles

  • Daily bundles: WhatsApp 50MB, 40MB, 100MB, 500MB+500MB Night Data, 2GB at KSh 99 + 2 GB Night Data, Night 5GB Midnight to 6 am at Kenya Shillings 39.
  • Weekly bundles: 200MB, 500MB and 2GB at KSh 249.
  • Monthly bundles: 1GB, 4GB, 10GB, 25GB, 40GB.
  • Mzito combo bundles: 3, 8 & 17GB, and
  • Holla bundles.

Dial *100# to access the Telkom ‘Data Bundles’ menu

You can use this shortcode to check your data bundle balance in two different ways.

First you’re going to have to dial *100#. From there, you have two options:

  • You can go with option #1 – ‘My Account’. Tap on it, then tap on the part that says ‘My balance’ or,
  • You can go with option #4 – ‘Data Bundles’ to access the menu similar to the one you get when you dial *544#. Once you get to the menu, simply navigate to the second page and tap on ‘Check Data Balance’
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Check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance online

You can get your bundle balance online through the ‘My Account’ area on Telkom Kenya website.

To go to ‘your account’ area, visit the link above or access that part of the site by first visiting

Then going to Mobile > My Account > My Account Portal.

You can find the links to all these sections on main navigation area.

Login using your Telkom phone number and your password. If you are a new user or have forgotten your password, you can click the ‘forgot password’ link on the page to reset it.

If you need further help, call Telkom customer care using the number 100. If you are calling from another line / network, dial 020-2221000.

Why check your Telkom bundle balance

  • To continue using Telkom Kenya internet services at 3G or 4G speeds if your balance is sufficient. And to purchase another bundle if you are running out of data.
  • To renew a bundle before expiry (and keep any unused data active instead of letting it expire).
  • To share the data you’ve purchased with other Telkom Kenya subscribers. Could be a family member or a friend.

One more thing

You can go to your phone’s menu, look up the Telkom/Orange icon.

  • Tap it to access the Telkom Kenya SIM Toolkit menu.
  • Tap on Telkom/Orange Services. Then go to ‘Internet Offers > Internet bundles‘ to access the same menu you’d normally get if you dial *544#.
  • Tap on 00:menu to access the *544# main menu.
  • Tap on Next (displayed as 7:–> at the time of writing this post) to access the next page on the menu. Then simply tap on option #10:Check Data Balance.

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