Hire freelancers to add affiliate links to your blog posts & website

Why would you want to hire freelancers to add affiliate links to your blog posts and website? Let me tell you a story.

Have you seen those list posts in the WordPress niche reviewing 15, 21 or 30+ themes or plugins and linking out to various affiliate programs (to various theme marketplaces, plugin repositories and hosting companies)?


 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on something I recommend and purchase it, I will receive a commission for the sale – at no extra cost to you. 

I was hired to write one some months back. An article with a list of some premium WooCommerce themes – mostly from Theme Forest. I think the list had 19 themes in total.

So, once I was done writing the post, I had to make some screenshots for each theme, organize them (name them) and then came time to upload the article to the client’s website.

Before the post could be published, I also had to look for and add affiliate links for each theme. They already had links to Theme Forest, so I just had to use those links to point readers / buyers to web pages where they could demo and buy the themes themselves.

And am telling you, adding affiliate links to a big post like that, on top of the internal links, is no joke. It takes a lot of time to put all the right links in the right places.

You can imagine how much work goes into list posts reviewing 30 plus products and services. There is the writing bit, the bit where you have to source for the right images / graphics and then you have to link sometimes to over 20 different sites with different affiliate links. It takes a lot of work.

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Sometimes the work is so boring and mind-numbing you would even find yourself entertaining ideas that lead to procrastination.

So, I think to myself that if you can write a review post (or get a post written by a freelance writer) in a day or two, but just because you dread the part about adding affiliate links to the content before it is published you take 3 or 4 more days (or even a week) to put the content up on your site, why not hire someone to help you with the boring part?

That’s the premise the post, to show online publishers that they can smoothen the publishing process by hiring someone to help make their review content ready for publishing in a day or two once it’s been written.

You can hire freelancers to help you with affiliate links in the following areas

To add Amazon Associates links to your blog posts. Freelancers can help you add links from Amazon Sitestripe to your content. Or they can help you add links with one of the many Amazon affiliate links plugins (such as EasyAzon and AAWP). These could be text links, product images with links or links in comparison tables.

To replace old affiliate links with new links. Businesses sometimes update their products and change the URLs to their product pages. You can hire someone to get new affiliate links to replace your old ones.

You can also get help when a merchant you are an affiliate for switches from one affiliate network to another (from CJ to ShareASale for example) or when they move away from a network and take their affiliate program in-house (using a plugin like AffiliateWP on their own website / membership site / online shop).

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To help you with your diversification strategy. If you already have a page monetized with affiliate links that is doing well with one program (for example Amazon Associates), you can hire someone to add links to other online shopping destinations (such as Walmart, eBay and Target) to see if their affiliate programs can help you make more from the same piece of content you’ve already published on your site.

To add affiliate links with different tracking codes. You can hire someone to help you create different links to the same product to be used on one web page. A freelancer you hire can create links to be added to the top, middle and end of your posts and also another link on the sidebar – all to the same product / service but with different tracking codes.

This can help you with your tests – help you gather data that you can use to optimize the best placement for links in your current posts and future articles.

To add new affiliate links to your hosting account / website. The freelancer you can hire can use different methods. They can add new links to your site using a plugin like Pretty links from within your WordPress dashboard area.

Or they can create a folder in cPanel -> File Manager -> Public_html with a name such as ‘go’ and then use this folder to organize all the affiliate links in your site using subfolders (for each one of them). This method works great if you don’t want to use a plugin to manage affiliate links on your niche site.

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To add a short note / disclosure to your blog posts to ensure you comply with FTC rules – so you don’t get in trouble.

To check for broken links and change them to working links.

How to hire freelancers to help you with your affiliate links

There are two popular ways to go about this.

  • You can hire a freelance writer that will write blog posts / product review articles and pay them a little bit more for them to handle all the extra stuff for you (upload the content to WordPress admin area, upload images, format the posts, add internal links, add affiliate links and schedule the post). Check the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category to hire a content writer that can do this for you.
  • You can hire a virtual assistant that manages your content as part of their job. You can write the content for your blog yourself for example and then have the VA make your post ready for publishing (upload it to WordPress, add images, format it, add affiliate links, add affiliate links and such). Check the Virtual Assistants category on Niabusiness to find a VA that can take care of all these tasks for you.

Other things you can do

Hire a content manager / editor and have them manage all the affiliate links in your posts. To get one, check the Freelance Writers / Content Creators category on Niabusiness.com.

If you don’t find the specific thing you are looking for after browsing through the ad listings on the site, place an ad with details about what you need help with. Placing an ad on Niabusiness is free.

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