Twenty Thirteen WordPress child theme (Legend)

Do you need, for your blog, a WordPress child theme for the Twenty Thirteen theme that displays post excerpts (with continue reading or read more links added to your blog posts)?2013: Twenty Thirteen WordPress child theme (Legend)

You are in the right place.

If you have always wanted to use the Twenty Thirteen theme but didn’t like how it displays posts in full in your site’s homepage, here’s a ready-made child theme, that you can add to your WordPress blog (website) right now, click activate and you are done.

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Who should download this 2013 WordPress child theme?

To answer this question, let me tell you a little bit about the theme I was using previously. The Twenty Twelve theme.

It was, and still is, a good theme with a sidebar on the right. I had a great child theme to go with it that made it easy to show post excerpts.

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But then came a time when all I wanted to use was the Twenty Thirteen theme, mainly because of the way it looks:

  • A design that makes reading blog posts and pages easy on the eye
  • Bigger post titles. Headlines like that easily catch the attention of people who come to a site
  • Sidebar on the footer. So, what the reader has before they reach the sidebar is the main navigation, the post they are reading, links from the current post to other articles in and outside a site, the related posts area and the comments section.

If you want all these things, but with the post excerpts feature added in the mix, then the Twenty Thirteen Legend theme is for you.

In addition to all the things I have mentioned above, this theme can become handy if you want to monetize your blog by inserting ad blocks in your posts (or pages) to:

  • Make money with Google AdSense, or
  • Make money with Chitika ads

How to get the Twenty Thirteen Legend child theme

To get this theme, enter your email address below and click subscribe.

Or better, subscribe by clicking this link.

After doing this, you will receive an email in your inbox prompting you to confirm your email address. Click the confirmation link inside the email.

Once you do that, I will send you an email with the download link. Click on the link to get the child theme. Twenty Thirteen Legend is very light, so it should download in less than two seconds.

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Save it in a location in your computer (tablet or phone) where you can easily find it when it comes time to upload it to your blog (website).

How to upload the Twenty Thirteen Legend child theme to your WordPress powered blog (website)

Once you have downloaded the theme, it is now time to upload it to your blog.

First, make sure that you have the Twenty Thirteen theme installed and activated on your site. It will act as the parent theme to the child theme you have just downloaded.

Now, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Themes (under Appearance). Click add theme. Click upload. Then select the Twenty Thirteen Legend theme from the location you saved it.

Click upload. Then activate the theme. Once you do this, you posts won’t be displaying in full on the home page (or BLOG page) anymore.

They’ll each have a few sentences followed by a Continue reading link.

So, a user scrolling up and down will be able to view more post headlines and excerpts and click the Continue reading link on any post they find interesting.

You can also upload this theme to your site via FTP if you don’t want to use the method above. For that you will need Filezilla (which you can download for free) installed in your computer.

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If you already have Filezilla (or any of its alternatives), unzip the Twenty Thirteen Legend child theme you just downloaded, then upload the unzipped folder to your WordPress site in the themes directory (found under wp-content).

Login to your site (WordPress dashboard) after that and activate the child theme once the parent theme is active.

How will I get more information about (and updates on) the Twenty Thirteen Legend child theme

I’ll keep you updated by sending you tips and news about this theme via email. So, it might be a good idea to stay subscribed via email once you download it.

On top of that you will occasionally get tips to help you get the most out of your WordPress site from

So, no worries about missing updates.

What else do I need to know

If you’d like to tell others about this child theme, that’d be great.

You can do this in many ways.

  • Link to this page. The URL is
  • Use the buttons below and above the post to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social networks or forums that you use
  • Send them a message with the link to this page

Thank you for reading this far; for downloading the theme and using it; for telling others about the theme.

If you have any questions or suggestions you’d like to bring to my attention, feel free to use the contact form here to get in touch and share what is on your mind.