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My name is … Philos Mudis - Founder Niabusiness.com

Philos Mudis.

On a daily basis…

I create and publish content on Niabusiness.com. The writing bit, I do daily. The publishing, only a few times a week.

What kind of writing do you do? Do you have any books published?

  • I write articles on a variety of topics, some listed here.
  • I write poems and short stories.
  • I write children stories as well and one day hope to write & publish a few novels.

I have one published ebook on blogging. You can find more about it here.

Niabusiness, is this your first site – your only online business?

No. I have had various sites over the years.

Then the domains expired and I never renewed them. For awhile I wanted to create, own and earn a few niche sites but then realized it just takes too much work especially if you are a one-man operation.

So, right now, I focus on my only online business – this site.

What do you like to do each morning?

It’s random mostly. One day I wake up and it is music I listen to (I think most songwriters do). The next day I may jump out of the bed open my phone / laptop and start typing…

How do you unwind?

  • I read.
  • I listen to music.
  • Sometimes I just sit somewhere quiet.
  • I exercise.
  • I spend time with my family.

What are some of your favourite books and authors?

For more ebook suggestions, check the Tools & Resources page. In it, you will find Amazon Kindle books that will help you with your self-growth, small business, blogging, networking and freelancing needs. You can buy them and read them with the Kindle reading apps for smartphones, PC, tablet & laptops.

Favourite movies and TV shows?

Why did you start a blog – launch Niabusiness?

To share my ideas with the world. To use the content I create to create discussions around topics I care about.

What services do you offer clients on Niabusiness?

What vision do you have for Niabusiness?

For it to be a great company – a company that teaches, inspires, motivates and equips people with the right tools (in the form of products and services) to create the transformations they want in their lives – both in good and bad times.

Did you go to uni?

I did. For a law degree in 2008.

When do you celebrate your birthday?

August every year, on the eighth. And I am a 90s kid, born right after 1989.

Where can I follow you on online?

  • On Facebook here. Give Niabusiness a like.
  • On Twitter here. Follow me via the @Niabusiness handle.
  • On YouTube here. Niabusiness is gathering a little steam on the platform. It’s gradual. It’d be nice to interact without there as well. Subscribe to the channel.
  • On Niabusiness.com. On any search engine just type ‘Niabusiness blog’. On your web address bar, type niabusiness.com and press Enter.

How do you make your living? You’ve go to eat somehow. So how do you put food on the table?

Fave devices?

ASUS Transformer Book and Tecno tablet / laptop hybrids.

And anything that has Samsung, HP or Dell on it & has a good rating by reviewers with verified purchases. I know how that sounds.

Favourite services as someone working online?

  • Namesilo – for domain registration.
  • Kenya Web Experts & HostGator – for web hosting.
  • SmallSEOTools – for various free SEO tools.
  • Ahrefs – for keyword and backlink analysis.
  • Google – for various tools like Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google AdSense, Google Docs, Google Search, Google Trends and Google Play Store.
  • I list more tools here.

If you were a farmer, what animals would you keep?

  • Donkeys. Something that bray and kick at the same time.
  • Sheep. They like to huddle together. To follow each other. Lead a few and the rest will follow.
  • Pigs. For pork and for the satisfaction to look at things that look like giant potatoes that can move.
  • Cats. So, I can throw yarn around and have my entertainment (when they play with it).
  • Dogs. Because looking at something pee the way dogs pee just makes you laugh, doesn’t it?
  • Cows. Because looking at the ‘colour’ of water sometimes isn’t enough. Something white in a cup spices things a little bit.
  • Goats. Because all the other animals live eating standing on all four. But there’s something about goats. They like to stand on two legs, their hind legs, to get their food down their tummies.
  • Turkey. Because they have got something distinctive – almost like a flag that says, ‘I’m not a country, I am a bird.’
  • Ducks. To watch something dart on water when I am tired throwing pieces of sodium on little shallow ponds.
  • Chicken. To remind me everyday that even though my arms are as long as my legs, I cannot use them to walk.

Car or boat, which would you take?

A boat with a car on it.

But seriously, a boat. I can sell it, buy a car & invest the remainder.

Do you play any instruments?

I’d like to think so. If I can bang on a table and liken the sound to an instrumental, I believe I can create something decent with a drum.

Can you cook?

Only on special occasions – when I can find my glasses to read a cookbook. Any other time, if I happen to cook, I consider it a miracle.

Can you be my mentor?

If you are a car ready to move at the speed of a commercial airliner just taking off, I think I can get you wings – help you fly. If you are wondering what that means, I’m probably not the person you want to be your mentor.

Do you like people who talk a lot or the quiet ones?

Both. They just have to know when to switch between the two. The ability to do both, in a person, is a big factor when I am deciding whether to like a person or not to.

Any advice for aspiring writers – something they have probably never heard?

Read. A lot. A lot of subtitles in movies. And whenever you see a question mark, pull out a pen & a notebook and try to come up with your own original answer.

If I kick you in the balls, what would you say?

Pick something your own size.

You get a phone call from Trump, what’s the first thing you say to him?

Prove to me you are him. Say anything, anything at all, that proves you are Trump.

Your wallet or your pen, which would you let go?

My pen. I have my notes in my wallet.

Someone insults you, what do you do?

I ask them to punch themselves in the face. If they are hesitant, I ask them to let me give them a demonstration – using my fist and their face. And then I repeat it again, so their brain clearly registers what they just made me do.

And then are just times I walk away without a word – when I see signs the ship they are on is sinking (and all their yelling and insults is just them trying to hitch a ride).

Or I simply ask them, ‘Why do you say that?’ and they tell me – and them we resolve the issue.

Anything profound you have learnt about leadership?

Once you know you won’t be there for long, forever, especially in a public office – or even if hired in the private sector – 99% of your battles go away. Then your brain can start thinking of ways to stay there for long without actually being there.


  • ‘99% of your battles’ here means YOU – your hooks and tentacles & what they land on.
  • ‘there’ means what you associate with being in the leadership position you hold.

The apps you use, can you mention some – the ones you like?

If I hurt or offend you, what can I do so that we get on good terms again?

Send me a text with the words sorry. Or better yet, come to me, place your phone on the floor and dance on it. I’ll get the message.

If you can’t do this, the you can apologize by explaining yourself to me. Just let your heart talk – not just your mouth. So, long explanations, no. Short ones, good. Something in the middle, works great.

A million dollars now or an idea with the potential to reach & cross the 1 million dollar mark?

The potential of a million dollars now

With a little due diligence, which I’d certainly do if I had to make this decision in real life, probably the latter.

Polygamy or monogamy?

In an ideal world, polygamy.

Looking at the reality – life and the society we live in – one might also say polygamy. Why? Because I see many people define monogamy as ‘one wife you can hear on without getting caught.’

But it is the conclusion of this matter that is of the utmost importance to me. To be with one. To cherish one and to be one with the one you say I love you to.

So, monogamy.

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