How to check Airtel Kenya airtime balance

Want to learn how to check Airtel Kenya airtime balance? Read on. I’m going to show you the various methods you can use to query airtime balance on your prepaid line. Before we go any further though I’d just like you to know the USSD shortcodes you can use on Airtel Kenya prepaid lines to get your account balance details: *131#, *100#, *133# and *544# – if you want to check your Airtel Kenya data bundles balance.

Dial *131# to check Airtel Kenya balance

  • Open the dialer on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Enter *131#
  • Press the call button
    Note also that you can just dial *133# to get your balance.

Dial *100# to check Airtel Kenya airtime balance via My Account menu

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 3. Manage My Account
  • Select option 1. Number & Balance
  • You’ll see this notification: ‘Dear customer your balance check request is being processed. You will receive a confirmation message shortly. Airtel.
  • Then Airtel will send you a text message with your balance details. Mine reads as follows: ‘Your number is 254736987123 and the balance is 20.02

Call Airtel Kenya customer care on 100 any time you don’t know what to do

You can also get your balance details by calling Airtel Kenya customer care for free.

  • To do so, call the number 100
  • Press 2 for other options if you don’t want to speak to an agent
  • Press option 1 to manage your line
  • Press 4 to know your balance and recharge your line
  • Press 1 for balance or 2 for recharge
  • And then you’ll be told to press *133# to get your balance details.
    Thing is you don’t have to. Once you end the call you’ll see a notification with your balance details. Here’s an example: ‘You’ve spent 0.00 KES and your balance is 10.02 KES. Top up using Airtel Money & get 10% bonus airtime if you top up with 50 bob & above.

Sometimes, after ending the call, you might get an SMS with your account balance details. Here’s an example: ‘You are currently using 1.5GB bundle valid until 12-09-19 18:45. Balance is 886MB‘. The contents of the SMS you get might be different – it all depends on what you’ve purchased on your Airtel line. The reason I got that text is because I bought the 1.5 GB monthly bundle a few weeks ago.

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So, I didn’t do anything else other than call the number 100 twice and ended up with both my airtime and data bundle balance.

The important thing is that any time you forget what to do to get your balance details, you can just call the number 100 for free or visit Niabusiness to get tips to help you get more out of your Airtel line.

Dial *544# to check Airtel Kenya data bundles balance

If you have an active Airtel Kenya data bundle, here’s how to check your balance:

  • Dial *544#
  • Once in the Data Bundles menu, navigate to the next page by entering *
  • Then select option 10) Check Data Balance
    Wait for the message with your balance details. Mine reads as follows: ‘You are currently using 1.5GB bundle valid until 12-09-19 18:45. Balance is 886MB

Why check your Airtel balance regularly?

  • To see if you still have enough money left in your account for your voice, text and data needs
  • To see if you need to top up your account
  • To see if you have enough airtime to share with other Airtel Kenya numbers using the ME2U service
  • To see if you have enough money to gift a bundle to a friend or family member


Did you know that Telkom Kenya subscribers also use the same USSD shortcodes as Airtel Kenya subscribers to query balances on their prepaid lines?

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know.

You can use *100#, *131# and *544# across both networks to get your airtime and data bundle balances.

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