Are you a blogger or business owner that needs help with a WordPress blog or website? Hire

Welcome to In this page you’ll find the help you need with your WordPress blog or website.Are you a blogger or business owner that needs help with a WordPress blog or website? Hire

So, let’s start with a couple questions to make sure I zero in on that one thing (or two, or three, or four, or five…) you need fixed.

Are you looking for someone offering premium WordPress services you can rely on to start a new WordPress blog or website?

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Someone who knows what they are doing and can help with, among other things, domain name registration, web hosting, WordPress script installation, plugin and theme installation and configuration, fixing errors that pop on your WordPress admin area – dashboard – or the main site – front end?

Say, you want to start a new site, but don’t know where to begin or simply don’t have the time to learn all the things it takes to:

  • put a site together the right way
  • improve it – making it better for you and the people who visit it
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Work with me in return for getting all this done for you, quickly and in the right way.

One of the reasons you are reading this could be because you are looking for help with some aspect of:

I can help you with the following:

  1. Installing WordPress – You can hire me to install the script, add plugins (to add new functionality to your site) and themes of your choice or the ones you need to power your blog (I can recommend some if you want).
  2. Starting  an online shop using WP and ecommerce plugins like Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads to sell physical products (that you have created yourself, items you are reselling or drop-shipping), digital downloads like music, ebooks, courses.
  3. Integrating WordPress with third party applications
  4. Adding email opt in boxes and configuring them to automatically make your freebies (for example the downloads you give only to your email subscribers) accessible once a subscriber confirms their email address.
  5. Taking charge of your WordPress blog and maintaining it, so that you have more time to create new content, products, services and reach out, using different ways to drive back to your site, the kind of traffic you want.
  6. Fixing errors that deter your site from functioning the way it should. I can help you find and remove what’s causing the problems. Example: eliminating 404 errors that you even, may be, forgot doesn’t sit well with some of the people who come to your site. You may also hire me to make the changes you want if you don’t want to mess up your own site unknowingly.
  7. Optimizing your site in different ways. For example doing on page optimization, making changes to your blog post titles and more, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for when they arrive on the site.
  8. Buying a domain name and providing WordPress hosting for your new site or an existing site you are thinking of moving from your current web hosting company to Niabusiness Hosting.
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I can help you with the above.

Didn’t see a WP service you were looking for?

If you need help with something that’s not listed above, get in touch with me to see:

  • how I can help
  • who else I recommend for the kind of tinkering you need.

Why would you want to hire someone to work on your WordPress site?

Well, there are many reasons, chief among them being able to use your time doing other things instead of spending hours and hours searching for a solution and ending up more frustrated – not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to do it all yourself.

But the time you save, while I work on your site, that could be family time, more time bringing in more customers through the door, more time to write that blog post and finish that book, more time focusing on how to give more of what people come to you for: your products, your services, your ideas, your message, clarity in explaining concepts etc.

Is it affordable to hire someone, in this case, to help you with your WordPress site?

You’ll know the answer to this question once you receive your invoice in your inbox.

How do you get started with WordPress service?

Click here to check my rates and select an option.

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NOTE: If you have any other question related to the services above or the specific issue you need help with, you can use the contact form link in the services page to bring it to my attention.