Telkom Kenya buy bundle for home plan number

While writing the Telkom Kenya series, I think this is the post where I checked the *544# menu and didn’t find anything meaningful to share with you.

I mean when you go to the 544 menu there is an option (11) that reads ‘Buy Bundle for a Home Plan Number’.

Selecting the option on my prepaid line however only leads to this:

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… a notification that reads …

This service is only available for Home Plan customers. Enter Home Plan number.

Since I don’t have a Home Plan Number, I had to look elsewhere for information to share with you.

So, I just went straight to Telkom Kenya website – and found a few interesting things which you’ll learn more about below.

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Telkom Kenya Home Plan to me seems like the telcos equivalent to Safaricom Home Fibre. It is Telkom’s foray into the home segment – targeting people who need access to reliable and high speed internet at home every day.

Through the Home Plan service, Telkom is doing their best to bring 4G internet speeds to as many customers as they can.

So, what data bundles does Telkom offer under this plan? How much do the bundles cost? How can you buy the bundles? Where can you buy the bundles? Are there are special equipment / devices you need to enjoy browsing the internet via Telkom’s home plan? I’m going to answer these questions below.

Telkom Kenya Home Plan data bundles: sizes and prices in Shillings

Daily bundles: bundles valid for 24 hours

  • 5 GB at Kenya Shillings 249
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Monthly bundles: bundles valid for 30 days

  • 10 GB at Kenya Shillings 999
  • 25 GB at Kenya Shillings 1999
  • 40 GB at Kenya Shillings 2999
  • Unlimited GBs at Kenya Shillings 3999

90-day bundles

  • 100 GB at Kenya Shillings 5999

How to purchase Telkom Kenya Home Plan data bundles

Where to buy the Home Plan data bundles

  • On your Telkom home plan number, by dialing *222#
  • Online on the Telkom Kenya website under the My Account section
  • At a Telkom Kenya shop near you

In case you need further assistance, you can always reach Telkom customer care agents by making a free call to the number 100.

Devices / equipment you need (modems and routers etc.)

  • Telkom 4G router if you are a new customer. When you purchase the router, you’ll also get a Telkom 4G SIM card on the Home Plan.
  • Purchase of a SIM card under the home data plan. This is for existing customers who already have a 4G router in their possession.

Other important details you need to know:

  • You get charged KSh 2 per MB once your data bundle is exhausted.
  • New customers on the home plan get free 10 GB data bundle valid for one month.
  • If your bundle expires before you exhaust it, you cannot recover the data that was unused. However, if you purchase another bundle before the current one runs out, any unused data come expiry date, will be carried over / added to your recent data bundle purchase.
  • If you want to buy the regular Telkom Kenya data bundles on your prepaid line, dial *544#. You can use the same USSD shortcode to check your data bundle balance too.
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Have anything you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section below.

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