Google Keyword Planner keyword research: Need help with it? Hire

Are you in search for a freelancer, a company or an individual to do keyword research for you?

A person to quickly take a word or phrase of your choice and research it for related terms?

Someone to help you find how easily you could rank for given keywords?

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Someone to give you a list of keywords  you can use in the titles of your blog posts, YouTube videos, Slideshare uploads, landing pages and ads online & offline?

Keywords that you could use in your copy?

Keywords that could point to you what a certain segment of the market (you are in or after) is struggling with?

Keywords that could help you answer the questions they ask and let your expertise shine when people acknowledge how you tackle a problem with deep interest and just the right amount of passion that leads to great results?

Welcome., through its keyword research service, helps you do all of the above.

You give us a word or phrase, a domain name or topic and you get back terms related to it, and more, to do with as you please.

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Who can benefit from this keyword research service? Should you hire Niabusiness?

Anyone thinking of doing anything online really, especially if you are:

  • interested in sharing your knowledge and ideas online and off
  • interested in making it easier for the millions of searchers who depend on popular search engines to sift through the vast amount of content, products and services already available in various markets, offline and on the internet, to find you
  • interested in creating a new blog, website or email list or improving the assets you already have online
  • interested in selling anything online, attracting readers and customers to your content, products and services by paying for traffic or getting free quality organic search traffic from the popular search engines
  • interested in doing thorough keyword research on many different terms, words or phrases but don’t have the time to do it well – or for some reason, you can’t do it yourself
  • interested in knowing terms people use often when talking about, or researching, a certain topic, niche, industry, business, person or remedy
  • interested in creating more content targeting the keyword researched to rank for them and be found by people using them
  • interested in launching a new product or service and want to know what people use to find similar products or services offered by your competitors
  • interested in knowing which keywords people use to find websites and blogs owned by certain businesses and individuals in your niche or industry (those you consider competitors and those who simply offer, for sale, products and services that complement your own)
  • interested in knowing more about the keywords commonly used by people (which are difficult to rank for on search engines) and those that aren’t used often (long tail keywords that you can rank for on search engines with a little effort, even though they may bring fewer visitors to your blog or website)
  • interested in finding keywords which you can then use to be the main topic in a niche site you created or one you want to start soon
  • interested in keywords you can use in your blog post’s descriptions, tags and title fields
  • interested in writing a book or ebook, creating a video, a presentation or a guide and want keywords to give you more ideas about what people look for (struggle with or want more of) when it comes to the topic, audience or market you are targeting
  • interested in knowing keywords that warm visitors and make them ready to take a particular action – one that may  be the difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one
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If you are an individual interested in any, or all of, the above, take advantage of this service.

All you need to do right now is tell us the number of terms or phrases you want researched, what you want to use the keywords for and what you aim to achieve.

Interested in using keyword research service?

Click here to see our rates and select the number of keywords you want researched.