Hire a WordPress freelancer for content writing, installations & consultations

My name is Philos Mudis, founder of Niabusiness.com. In this hire me page you will find a list of WordPress related freelance services I offer to various clients who approach me after landing on my site.

Content writing (WordPress plugins and themes)

I write articles, guides, tutorials, reviews, ebooks, online course content, email campaigns and lead magnets targeted at customers / readers who want to purchase, use or learn more about various WordPress plugins or WordPress themes.

So, if you own an entity / blog / business or website that has this mission at its core, you can hire me to create content for your audience.

This service fits very well with the plans of founders of:

  1. Companies selling WordPress products such as themes & plugins.
  2. Blogs that publish content on WordPress – blogs targeted at people who use WordPress self-hosted version as their content management system.
  3. Companies offering WordPress related services.

So, how do you proceed?

Send me an email with the following:

  • A rough idea of what you want (keywords, URL or blog post titles for example)
  • How you like your finished articles (e.g. sent back to you via email, Google Docs, uploaded to your WordPress dashboard)
  • A rough outline (headings and subheadings to be used as H2s and H3s) if you want
  • Word count (minimum, maximum or if you are okay with me making that choice on my own)
  • Your estimated budget. What you envision paying for the finished copy in US Dollars.
  • Where the content I write will be finally published (share the URL of the site).
  • Any other thing you’d like me to take into consideration when writing articles, emails, sales pages, product pages, tutorials or reviews for you.

WordPress installation and setup

This service is for individuals, businesses and organisations:

  1. that are about to start a brand new WordPress blog
  2. that want to revamp their existing WordPress blog

If you already have a domain name and hosting, you can hire me:

  • to install WordPress
  • to add free SSL right when your blog is being launched
  • to install the necessary themes and plugins and set everything up the right way
  • add pop ups to collect leads (via a plugin) if you have a lead magnet (like a free trial, ebook or online course delivered via email)
  • to change the current theme you use
  • to search for other plugins to replace the current one you use
  • to add the necessary code from other services to your blog (Google Search Console verification code, Google Analytics code, Facebook Pixel code, Pinterest code etc.)
  • to link your site to services such as Jetpack or UpdraftPlus (to backup your site to Google Drive for free)

If you don’t have a domain name or web hosting and need help with those too, you can shoot me an email and ask me to help provided you have the money to pay me for my services and your purchases (domain & hosting).

If you’d like to to use this service, send me an email with the following:

  • your domain name, hosting provider and nameservers
  • where you want WordPress to be installed (root, subfolder or subdomain)
  • the name of the theme you’d like to use (if it is free). For paid themes, you’ll have to buy it first, then share the ZIP file with me so I can upload it to your site after installing WordPress
  • names of specific plugins that I must install. If the plugin you want requires a pro license make sure you purchase it first
  • the different widgets you’d like on your site’s sidebar
  • any other relevant info pertaining to what you want your WordPress website / blog to look like

Use this Niabusiness contact form to send your email.

WooCommerce plugin installation and setup

This service is for persons interested in starting an online shop using WordPress + WooCommerce. If you need help with starting your own WooCommerce powered store, hire me:

  • to install WooCommerce on a brand new or existing WordPress blog or website
  • to add various WooCommerce extensions to enhance the ecommerce plugin
  • to add code related to your WooCommerce store (Facebook Pixel code for example)
  • to create product pages or edit existing pages on your online store
  • to backup your store (for example before you migrate your site to another web hosting company)
  • to point out improvements you can make on your various WooCommerce pages and posts

If there is any other thing you’d like help with me, you can also tell me about it.

To use this service, send me an email with the following:

  • your domain name, hosting provider and nameservers
  • where you want your WooCommerce store installed (added on the main site or separately on a subdomain / subfolder)
  • WooCommerce plugin extensions you want. If the extension is not free, make sure to buy it first.
  • WooCommerce theme you want installed
  • other functionalities you want added to your store

Send your email using this contact form.

WordPress consultation

This service is for persons who just want someone they can talk to about various things:

  • they want to accomplish with their WordPress sites (existing or yet to be launched)
  • they are struggling with as business owners, bloggers, institutions, firms or online freelancers
  • they are confused about e.g. about which hosting / plugin / theme to use

Here is how it works.

  • You tell me about what you want to talk about and we agree on a fee (in USD).
  • We agree on how we are going to do this (chatting in realtime via text, exchanging messages on Facebook or via email, talking over the phone or via Skype).
  • And then we just get to it.

To use my consultation services, send me an email using this contact form.

Thank you for showing interest in the WordPress services I offer to Niabusiness readers.

If you are interested in using any of the services now, send me an email with details of what you need help with. Benefit from my many years using WordPress.

Philos Mudis