Hire help for WordPress: blog setup, plugin and theme installation

Are you in search of a freelancer, individual (like a virtual assistant) or company to setup your blog or website, add plugins, themes and configure them right fast the first time?

And you don’t want the headaches (mainly frustration and time lost not knowing what to do, who to talk to or where to find someone to guide you) associated with starting WordPress sites?

You are in the right place. Your search for that someone to hire, that right freelancer or company to pay to help you get started quickly sharing original and useful blog posts that attracts readers, email subscribers and customers stops here at Niabusiness.com.

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To get started, use the contact form below to discuss your needs now. If you’d rather learn more about this service first, read on.

Why let someone start your WordPress blog or website for you and setup everything?

To save your time for other important things

Starting a WordPress site looks easy! I am not saying it’s difficult.

But as someone who knows which tasks brings you the most value, satisfaction or return, you bet the right thing is to focus on those things and not use valuable time getting involved in tasks that don’t bring you or your audience all the good things you have in mind.

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So, if you know this to be true in your case as well, this is where I come in – to ensure your time is mainly spent on these other tasks that are more important to you – for example creating long-form content and short blog posts to get more organic search traffic.

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To limit the chance of frustration slowing you down from achieving your blogging goals

When starting a WordPress site, there are times when things go wrong (fatal errors popping up on your screen, for example) or when you find yourself spending hours and hours figuring out something you thought would take you five minutes or less.

To make sure you only install the plugins and themes that you really need

There are thousands of plugins and themes to choose from on WordPress repository and other plugin and theme marketplaces out there.Hire help for WordPress: blog setup, plugin and theme installation

Every list of best free or best premium WordPress plugins or themes is filled with long lists of must-haves.

Some plugins do the same thing.

Some help you do certain things better.

And with this overlapping, choosing can be hard.

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Or you may find yourself adding many plugins to your site – which is a recipe for disaster.

First, lots of your time will be lost learning about each new theme or plugin you install. Your time will be lost trying to configure the themes and plugins of your choice to work properly.

With the many installations, there will be a likelihood of conflicts between the plugins and themes you upload to your site – which gives room to more fatal errors.

But that’s not even the big problem. Your web pages will load slowly for the readers, visitors and potential customers who decide to visit your blog or website.

And slow sites, to be honest, pisses a lot of people off, especially if their internet connection is slow for one reason or another or they just have too much on their plate and want to get something from your site fast and move to other things.

When your site loads slowly, most people will do the following:

  • they’ll leave and look for whatever they were after (perhaps a product, service or content like the one you have on your site for readers and potential customers) somewhere else (like competing sites or businesses)
  • they’ll limit their time on your site. For example, if they ready to explore your blog or website some more, reading one, two or three more pages, they’ll limit the time they engage with your content (which reduces the chance that they’ll take the action you want them to take e.g. subscribe via email, comment, buy something, contribute their ideas, among other things).

No one wants these two things to happen to their investment (yes, here at Niabusiness.com I look at a blog or website as investments that must be well taken care of from the start – something that must be nurtured into this big thing that reaches more people, helping them, solving their problems, educating them or just making their day).

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Google, too, takes into consideration the amount of time your site loads.

Given that their business, Google Search in particular, is to help their users (and a lot of people on the internet use Google in one way or another) find relevant , useful information, products and services fast, you bet they’ll be shaking their heads when they detect a slow site (and smiling when they notice your page load speed is fast).

Niabusiness.com, through this service, ensures that your site becomes one of those that Google (and other search engines like Bing, YouTube, Ask and DuckduckGo) notices and smiles.

I help you setup things right from the start.

To ask questions and get more ideas while your WordPress site is being created

Letting us start your blog or website for you gives you the chance to ask questions and get answers. Answers to questions like:

  1. What to do next after your blog or website is all setup and ready
  2. What info you need to know about the niche you are targeting with your site
  3. Who to get in touch with in your niche and why
  4. Where to find relevant blog and websites with the kind of readers or customers you are after and what to do when you find them
  5. What essential things you must do in the first week (and month) after launching your blog
  6. How to write your blog mission, the benefits of having one and how to stick to it. More info on blog mission can be found in my ebook How to Start a Successful Blog here
  7. How to move forward and ensure your site doesn’t become one among those that gets abandoned a few months after they are started, slowly let to wither away until the domain name expires and there isn’t even any motivation left to renew web hosting.

Who can benefit from the Niabusiness.com WordPress blog, website setup and plugin installation service?

You, the individual or business owner who already knows the benefits that comes with starting and having your own blog and though busy, is ready to start one immediately with the help of someone.

Why? So you keep focusing on the other more important things that currently takes up the bulk of your work hours.

If you need domain name registration and WordPress hosting to be a part of this package, that can be arranged too.

When can I start work on your site?

I get to work immediately payment is received.

First, you’ll tell us about your budget below (how much you are willing to pay for this service).

After agreeing on the amount, I will inform you about how to make your payment, sending you an invoice to the email address you use below.

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Interested in this service? Want to build your WordPress site right from day one? Click here to get in touch.

I can help you with the following:

  1. Installing WordPress – You can hire me to install the script, add plugins (to add new functionality to your site) and themes of your choice or the ones you need to power your blog (I can recommend some if you want).
  2. Starting  an online shop using WP and ecommerce plugins like Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads to sell physical products (that you have created yourself, items you are reselling or drop-shipping), digital downloads like music, ebooks, courses.
  3. Integrating WordPress with third party applications
  4. Adding email opt in boxes and configuring them to automatically make your freebies (for example the downloads you give only to your email subscribers) accessible once a subscriber confirms their email address.
  5. Taking charge of your WordPress blog and maintaining it, so that you have more time to create new content, products, services and reach out, using different ways to drive back to your site, the kind of traffic you want.
  6. Fixing errors that deter your site from functioning the way it should. I can help you find and remove what’s causing the problems. Example: eliminating 404 errors that you even, may be, forgot doesn’t sit well with some of the people who come to your site. You may also hire me to make the changes you want if you don’t want to mess up your own site unknowingly.
  7. Optimizing your site in different ways. For example doing on page optimization, making changes to your blog post titles and more, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for when they arrive on the site.
  8. Buying a domain name and providing WordPress hosting for your new site or an existing site you are thinking of moving from your current web hosting company to another hosting provider.

I can help you with the above.

Didn’t see a WP service you were looking for?

If you need help with something that’s not listed above, get in touch with me to see:

  • how I can help
  • who else I recommend for the kind of tinkering you need.

Why would you want to hire someone to work on your WordPress site?

Well, there are many reasons, chief among them being able to use your time doing other things instead of spending hours and hours searching for a solution and ending up more frustrated – not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to do it all yourself.

But the time you save, while I work on your site, that could be family time, more time bringing in more customers through the door, more time to write that blog post and finish that book, more time focusing on how to give more of what people come to you for: your products, your services, your ideas, your message, clarity in explaining concepts etc.

Is it affordable to hire someone, in this case Niabusiness.com, to help you with your WordPress site?

You’ll know the answer to this question once you receive your invoice in your inbox.

How do you get started with Niabusiness.com WordPress service?

Click here to check my Hire Me page.

NOTE: If you have any other question related to the services above or the specific issue you need help with, you can use the contact form link in the services page to bring it to my attention.