How to buy Flex bundles for other number from your Safaricom line

Want to learn how to buy Flex bundles for other numbers from your Safaricom line?

I am going to show you various methods you can use to do that below.

If you have read my posts about how to Buy Data Bundles / Buy SMS Bundles for other Safaricom numbers you know how the mobile phone service provider makes it easy for users to buy bundles for their friends and loved ones.

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It is the same with Flex bundles. Purchasing them for yourself or others is easy.

Here are a couple of things you need before you begin the process of buying Flex units / bundles for others:

Ready? Here’s the list of …

Flex bundles / units you can buy for other Safaricom numbers

The cheapest bundle on the list is just Kenya Shillings 50 – and lasts 24 hours. The most expensive Flex bundle on the list goes for Kenya Shillings 4,999. And lasts for a month.

  1. Sh 50; 50 Flex daily
  2. Sh 99; 115 Flex daily
  3. Sh 599; 700 Flex for 7 days
  4. Sh 999; 1100 Flex for 30 days
  5. Sh 1499; 1700 Flex for 30 days
  6. Sh 1999; 2700 Flex for 30 days
  7. Sh 2499; 3500 Flex for 30 days
  8. Sh 4999; 7500 Flex for 30 days
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1 Flex unit = 3 MB / 3 SMS OR 20 Seconds.

Flex units can be used for local voice, data and local SMS.

Safaricom Flex: How to buy for other number

You can use two Safaricom USSD shortcodes to access the Flex menu and purchase bundles / units for another number:

  • *456# <- use this code.
  • *100# (or dial *456*1*2# to go straight to the Flex menu)

Learn more about the various Safaricom USSD codes here.

Here’s how to purchase Flex bundles for another Safaricom number via the *456# menu:

  • Dial *456# on your feature phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your Safaricom SIM in a modem or router)
  • Select option 1: Buy
  • Select option 2: Flex
  • Scroll down and enter 98 to go to the next page on the menu
  • Select option 8: Buy for other Number and press Send
  • Enter recipient’s phone number e.g 0704123456 and press Send
  • Select a Flex bundle to buy the other Safaricom number.
    To buy them the Sh 1499; 1,700 Flex for 30 days bundle, reply with 5
  • Choose how you want to pay for the bundle
  • Reply with 1 for Airtime or 2 to pay via M-PESA
    ‘Please Confirm purchase of 1700 Flex @1499 valid for 30 days for 254704123456’
  • Reply with 1 to Accept or 2 to Decline
    Wait for a confirmation SMS from Safaricom.
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Here’s how to purchase Flex for the other number via the *100# menu:

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 0: Flex
  • Enter 98 to view more items on the menu
  • Select option 8: Buy for other Number
  • Enter the other number e.g. 0704123456
  • Press Send
  • Select a Flex Bundle you want to buy the other number from the list.
    To buy the other number the Sh 599; 700 Flex for 7 days bundle, reply with 3
  • Select 1: Airtime OR 2: M-PESA
    You’ll see the following: Please Confirm purchase of 700 Flex @599 valid for 7 days for 254704123456
    Reply with 1 to Accept OR 2 to Decline (and cancel the transaction)

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