Hire help for WooCommerce online store, plugin installation, extensions & shop themes

Are you in search of a freelancer, company or individual to install WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin for your online store?

A person to find and add the necessary extensions to make the shopping experience of your customers better?

Someone to configure everything and have your shop ready to sell digital downloads, physical products, services or a combination of some, or all, of these?

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Your search stops here. Niabusiness.com, through this service, will help you set up your store right, have it ready for your products, customers and new orders.

This will in turn leave you with more time on your hands. Time  to create great and well converting product descriptions, sales pages and ads on Google, Google+, Facebook, Twitter…that pull in more customers ready to pay for what you are selling.

Why let Niabusiness.com help you start your WooCommerce online shop? Why hire Niabusiness?

Choosing the right cart for your online shop is very important.

WooCommerce already makes a lot of things easier so that you don’t get frustrated and wonder what to do when you are stuck.

It also runs on the already popular WordPress CMS script – which is not only easy to use, but gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to optimizing your blog’s or website’s pages for search (so that you, what you sell and your online business can be easily found by people, especially buyers, looking for the kind of products you sell or services you charge for).

The WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin, by WooThemes, has numerous extensions, free and premium, that you can choose from to extend the functionality of the WooCommerce shopping cart itself.

Like some of these must-have extensions by YITH.

Want an extension to add an affiliate program to your WooCommerce store? There’s an extension for that.

Want to integrate your email marketing software (to add buyers to certain email lists you’ve created using Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Constant Contant, Ontraport…) of choice? There’s a WooCommerce extension for that.

Want to chat in real time with the people in your online shop looking at your products? There’s an extension for that. Check this one: LiveChat by LiveChatinc.com.

Want to reward your customers, giving them discounts (using coupons or direct links they just click on to get a discount) or bonuses? There’s an extension for that as well.

You wouldn’t imagine the amount of extensions available for this free WordPress ecommerce plugin and what they can allow you to do.

WooCommerce itself, when no extension has been added to it, comes with great features that benefit you, the store owner, and your customers.

You can add lots of products, digital only, physical only or a combination of both.

Meaning you can sell ebooks, music, online courses (sending the content using email autoresponders before later switching to Sensei), tickets, graphics and physical products – for example: furniture, clothes, books, electronics, custom mugs or shirts, beauty products, food and even items you find on ebay and other online marketplaces.

You are only limited by your imagination. You can also use it to sell services, charging a recurring amount, weekly, monthly or annually.

WooCommerce also allows easy management of inventory. It makes it easy to add and manage products and services, including variations for example in the case where you are selling shoes that come in different sizes.

It makes it easier for the customer to browse, add products to their cart, use coupons, checkout as a guest if the buyer doesn’t want to create their free account.

It allows you to enable the customer to pay you via PayPal, credit and debit card, cheque, even cash on delivery – among other payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, Skrill etc.

To add and use other payment processors, you can purchase an extension, from various WooCommerce theme and plugin marketplaces like YITH, and upload it to your online store.

You can also add shipping charges and taxes to your store depending on your location and the laws governing businesses in your area.

WooCommerce also  allows customers to be reminded of the products they recently viewed or added to their cart.

They can also view the best-selling, recent, related and best rated products in your store.

They can give your products star ratings and write a review to go with it (and this last bit can be limited only to persons who have actually bought the product they are rating from your store).

For digital downloads, buyers are emailed links to download the products they have bought once they make payment.

You can set the links to expire after awhile, say 24 or 48 hours, and also limit the amount of files the customer can get when they click the download link, say a limit of 2 in case their first attempt to download the product isn’t successful.

WooCommerce also allows you to add as many images as you like to a product (even creating a gallery) and having a short description (right after the main product image) and a more detailed description (a little bit below) to show your customers what they get when they buy the item.

While all this is good for you and the customers you will be attracting to your online store, one thing is evident.

It can be overwhelming setting up all this. It can waste you a lot of valuable time.

Through this service, Niabusiness.com handles all this (setting up your store, installing WooCommerce plugin extensions, themes and configuring them) while you do things like:

  • write product descriptions for the items you are going to add to your store (something you can also hire Niabusiness.com to do for you via the freelance writing service I offer WooCommerce store owners)
  • find or create images (graphics) for your products
  • come up with a promotion plan, free and paid to get customers to your online store
  • getting feedback to help improve your store
  • planning on how to nurture relationships with the people who stop by your store
  • growing your email list
  • live chatting with customers who come to your website or blog to increase sales conversion rates

In short, you spend more of your time doing what pays the bills and brings in more customers, while Niabusiness focuses on giving your online store a strong foundation, one that makes the lives and experience of everyone (you and your customers) pleasant.

Who is this WooCommerce freelance service for?

  1. Businesses and individuals who want to sell their products and services online easily using WooCommerce to power their site’s shopping cart
  2. Businesses and individuals who are tired of using complex shopping carts that sinks in more of their money and time and wipes the smiles off their faces and those of their customers
  3. Businesses and individuals who want to host their own online shop on WordPress content management system to have more control and ability to customize (not going the hosted shopping cart route)
  4. Businesses and individuals who already have, or want to start, WordPress blogs and websites and now want to add a shop to their sites to sell items they make or source from other suppliers
  5. Businesses and individuals who want online stores filled with affiliate products in a certain niche
  6. Businesses who want to have their blog and online shop in the same site, interlinking between products and blog posts to make it easier for new visitors to find, read more about the products, get the questions they have answered promptly in posts, so that there’s nothing standing in their way but to add products to their cart, complete their order, pay for it and get it shipped
  7. Businesses and individuals who want to sell products they have created on their own site – using their own domain and web hosting account to install WordPress and WooCommerce
  8. Businesses and individuals who want a search-optimized online store that’s available on the internet (99% of the time or more), not one that keeps getting errors, making it hard for people to even find their shop and what they are selling

And finally, this service is for businesses and individuals  who value their time and are fine with letting someone handle the store set up while they focus on other important things like the ones mentioned above.

Interested? Click here to hire me to set up your WooCommerce store.