Niabusiness Classifieds closed – what now?

Niabusiness Classifieds closed its doors to new submissions (classified ads) on 27th February 2023.

Freelancers and prospective clients can no longer place ads on the site.

Here are some options you can explore going forward:

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Place ads on other freelance marketplaces.

You can still find work (if you are a freelancer) or hire freelancers (if you want to outsource a task) on other websites.

Some of the popular sites you can check are listed in this Niabusiness article: Top 13 Websites All Freelancers in Kenya Should Know About.

Hire Niabusiness to help you with your project.

For your digital marketing needs, your business can get in touch with to see if you can get help with whatever task you want to outsource.

Check the Services page for some of the things Niabusiness can help you with.

Read articles on freelancing

Get more tips on hiring freelancers by reading posts in Niabusiness archives.

For freelancers looking for tips that can help them get better at delivering and monetizing their freelance services, use the link above to access posts to help you with this.

Two posts you can check now:

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Philos Mudis

About Classifieds Classifieds is a freelance website in Kenya connecting those who have tasks they want to outsource and those seeking online jobs they can do to make some money.

Main features of the Niabusiness freelance site

Browse ads. Use the Browse Ads feature on Niabusiness to check all the current listings on the site.
These listings are posted by both freelancers seeking work and prospective clients (seeking freelancers to hire).
You can narrow your search by ad category, and listing popularity. Go here to browse listings on

Place Ad. Use the Place Ad feature to create your own ad listing on If you want to hire a freelancer, choose a category for your listing, give it a title (that shows at a glance what you want to hire for), then in the description go into more detail about the role you want to hire for.

If you are a freelancer, create a title for your ad showing the kind of service you are offering. In the description section, go into more detail about what you offer to clients that end up hiring you.

Search Ads. Use this feature to search for something specific on the website. Enter a keyword to begin your search. Once you find listings that fit your search criteria, click on the ones you like.

Reply to Ad. When looking at ads posted on Niabusiness, use this feature to get in touch with whoever left an ad – describing a task / service you are interested in.

Blog. Go to this section of the site to get tips that can help you hire better – if you are a prospective client looking for freelancers to hire. If you are a freelancer, you can find articles that share tips that can help you stand above others as you apply for jobs posted on Niabusiness Classifieds.

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Also find tips that can help you with your communication, presentation and productivity. If you also want to learn more about what clients expect when they outsource certain tasks, there’s plenty of tips in the blog section.

Tools and Resources. Go to this page to get recommendations that can help you get more out of outsourcing – whether you come to as a freelancer or a prospective client. Find recommendations for domain registration, web hosting, payment services, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, writing & design tools, even ebooks you can read with the Amazon Kindle app.

Placing an ad on

Here is all you need to place an ad on

– A genuine listing. Anything you want to post on Niabusiness had to be genuine. We don’t want any fake listings on the website. Just genuine stuff. You understand why. So, next..

– A great title for you ad. Make you listing’s title be short but descriptive enough. Be specific about what you are looking for. If you are someone looking to hire, come up with a title that straight away tells people what role you want to hire for. If you are a freelancer, the same rules apply. Create a great title. Create a title that is so specific. Let people know at first glance what it is you are offering. Don’t be vague. Don’t be general.

– A great description to accompany your ad title. In the description section of your listing, share as much as you can with users of about what you want out of the website. Make it your aim to go into great detail about what you are looking for every time you place an ad on Niabusiness.

– A valid email address. You need to use an email you usually use. This is important because before your ad goes live on the site, there’s a confirmation email you will be sent automatically. In it is a link you have to click on before you listing is approved and made available to people who use the site.

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– Valid name. Your name will also be on the listing. You can just use the first name or last name, or both.

– Phone number. This is optional. If you run a business and want to get in touch with via email and phone calls, use the phone number field to add your business phone number.

For prospective clients seeking to outsource a task

Create a free listing on the site. Choose the appropriate category.

For freelancers, looking for work online,

Go through existing jobs listed on the site and reply to them before you place an ad.

For the categories where you can add your listing

The website has about 20 categories.

The categories include Ad Management (Facebook, Google PPC Ads & Others) , Audio Transcription, Music & Podcast Services, Business Growth, Investing, Sales & Marketing, Coding, Programming, Web & App Dev, Customer Care & Support (Phone, Chat & Email), eBooks, Publishing & Related, eCitizen / KRA / NTSA / Taxes, Email Marketing Services, Freelance Writers / Content Creators, General, Graphics, Design & Logos, Incorporation, Bookkeeping / Accounting, Legal Consultation, IP, Patents & Trademarks, Online Course / LMS Help, Outreach, Link Building & SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Creation, Editing & Promotion, Virtual Assistant Services, Website / Blog Setup & Migration, WooCommerce Online Shop / E-commerce Services and WordPress Services for Blogs & Websites.

For what clients expect from freelancers, read this.

For what freelancers expect from clients, read this.

For the reasons why trust between clients and freelancers is important, read this.

To place an ad on Niabusiness, always use the Place Ad option in the navigation panel above. Or use the Place Ad option on the homepage.

You can create as many ads as you want on

You just have to be reasonable.

If a listing you want to place on Niabusiness won’t add any value to the website, don’t submit it for approval.

And remember, the site is free to use.

Use it and share it with others.

Come back and share your success stories with using the Contact page.

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