Hire WordPress freelancers to help with your blog or website in Kenya

If you need help starting or managing a WordPress site, Niabusiness has made it easier for you to outsource tasks you are not comfortable handling on your own.

You can now hire freelancers to help with your WordPress blog or website in Kenya on Niabusiness.com (check the listings in the WordPress Services for Blogs & Websites category to find contractors to outsource work to).

WordPress tasks you can hire online freelancers to do

Domain registration and web hosting help

If you are a business, company or organization just trying to take their business online for the first time, why take your focus from activities that drive the most results now?

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Why take your eyes off your current sales activities to pour hour after hour online trying to figure out which domain registrar / hosting company you should use for your site? If it makes sense to you to get someone to do all that work for you, hire a freelancer on Niabusiness.com to:

  • research hosting companies that are more in line with what you are after (features, disk quota, monthly bandwidth, ease of use and pricing)
  • research the best sites to do your domain registration
  • send you back the report with their findings (on the best hosts and registrars you can use) so you can give them the okay on buying a hosting plan and registering a domain for you (you will pay for the domain & hosting yourself – with your own money of course).
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Installation and website / blog setup

Once you have a domain name and a hosting plan, you can outsource the installation bit to a freelancer as well.

In the Niabusiness WordPress category, you will find listings with people able to log in to your dashboard (cPanel, Plesk etc.) and install WordPress manually (via FTP using FileZilla / File Manager) after creating the necessary databases or install WordPress for you using auto installer software (like Softaculous or Quick Installer).

The freelancers listed in the WP category can also install an SSL certificate for your site using the free offerings by Let’s Encrypt SSL (or other paid services).

Once your site is up, the freelancer you outsource work to, can install the necessary plugins and themes to your site and configure them.

So, check this Niabusiness category to find contractors that can help you with the installation of WordPress itself, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.

Integration and verification services

The WordPress freelancers you find on Niabusiness can help you:

  • connect your WordPress site to other services out there for example Google Analytics or WordPress.com / Jetpack.
  • verify your WordPress site with various services. For example Google Search Console.

WordPress site migration

If you want to move your WordPress site from one web hosting company to another (or move WordPress from one directory – main public_html folder, subdirectory or subdomain – to another), freelancers on Niabusiness can help make the process / transition as smooth as possible.

Check the listings in the WordPress category to find someone to help you migrate your site.

Tweaking your design

You can hire contractors to help you make changes to your site’s design:

  • At theme level. So, may be by introducing custom CSS code to your theme, making changes to a premium theme you buy, adding features to a free theme you download online, creating a custom theme just for your site from scratch (from Adobe Photoshop mockups you send them) or building a child theme just for you if you are already using one of the popular WordPress theme frameworks like Genesis.
  • On specific pages. So, altering the layout of certain pages on your WordPress site using a pagebuilder or custom code. There are freelancers that can help you with light customization work like these. Go to the WordPress category to check the ad listings. If you don’t find what you are looking for, place your own ad with details about what you need help with.
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Copywriting and content creation

If you need content, to increase the number of pages on your site, get freelance writers to help you by crafting quality landing pages and blog posts that can get you more traffic, pageviews and sales.

Check the Freelance Writers category to see if there are writers already creating content in your niche topic. Or place your own ad requesting freelancers who can deliver on your specific needs to contact you.

Backup services

If you want to make sure you have more than one backup file / location for your site for when things go wrong, you can hire freelancers to help you:

  • backup your WordPress installation on the space allocated to you by your web hosting provider. They can do this via your cPanel dashboard – and use a tool like Softaculous to do the actual backup.
  • backup your WordPress website or blog using a WordPress backup plugin such as Updraftplus (which you can use for free to backup WordPress to Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Amazon AWS among other providers).
  • setup your site to backup to Jetpack (by Automattic) once you pay for the service.
  • make copies of your entire WordPress site that you can store offline or online. There are plugins that you can later on use to restore things (files, folders, images and other media) back to your domain.
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WooCommerce online store installation and setup

You can also hire contractors to add an online shop content to your existing WordPress blog or website. A common WordPress e-commerce plugin among business owner that you can get help with is the popular WooCommerce plugin.

Do note that there are other popular shopping cart solutions for WordPress such as the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

To find freelancers to outsource e-commerce work to, check the WooCommerce Online Shop / E-commerce category on Niabusiness.

Coding and development services

If you are looking for a WordPress developer, there is a category on Niabusiness you can use in your search for:

  • developers to create new plugins or themes from scratch
  • developers that can develop extensions for existing WordPress plugins
  • developers that can help you edit code / customize code on one of your site’s files
  • developers that can create custom code to help you integrate other services to your WordPress site using their API.

The Niabusiness.com category to check if you need help with development is Coding, Programming, App & Web Dev.

Brainstorm areas for growth

Get help with keyword research, competition analysis and more.

Hire virtual assistants to help you dig for information (from your niche, competitors & adjacent industries) that you can use to plan for the future.

You can use the information to plan how big of a budget you want to allocate to growing your blog or website further (by building links, ordering content, repurposing content, exploring other content formats or creating new products and services)

What is the process of hiring a freelancer to help with your WordPress site like?

It is easy once you know what you are looking for.

You just go onto Niabusiness‘s homepage and select a category or two to find freelancers that can help you with the particular project you have in mind.

Some categories you might want to check include:

Once you find someone you like, reply to their ad. Take a look at their portfolio. If you are confident they can deliver to your expectations, agree on compensation and a reasonable deadline.

If you don’t find what you are looking for after browsing the listings on the site, you can create your own ad sharing details about what you need help with. Then freelancers interested in helping you, will just reply to your ad.

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