How to stop Airtel Kenya promotional SMS (messages)

Want to learn how to stop Airtel Kenya promotional SMS / messages? To stop getting messages with great voice, text and data bundle offers from the mobile phone service provider? I’ll show you how to do that below.

Examples of promotional messages / SMS I have received from Airtel Kenya

  • You have received your very own FREE customized UnlimiNET 50 bundle offer! Dial *363*1# to activate your bonus bundle valid for 7 days.
  • Special Offers just for you. 1) Top up with Ksh 100 or more & Get 15 Ksh Extra Airtime. 2) Get the 350MB bundle for only 100 bob & get 300 MB FREE .Dial *544*350*7#.
  • A special offer tailored just for you. Get 1 GB of data for only 49 bob valid for 1 day! Dial *544*49# to get more for less.
  • A special offer tailored just for you. You are now enjoying calls across all networks for 2 bob per minute valid for 90 days. Dial *544# to get more for less.

Do note that:

  • some of these messages were sent a long time ago. Several months ago, years even. Just wanted to show you real examples from messages I still had in my inbox – stuff I forgot to delete and now have become useful – as examples.
  • new Airtel Kenya subscribers are likely to receive more promotional SMS, especially at the beginning. This is not actually a bad thing. Most businesses do this – help their new customers find new offerings / great deals. And what better way to do it than send text messages periodically to said customers especially if sending / receiving SMS is part of what you do as a business.
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How to stop receiving promotional SMS on your Airtel Kenya line

To stop Airtel promotional messages:

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  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your Airtel line in a modem or MiFi router)
  • Select option 3. Manage My Account
  • Select option 8. Stop Promotional SMS
    You’ll see this: You want to STOP receiving promotional offers from Airtel on 254736123456? Note that the phone number used here is just for illustration purposes only.
    Reply with 1 to Confirm / opt out of promotional texts from Airtel.

Why would you want to opt out of promotional texts from Airtel Kenya

  • if you never buy any, or most, of the offers it just makes no sense to keep getting the text messages.
  • overwhelm – especially if you are one of those people who try to read every text message they receive and then agonize over whether to keep the text, delete it or archive it.
  • if you already know the Airtel products and services you want to spend your money on before you even purchase your SIM card. For example, if you just want to use your line to browse the internet (and buy data bundles weekly or monthly), the extra promotional texts probably won’t sway you into buying some other voice, text or data bundle.
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