Safaricom cheapest data bundle: 7 MB + 7 SMS daily bundle at Kenya Shillings 5

Have you ever wondered what the cheapest data bundle available to Safaricom customers is? Have you ever wondered how it compares to similar products from the likes of Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya and Equitel?

This article is going to explore how Safaricom is trying to help Kenyans access the internet at some of the cheapest rates .

At the end of the post, I am going to show you how to purchase the bundle for yourself – or another Safaricom number.

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How this data bundle helps Kenyans

The Safaricom 7 MB + 7 SMS daily data bundle at Kenya Shillings 5 first is a quality product from one of the mobile service providers in Kenya with a wide coverage.

Safaricom has made it easy for no one to feel left out.

Since they are the biggest telco in Kenya they could have easily decided to make their cheapest bundle more expensive than it is now.

But no, they chose a reasonable rate for the bundle – 5 Shillings a day.

So, I think any Kenyan, who already knows how big of a deal it is to be able to access the internet, would concur when I say 5 Shillings for 24 hours is not a bad deal.

The bundle has also made it easier to access information. For Shillings 5 a day, any Kenyan can go online to read the news (even if they can’t afford to buy newspapers), they can learn more about government services and projects.

They can do research online and get more information about the things they hear about from others on the radio or in person.

For Sh 5 anyone can really be sure that the information they are getting is right and up to date. Anytime some myth starts swirling around, they can quickly jump online to check the veracity of whatever information someone is peddling.

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They don’t have to rely anymore on people who speak the truth while omitting essential parts of said truth. Now they can take charge, be part of the group in the know – be people who can help eliminate lies and false information (that often has led to mistrust between communities or enmity between the citizenry).

Knowing the truth, and having the access to a source that can help one determine what’s wrong (inaccurate) from what’s right (accurate), and being able to verify it – to me that seems like a really powerful thing.

And then there is the element of being in touch with one’s family and friends and taking part in conversations about matters affecting Kenyans / Kenya using various social media platforms. One can easily sense the mood of the country and come up with items they can discuss online or offline with their neighbours / family and other Kenyans in various forums online or offline.

With consumer protection, the citizenry can now easily help the government enforce their rights to better protection from unscrupulous merchants.


By going online to read product reviews. By checking the news to check price changes enforced by various government agencies etc. All the information Kenyan buyers need to make the right purchasing decisions can now be easily accessed by anyone for just 5 Shillings a day.

Who should buy the data bundle?

Owners of feature phones that can access the internet. If you have a cheap phone that doesn’t consume a lot of data, you can download a free web browser like Opera Mini – and enjoy reading, chatting or connecting with others online any time of the day.

Anyone who likes reading articles online. If you like reading the news on newspapers, you can just as well use the Sh 5 bundle to access Kenyan news sites or blogs. There is so much you can read online. You just need to know where to look.

Anyone who likes to verify if whatever someone is telling them is the truth or not. If you think someone is telling you half-truths, for Shillings 5 a day you can see the extent of their lies / omissions – and rise above it all without pointing a finger at them.

Anyone who likes to download small files then send them to their laptop (from their feature phone) via bluetooth. The small files could be PDF guides, images, graphics, text files, documents such as email attachments among other things.

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How long can the bundle last?

The data bundle is a daily bundle – so 24 hours. But it all depends on your usage and on what device you are using your Safaricom SIM card on. If you try to use the data bundle to access the internet on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – you bundle probably won’t last even two minutes (I am talking about the time it takes for a web page to load and for you to glean anything useful from it).

However if you use it on a feature phone that doesn’t consume a lot of data, you can read things online non-stop for hours. You can hop on various social networking sites – comment on Facebook posts, update your status on Twitter, send emails on Gmail – and by the end of it all, if you check your data bundle balance, you will still find at least 1 MB left – for further exploration of all that is up on the internet.

How about extras I can enjoy every time I purchase the bundle?

Free SMS. You get 7 SMS you can send to others. Probably this will eliminate the need to send Please Call Me requests. You can just use your texts to tell another person what you want – even tell them to call and give them a reason why they should do it.

Free Facebook. To use free Facebook on your Safaricom line, purchasing a data bundle is not a requirement. Learn more in this post about Safaricom online portal.

What if I want to upgrade? What’s the next cheapest data bundle by Safaricom?

If you start using the internet, get the hang of it, and your consumption rate starts going up, it might be time to consider upgrading to a bigger bundle.

And the next biggest bundle – that is still considered cheap by most Safaricom subscribers – is the Kenya Shillings 10 (15 MB + 15 SMS) data bundle.

For a list of all Safaricom daily, weekly, monthly and 90 day data bundles, read this article,

A comparison of the cheapest data bundles (Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya and Equitel)

Telkom Kenya vs. Safaricom:

The cheapest data bundles by Telkom Kenya are the:

  • WhatsApp 50 MB at KSh 5
  • 40 MB at KSh 10

The kind of device I am advocating you use (feature phone / cheap handset) when you purchase the 7 MB + 7 SMS Safaricom daily bundle at KSh 5 probably won’t be able to support WhatsApp.

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So if you only had KSh 5 to spend per day, you’d probably just stick with Safaricom.

Airtel Kenya vs. Safaricom:

The cheapest data bundles by Airtel Kenya are the:

  • 8 MB at KSh 5
  • 40 MB at KSh 10

Here, both telcos offer almost similar bundles.

But Airtel doesn’t offer SMS with their bundles.

If that is a deal-breaker, again stick with Safaricom. If you can forego the SMS for the extra 1MB, I think going with Airtel would make more sense.

Other factors you might want to consider are network coverage / and how fast (or slow) both telcos are in your area.

Equitel vs. Safaricom:

The cheapest data bundles by Equitel are the:

  • 7 MB + 7 SMS at KSh 6
  • 10 MB + 10 SMS at KSh 7

Equitel offers a data bundle completely similar to Safaricom’s bundle – but they charge one extra Shilling for it.

Personal preferences will determine which provider you go with here.

Other things you might want to look at are signal strength / network coverage and internet speeds (for both Equitel and Safaricom) in your area.

How to purchase the cheapest data bundle on your Safaricom line

You can use various Safaricom USSD short codes to buy the 7MB + 7SMS Daily Bundle.


  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 2: Daily Bundle
  • Select option 5: Sh5 (7MB+7SMS)
  • Reply with – 1: Buy Once OR 2: Auto Renew
  • ‘Buy Daily 7MB + 7SMS @ Sh5 using:’
  • Reply with – 1: Airtime (to buy the data bundle with airtime) OR 2: MPESA (to pay for the data bundle with M-PESA)

OR you can access the Data bundles menu on your Safaricom line by:

  • Dialing *100#
  • Selecting option 2: Buy Data Bundles
  • Selecting option 2: Daily Bundle


  • Dialing *456#
  • Selecting option 1: Buy
  • Selecting option 3: Data Bundles
  • Selecting option 2: Daily Bundle

Or you can buy the data bundle online. To learn more, read this article: Safaricom Online Portal + How to Buy Data Bundles Online.

What has your experience been like using Safaricom data bundles to access the internet? What has your experience been like using the cheapest bundle mentioned above? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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